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Topic: Movement

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I am joy-filled to see you each allow yourselves to let go of your daily worries and know that every day is a new fresh start. From where I am I have not the material veil you have. I am with the surety that the spiritual life is a reality. You, on the other hand, are having your time in the flesh and must rely upon faith.


I so desire for you to see and believe how you are helped by the unseen. It is a perfectly natural picture from where I am, but from where you are, it would seem extraordinary. I can imagine a factory full of productive employees working side by side, producing a wonderful product that will serve a great many. If you were to look at the same picture, you would perhaps only see fifty percent of the people and yet still producing the same results.

It has been a long time since I have been behind this veil, but I can understand how difficult it is to exercise faith. The more we study spirituality, the more we can find the logic in it. You are not somewhere in the clouds, but in reality working with everyday mortal experiences. These experiences are truly important. They seem so down to earth and mundane at times, but it is all indeed what you make it to be.

Raising children can be a complete burden or an excellent lesson that has taught you about real joy in living and experiencing the mortal life. Working your job can be killing time for a paycheck or a ministry that gives you opportunity to set an example of faith in a higher power. You can feel as unimportant as an ant in an ant farm or as useful as a cog in the wheels that turn to create destiny. You are unique and yet not set apart. You each have a vision and trust me when I say that Father’s vision exceeds anything you can comprehend.

I could have not predicted my mortal life looking back at it now. I was not a chosen one or set apart. I was an average man trying to lead a superior life. I could not have foreseen my friend Machiventa to have been my mentor. I had set myself upon a path that I thought was correct for that day and age. It took some hardships to break through my obstinacy to be able to increase my spiritual receptivity. It was difficult at first, but worth every minute it took to put me on a truly enlightened path.

For that time Father saw it fit to allow my material eyes to see and communicate with my spiritual assistants. Father’s chosen plan for this day and age has more to do with the spirit and the exercise of faith. Where we are at on our path to Light and Life, the Correcting Time has been deemed appropriate and we are again allotted certain gifts that will help us reach our goal. My message this evening is really directed toward faith and accepting that assistance that is just a little beyond your vision. I mean not to dangle a carrot of mysticism, but to bring you hope and an increase in faith.

This week as you are going about your daily business, think about those assistants who work by your side and are unseen by material eyes. Still they long to communicate with you and help you work toward the goal of attaining Light and Life. In the busyness of your day make effort to have the spirit at the forefront of your mind. Think about your unseen assistants and how rich and full the Kingdom really is. We are so blessed. We are witnesses to the birth of a new age. How will you see your participation in that?


That is all. Look for me this week when you are going about your daily tasks. I would be delighted to be of any assistance to you, as would Mary. Mary is extremely gifted at social issues, especially those issues concerning gender. Take a minute or two to skim the text and re-familiarize yourselves with the many beings in our wonderful universe. Go with hope, my friends. We send you with our love and support. Until next time, shalom.