2007-10-25-Having Trust & Faith

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Topic: Having Trust & Faith

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Thought Adjuster, Michael

TR: Mark Rogers



Prayer: Please join me in a centering exercise by breathing Mother in. The very breath that we take in is our nourishment from our Mother and if we will just breathe in and think about the breath for one moment we will realize that this breath comes so natural to us, so simple to us, it is a gift of grace. We don't have to concentrate on this breath, it is given to us as life. It is almost as if we are not doing the breathing, the breathing is automatic, it is our Mother flowing through us with every automatic breath of life that we have.

In my process of stopping to register and focus on this I try to bring my intention into the process, bring my focus in and to actually, purposefully breathe with intention to welcome Mother in as my chest expands, to be grateful for the very essence of life and then as the breath is released, to add my intention to the process and focus this breath, direct this breath, cause this breath to have purpose and meaning. When I do this it takes me two or three breaths each time until I am back to the same centered place, the same place I was when I gave it my intention before. I'm transported to this safe place, to this place of spirit where I desire to go.

It only takes a couple of breaths and we can be centered, we can be stilled, we can feel nurtured, we can realize we're blessed. And so I would give thanks for this entire process starting with the automatic breath of life and moving into the purposeful and intentional accepting of this grace and manifesting this beauty. Thank you Mother, thank you Father. So many breaths are taken without such recognition but let these be sacred, thank you.


The Voice: Greetings, I will take this opportunity that you make in this moment to access this voice that I may join you in this forum. I am this ones voice and I will report to you that the process necessary for this to transpire in this moment is one of inspiring trust- because my associate, my devoted companion and friend may easily be derailed from this process with any consideration of the mind that this may not be real, might not be genuine, may lack authenticity or simply may be a matter of imagination. Any one of those thoughts if allowed to be present in this arena can knock aside the connection that is shared in this moment.

This speaks to a question that was offered that I will restate for the benefit of those who have not heard. The question arises, what is the distinction, what is the difference between one who is trying and hearing from their inner voice and one who would try and hear from an external source such as Michael or another of the devoted teachers, and we would do well to discuss this. It is a matter of trust, trust in your individual self that you are in fact capable, that this is in fact proper for you to be engaged in, that you are genuine in your interests and in your pursuits, that your desire is in alignment with your highest ideals and your noblest pursuits.

If you will trust yourselves that you are in fact capable and able then you will begin to loosen the stranglehold of your doubts and uncertainties that this can transpire even in the moment you find yourself in. There is a great tendency to ascribe inadequacy and unworthiness, perhaps unreadiness to yourselves. You say "one day maybe this will happen"or "when I reach a certain point in my ascension career then this will transpire" or "perhaps once I am shown beyond a shadow of a doubt, then I will believe and then I will accept". I tell you that each one of these are barriers to the very thing you are seeking. They are limitations imposed by yourself, upon yourself. None of those conditions exist, there are no benchmarks that you must make, there are no attainments you must achieve in order to have what is your birthright.

This avenue of approach to your inner presence is yours by virtue of the fact that you are children of the First Source and Center whose desire it is that this be so. There are no conditions placed upon you, there are no requirements unmet. There is however a partnership involved and you, your mortal consciousness, your mind and mechanism of understanding must be in agreement, must be in alignment with the desires of your soul. If you cannot justify that this can be then certainly it cannot be. If you cannot reconcile that this is proper then certainly this will not transpire, it is only when you bring your consciousness into acceptance that you can allow yourselves to naturally access that which you seek in finding your inner voice.

My loyal companion struggles as well with feeling certain and secure that this is in fact entirely appropriate but his faith and conviction allow him to bolster his trust in the process to the degree that we may now access these vocal cords and use this voice in this moment. He might very easily be intimidated away from any such activities if he were to allow the errant thoughts of doubt to take up residence in his mind and prevent him from trusting, even in himself. This form of interaction differs from the interaction you may experience when you desire to consult another energy which is distinct and outside of yourself. If you desire to ask Michael, for instance, for guidance, for support or just for company then you are putting your trust, putting your faith in another.

You are focusing this trust, this faith, and projecting it out of yourselves and onto another whom you trust and you may tell yourselves, "Michael is certainly worthy, Michael will be qualified and worthy to take my trust and I allow that He is greater than I and I will trust in faith my relationship with Him. He will counsel me, He will bring His grace and His peace and I believe this and I trust Him". Having oriented yourself this way, it is so. Your belief and your trust have opened that avenue and have created the mechanism for you to accept that contact from outside of yourselves.

I invite you to try to take the same trust, the same faith and place them upon yourselves so that you can create this avenue between yourselves and your inner guide using the same technique. Mustering up your trust and your faith but rather than projecting it outward to another allow it to be within, allow it to create the same avenue of approach that you would use for another, for yourself. It may take some time but you will have to come to grips with the reality that you are designed to be divine beings, it is inherent within your composition, it is part of your makeup, it is your birthright and it is your destiny.

I know that you might recoil from such statements as being blasphemous or inappropriate but I tell you that statements any less than this are blasphemous for they fly in the face of the very plan your Father has created for you. If you deny this reality then you are separating yourself from your very nature, from the very purpose of your existence. When you can accept this as your reality then you close the gap and the distance between where you perceive you are and where you would like to go shrinks. Even in your text Michael said to you plainly that you were great beings and that you would do all that He had done in His life and more. He was referring to your divine nature just as He knew of His divine nature.

