2007-10-25-The Urantia Midwayers

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Topic: The Urantia Midwayers

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Bzutu

TR: George Barnard



Bzutu: “It is not in a hurtful way that we, at times, get a good belly laugh out of you guys and gals, your well-meaning banter, your insatiable curiosity, and the utterly obvious you tend to overlook, not to mention the out-of-the blue ideas that strike some of you, and which you will then accept as gospel truth, distributing these ideas to all and sundry as a genius flash of insight from heaven, no doubt.

“It’s good to rub shoulders with this student of human nature, who will at all times avail himself of the services of the ever-ready Spirit of Truth, and then utter a near-silent, ‘I thank You for Your diligence.’ Enough of that, for we lowly Midwayers must not encourage a swollen mortal head, oh no.

“Indeed, the Master did not marry Mary (Magdalene). We were there at all times, and joined no wedding celebration for the two, although a handsome pair they would have presented to all. Do not let these latter-day prophets, soothsayers and tea leaf readers throw you off the track. You have a task, and we much prefer you to join us in laughter and merriment as you do your swift unsubscribe duties.

“The task at hand: As Andréa pointed out so clearly, we Midwayers came about in an unusual way. Our semi-human parents could not for periods be invisible, despite Adamson being the first-born of Adam and Eve, if they did not have a third parental ‘influence,’ or contribution, from a Daughter of Mother Spirit. Likewise we, the Secondary Midwayers, do have three parents, as do the much older Primary Midwayers.

“However, in all the debate that has been going on about us who dwell in the next two facets of time-space, you have for all these years overlooked the fact that you, my human companion of some interesting endeavours, have five parents. What next, he says? You have your early parents, progressing nicely ‘up there,’ you would not exist without your local; universe Father Michael and His ever-loving Consort Nebadonia, and most importantly, you would be Adjusterless without the Spark and soul of the Almighty Father who calls you (all) His sons and daughters.

“You see? You are infinitely more complicated than us Midwayers, as Andréa pointed out. Sorry I woke you. Well, for now I have no more of our 11:11 Spirit Guardians’ secrets to give away. This will do for the moment, and I trust I have lifted your lonely spirits for a time. Carry on as I now release you from my clutches. This is Midwayer ABC-22, Bzutu for short. Adieu.”