2007-11-25-Inner World is Secure

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Topic: Inner World is Secure

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson, Elyon, Machiventa, LIGHT

TR: Mark Rogers, Jonathan



Monjoronson (Mark TR): I greet you, I am Monjoronson. I hesitate to cause ripples on the surface of such a calm and still pool as I observe in this moment. I have deeply enjoyed these moments together in stillness with you. This is where we may commune in a deeper sense without symbols or words, without tones of expression, but deeper than those things, a more direct feeling and sensing than the use of word symbols and the necessary interpretations we must make to reassemble these word symbols into meaning.


Nevertheless we will access all means available to us, and so it is that I accept the invitation of this group to access these vocal cords and use these word symbols in an effort to bring meaning out into the real world, so to speak. It is my distinct privilege to join this group assembled here as I see you as some of my most devoted associates, even as my climbing party as we form our ascension path ahead of us, and I cherish the opportunities to bask in the glow of this association with you.

There is a sense among many that there is a great challenge before us to be engaged in and that we may soon find ourselves challenged to use the many lessons that we have gathered and the many tools that we have brought into our toolboxes. This has been the point of these exercises to date, to supply us with the tools and to offer us the guidance and instruction to make the best use of these tools in our day-to-day ascensions.

So it will be that these same lessons and these same tools will be valuable to us no matter what is on the horizon before us. We still will rely on our guidance and instructions; we still by necessity will use the tools we have accumulated in this process, and through our diligent application we will rise to the occasion; we will make our ascent quite intentionally and with the inspiration of faith that we have developed in this process together. As was mentioned earlier, you are all as corks floating down the stream, and you go through times of relative eddy and calm, and then a current may catch you, and you find yourselves bobbing about with much agitation.

Throughout you can see yourselves as entering these phases of relative calm and relative stimulation, but throughout you can see yourselves as remaining centered, remaining stable no matter where you may find yourselves in the hour. That is perhaps the greatest tool we have developed in our time together, this ability to refocus our energies within and there to embrace the calm and the peace, to embrace the connection to the First Source and Center wherein all answers are known and all experiences are cherished. If we hold fast to this valuable tool we will navigate any waters we may find ourselves on with ease and certainty.

If we find ourselves thrown off center, out of balance, then situations that arise may perplex us and cause us undue stress and worry. I will never tire of reminding you that you are well cared for throughout this process and that you are entirely safe, that is, the part of you that endures. No matter what happens in the outer world, your inner world is quite protected and secure. So it is my privilege to bring this reminder to you once again and to offer you these words of encouragement and comfort. I would withdraw to allow other personalities the use of this cherished circuitry in this hour. I leave you with my peace that I bring to the equation. Farewell.

Elyon (Jonathan): This is Elyon once again. I have a few words to share. I have been prodding Jonathan with the word "pliable", and that is my focus. That you know the value of flexibility is evident in your continued search for expansion of your knowledge and sensitivity and grasp of truth. You have found that the attainment of the awareness that recognizes truth is done, not so much by the accumulation of truth items, but rather the enlargement of truth as a single entity, and to do so you, yourself, will of necessity be flexible, shape-able, that you may merge into truth, for truth is a participatory identification, not a means of categorization of a fact or knowledge.

I will use an analogy of your pasta spaghetti. Prior to it entering the pot it is firm, very rigid and brittle. But as it is warmed in the water to a boil it becomes soft and flexible and thereby useful to the consumer. This is the manner by which you absorb truth, through experience, and you go from rigidity to flexibility in spiritual function. When adversities come your way you can bend and move and adjust and reposition yourself. There is a temptation over the years of spiritual practice to grow complacent in your understanding, and, just as a spaghetti noodle out of water will harden and freeze in the position it was last set in, one can also fix in one's spiritual attitude. But trust that that same noodle re-wetted will become flexible again.

So I encourage you likewise to always look for truth as a moving, dynamic experience. Yes, it will incorporate knowledge and understanding, some degree of comprehension, but it will largely entail your engagement, your identification as truth. Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth, and the life". When he said that no man comes to the Father but by him, ask yourself; therefore you must become truth, you must become the way and the life. I will also step back to allow others, as I am aware there is some sauce for these noodles!