It may take some time before you can embrace this truth, this reality of yourselves and that is fine because the gap between where you are and that future time, is filled with experience necessary to bring you to that place. But to those who feel the stirring in their souls, who recognize the call, I invite you to accept your place in the universe, accept your stature and embrace that you are trustworthy, that this whole gigantic enterprise has been designed to bring you to this place and having arrived you may feel confident and secure in yourselves. Certainly you are not perfect, certainly you will err, you will make choices that are not in your best interest and those are all your gifts of opportunities to have experience, to provide yourselves contrast. These are your gifts they are not your burdens or your punishments in any way.

But just because you are imperfect at this stage does not mean you should not practice achieving perfection for you all know the phrase, it takes practice to make perfection. And so it is your privilege and your opportunity along the way and don't let your imperfect choices and actions dictate to you that you are not divine beings. The Father has created you to experience duality, to experience materialism, to experience contrast in your ascension career and this He has done so that you may have a wide base of experience to draw from. I hope these words have served to offer some clarification about the apparent difference between your hearing from your inner voice and your hearing from some outer voice that may come to you.

Both are achieved by the same mechanism and if you will but allow yourselves to be granted the same authority that you would grant others then you will embrace your true nature. All this may sound a far off part of your ascension career but I assure you it is only as far off as you decide that it is. Be at peace with the process, be at peace with who you are within the process, be at peace with the experience that you are attaining as you go through the process. Avoid positioning yourself to be at odds with the process at any time, rather accept where you are, who you are, and how you go about it. There are no wrong choices there are only better ones and in that light be forgiving of yourselves when you perceive that there may have been a different perhaps better approach.

Just be grateful that you have come to such a realization and waste no time in sadness or sorrow over having made a different choice at an earlier time of your growth and awareness. Be at peace and allow. Simply trust and believe. These are my words of encouragement that I would add to your continued attempts to discern this aspect of yourselves. Like you I am grateful for this opportunity to share and will now withdraw to allow this forum so filled with potential to be accessed by others, thank you.

Michael: My dear ones, I am Michael here once again to join you in your discussions. There has been talk here this evening of having trust and faith and it is very true that these are your most powerful tools to be used when you reach the limits of your awareness and understanding. These tools will always bring you to more awareness and deeper understanding. They are powerful tools at any place you find yourself along the journey. There has been reference made to allowing yourselves, trusting yourselves and permitting yourselves to acknowledge your capacities and your nature and I will tell you that while you may find it difficult at this time in your growth process to trust yourselves and have faith in yourselves, I on the other hand have no difficulty in having trust in you and having faith in you my dear ones.

I am certain of your nature, I know of your greatness. There is no doubt resident in Me about your stature or your standing. Therefore I have the most complete trust and faith in you. Even though I am fully aware that you are in your stages of developing your perfection I see through the process to the end results and I witness perfection attained. But even if I did not have this timeless vision of you I would still judge you to be of sufficient character and stature to put My trust into you for I know that your hearts long to follow Me, to approach your Father in heaven and with these characteristics and traits in place, all other details fall into place and you are ultimately trustworthy.

This does not mean that I would dictate for you your individual journey or your own unique avenue of approach but rather I would have trust and faith that your journey would bring you to your idea of Paradise, ultimately to The First Source and Center. Your journeys will all be varied, your approaches will be magnificently and splendidly unique but I entertain not the slightest doubt that you will arrive safely at the place you pursue. Therefore do I trust you and have faith in you, even more so than you are able to at this time in your lives. But I tell you this so that you may grow to appreciate yourselves as I appreciate you for if you trust Me, if you invest Me with the authority to be trustworthy and then I turn around and honor you in the same way, surely that makes you trustworthy as well for I have said so and you have given Me the authority to do that.

Take this validation I offer you in this hour that you are all that you need, you have everything that you consider that you need right now. You are possessed of an eternal fragment of The Father and as well you are owners of an individual personality. Both of these are your gifts and are eternal and divine. If then you are composed of aspects of divinity, when is it that you will accept that this is true and right and that even in your experiences in this life it is true and right. You need not wait to accept these truths until you are a glorious spiritual being, rather if you will accept these truths you become a glorious spiritual being. But again I see you already are, My faith is in you, My trust is in you, it is only for the ascension to unfold you to be that which is within.

My dear ones, as was mentioned, there is a great new surge of My energy, My presence that I desire that you take up. I would offer you all that you can hold and through your own very desire you may transform yourselves from the pint into the quart, you may grow your capacities to hold even more. I will be there to fill you to the overflowing that we may savor this reservoir together, even share this unlimited reservoir. Accept My offer to be closer to you than ever before, right next to you. You may consult Me at any moment and I will respond to your inquiries, to your desires or to just simply commune.


This I offer to you as My own distinct personality and you may invest Me with the authority needed to create this relationship and I in turn may then help you increase your capacities even to trust yourselves as I would trust you and in this way we may find that which you seek within your own temples. Trust yourselves my dear ones even as I trust you. I offer you these words of comfort and assurance and encouragement because I so desire to foster your growth and development in any way I can and so it is that I commit to you to be with you in this process. So it will be. I will take My leave from you now only in words as I have just reminded you, I never leave you. I would shower you with My grace as I depart, farewell.