2007-11-03-Love & Appreciation

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Topic: Love and Appreciation

Group: S. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Eregon

TR: Jo Ann



EREGON: Thank you for your beautiful dedication and invitation to us today. We are with you; we love you; we thank you for your time for being here with us and extend appreciation to all of you for what you do in the world to bring about better times, greater love and higher values among yourselves, your companions, your communities. We appreciation your work and dedication; we appreciate your interest. I am Eregon, a teacher with the Teaching Mission. We are dedicated to helping you uplift your planet and bring it from the sludge and mud, the acquired debris of the ages, into a more beautiful time based on higher level thinking and being, based on spiritual realities and values.


The secularism of your times is a difficult atmosphere for those who wish to connect spiritually and be motivated spiritually. We can only give you love, loving help, loving advice, loving counsel, and this is what is most needed in today’s world: Love among family members; more love in the home life, and we do not mean simply having a warm feeling for someone, but actually to interact, interconnect, engage in loving communication, in group actions, in motivation. Love is the currency of the universe. It would be difficult to discover that by observation of your culture only, would it not? But we declare again, love is the currency of the universe. It is the energy that upholds and sustains the universe. It is the origin of the universe.

Love has many forms, and it is literally true that one of them “does make the world go around.” Cosmic love upholds the planets in space. It is not by force and power that these things are done, but by the generosity of a self-bestowing, all-loving being. Love is both the motivation and the action. In your lives, you have many opportunities to interact in loving ways: to reach one, find the noble expression, of that which is in your heart, the desire to do good to and for others. If you look at life through the lens of trying to find these opportunities, you will find they are abundant. And as love is the currency of the universe, opportunities to give and receive it, are there for prosperity and abundance, are they not?

We encourage you to love, not merely from a distance, not merely by sending good wishes from your heart in meditations, but also by the daily interactions of loving concerns, of focused attention, quiet listening, sympathy, empathy and genuine affections. All these things can be done, can be given, without any thought of return, and this is truly the gift of love, doing a favor, not because you owe one in return, or wish to obligate another. Giving a gift purely from the joy of being able to share something you know another will treasure in some way, whether it be food or something you’ve created, or something you have bought, or labor that you are willing to give. All these things are miracles of interaction that create more good will in your world. And if you are willing to extend yourself in this way, you can live and enjoy life in the most exuberant, abundance.

What more could anyone want than to love and be loved in this life? It is what makes life worthwhile. To have these loving interactions is to have the wealth of the ages. Whether you seem to live in material plenty, or in a small and modest way, it is still love that gives meaning to having anything. Those that find power and satisfaction in greed, that is acquiring by taking from someone else, are destined to be lacking, in true love, for when it comes to love, what you cannot give, you cannot receive. You receive love from a Divine Source within and without, and when you refuse to extend it to your brothers and sisters, you are unable to continue receiving. In the depths of your heart and soul, you know and recognize this as being true.

If you set out to acquire much by taking it away from others, you are doing no one a service, not even yourself, and even the material items, which you can bestow on your close family and so-called loved ones, it is tainted in a way, if by greed, you have robbed someone else in order to bestow these things. And if you indeed, portray to your children that bestowing on them stolen wealth is a form of love, you have indeed done them a great disservice. Most parents know and appreciate—and have experienced that—even though giving their children some things, as a form and expression of love, it is not the love itself and should not be made a substitute therefore.

Love is given in the time you share with someone, not simply in doing for them, but in actually being with them. To draw someone out, you allow them to express the desire of their heart, the longings of their soul, and even share some of the meanings they have acquired in life—this is a true gift of love. When you come before your Father, your Heavenly Father, in prayer, and you are simply relating your wants and your needs, when you lay these down in trust and belief, and sit in the quietness afterwards, that is when you feel the love, not so much when you are doing the requesting, but when you are expressing the appreciation. Appreciation, thankfulness and gratitude will always bring you into a state of loving your Heavenly Parent. This pure joy that you feel, in deep appreciation, for the wonderful things you have experienced, this can border on worship, the state of effortless attention in meditation that is a two-way reflection, and expression of love. When you feed and nourish your soul in this way, you become an over-flowing fountain of love, and to restrain yourself from sharing it is difficult. This is the way it is meant to be; this is how the Father of All has designed the universe. It truly is what makes all worthwhile, worth doing; all difficulties worth persevering through, is that there is love. You experience it among humans, from one to the other, but also be assured that you receive it from super-human sources. We are your spiritual brothers and sisters, and we love you; the Father himself loves you; Christ Michael loves you; your Mother loves you; angels love you—and there are even more who love you. We wish you to bask now, for a few moments in these assurances of love, and feel our love encompassing you, flowing to you. (Long pause.)

Thank you for coming today. At this time we ask, do you have experiences, or questions you wish to share with this group? (Long pause.) Are there others in this circle with messages to share today? (Another long pause.)

Jo Ann: Then Eregon wishes to continue on the topic.

EREGON: Yes, this is a topic, which encompasses thousands of years, and millions and billions of people. It gives meaning to everything that is, is difficult to define, has thousands of variations, a paucity of vocabulary, and yet you all know and have some understanding of what it is, because you experience it. You experience it in longing, for communion with the Divine. You experience it in becoming parents. You experience it in romantic love. You experience it in love for your relatives and extended family. You experience it through charity, to those less fortunate. Some people express it by civic participation. Some people can create a gracious experience in whatever they are doing, by being the presence of love to those around them.

What we ask of you is therefore to become more conscious of the ways in which you both express and receive love. The affection you have for your pets—this is love—or can you only define it as love if it is shared among more and higher conscious types of beings? Take notice of the ways in which you feel love, appreciation and joy. True joy is an expression of love. Take notice of the things in your life, which cause you happiness. You might consider beginning, if you have never done this, to keep a list of the things that bring you joy and happiness, by discovering where these things come from in your life—you will be able to expand on these experiences, and bring more of them to others, whom you love. This is not a requirement, merely a suggestion of one of the ways you might begin to expand your understanding of the nature of love, by keeping track of it and noting it in your life in some way, but surely not the only way. We invite you to find a way to take note of the experiences of love in your life. We hope that by doing so, you will find that you are wealthier, richer than you had noticed before, and that is why we invite you to have this experience, so that you may become more conscious of being a well-loved being.

For no matter what the apparent source, all love is from God and of God, and every time that you feel love for another, appreciation for the beauty of nature, or even for the facts of science, you are participating in this aspect of universal love. And… we even encourage self-love. You are a creation of the Infinite Father of the Universe: Do not depreciate yourself by refusing to love yourself and appreciate yourself! If God loves you—and he does—then you are worthy of love. It is okay to do good for yourself, as well as for others.


Once more, we ask you, encourage you and invite you to become more conscious, to take note more often, and to find a way to keep track, of the many ways in which you experience both giving and receiving love in your life. We trust that this will bring you into a greater awareness of the abundance of it. So go now, enjoy your day and your time with one another. Again, look on your life with renewed and increased appreciation. Thank you for coming today. You are all well loved! Know this and rejoice. Good day.