Machiventa (Mark): Machiventa Melchizedek here to add further to these images that are held in the mind. There is talk of the changing nature of things, of the noodle becoming soft and therefore its very nature changing as a result of its contact with experience.

Likewise do we witness your very natures changing as a result of your encounter with experience. You each one have changed before our very eyes in this process we have been involved in, and you have become lighter beings; you have become brighter beings; you have become changed in nature. You have become more buoyant in this process, and as was mentioned the cork that floats is so specific in nature that it does not sink but rather floats. As an aspect of its composition it has buoyancy, and its very nature is one that provides this buoyancy and causes it to ride on the surface of the water.

Likewise you each have become buoyant spiritual beings; you rise and ride on the currents that transpire around you, and this is a result of your evolution of nature. You have transformed your beings from those who were stiff and rigid in the beginning, without the experience to soften you, to those that have been through the experiential process and have been softened and know of the contrast. Likewise have you become light beings, and the light that emanates from each one of you disperses darkness, transforms darkness that is around you. So you are changed beings. You are lighter, brighter, more buoyant, more flexible, more teachable in this process, and this is as a direct result of your efforts to date.

Your choices have brought you these new circumstances. Your actions have brought you the experiential bath that has transformed you from one state of being into another. This is all as it was designed by the First Source and Center to transform your very natures, your very compositions, by virtue of these experiences that wash over you and have the potential to interact with you in this way, each one bringing you new potentials for characteristics, for greater awareness, deeper understanding. So it is that you change day by day, even hour by hour at times. I just could not resist the opportunity to throw my observations into this ever swirling, ever changing melting pot of truth. I will as well withdraw to allow this forum for others. Thank you.

Michael (Jonathan): Greetings, beloved children. I am Michael. As I have reached out to you so have you reached out toward me, and we are one in our love. Having our partnership is the delight of our Father, and when each one of you embraces me, I am cognizant of that threefold embrace which includes the heavenly Parent. When you sit in stillness it is like putting the lid on the heating pan of water that it may more quickly come to boil; it is a way of containing the heat that you may become more charged spiritually. But you know likewise that I encourage you to go forth and proclaim the gospel, to mingle among your fellows, to minister as you pass by. This is the lifting of the lid that you may not boil over but that you may effectively share your experiences. You have chosen to follow me as I have asked you. You can trust that I will be as your chef, to stir at the appropriate times that you may be benefitted in your growth and in your outreach. To carry the metaphor of your teachers today, I will leave by assuring you that, as chef, I will not leave the kitchen unattended.

Light (Mark): I greet you as well, I am Light and I accept this opportunity to bring the final piece to this metaphor of the day. I would bring the sauce. As you well know, the noodles having been prepared by the chef, are as a blank slate or an empty canvas. They can be used in a multitude of directions, and that is the beauty of the opportunities before you, each one, as noodles that are prepared and ready to accept a given direction. Perhaps it is a flavor of earthy green pesto. Perhaps it is one of red delicious vine ripe fruit.

Perhaps it is simply buttered, or there may be a thousand variations one could use with noodles as the base, as the canvas on which to create. So it is that each one of you is this canvas to be used in this spectacular creation. You will choose what is your flavor of the day. Which direction do you choose to manifest in this hour? What are the spices that you will bring into your equation to send you in one direction or another? How will you choose to combine the unlimited choices before you to prepare the dish of the moment?

You are the dish of the moment, lovingly cared and prepared, but it is your final choice whether you manifest one avenue of expression or another. You can do anything that you like, being the noodles in readiness. So what will you choose this day, this hour? What flavor will you bring to the others? What experiences will you combine to bring this flavor to the table? These are the sauces that we speak of, the flavors that you may add to your palettes. It is a privilege to be included in this gathering, as I have been invited here by the thought, and so it is I respond. Thank you for creating this avenue whereby we may all respond in this way. It is my distinct privilege and honor to address you in this hour and as well to bring this meeting to a close. I have been chosen to act as messenger, and I have fulfilled my obligation as such.


Now I leave you with fond regards from all of us and say farewell.