2007-12-10-Q & A With JarEl

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Topic: Q & A With JarEl

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: JarEl

TR: George B.



Prayer: Donna: Dear Father please be with our group tonight. Help us to understand the messages that our Teachers, or Teacher JarEl, brings to us. Thank you for this evening. Thank you for this season of lights and decorations. It is cheering to see all the colored lights on the houses and we know that they represent a celebration of the birth of Michael. We also celebrate that in our hearts and minds Father. In Michael's name, Amen.

JarEl: TR, George. Good evening. It is I, your Teacher JarEl. It is good to be back. I enjoy this process of bringing messages to you and of answering the questions that you have. Even so, you are intelligent individuals who are capable of thinking for yourselves. You can certainly make your own decisions and generally you do not need me to tell you what to think or what to believe in.


I am a facilitator who brings you solace in the fact that there is life after death and that you have nothing to worry about. But even this concept can be lost in fears and doubts for when you come down to it, do you really know for sure? Can you really believe in such an idea? And it is you who either accepts or denies this very notion. It is you who comes to believe in the end. I simply bring you a message but it is you who chooses to follow the message or to cast it aside. It is you who builds up the courage in your heart to believe in something that you cannot see and to trust in something that you cannot know for sure.

This only makes you all that much more special for you are truly God's children who have complete trust in your Father. Perhaps you do not know all the details of this universe, much less the details of your own future life, but you do trust that it will turn out for the best; that is faith, that is belief. And that is why I come back to my first point, where you do not need me to be able to do this. You have been able to do this all along on your own without any help. It has all come from inside of you, from your own mind, from your own heart. You have weighed all the possibilities and you have come to a particular conclusion for the time being. And this conclusion has led you to have this faith that you currently follow. It is by your own faculties that you have made these decisions in your life and it is by these decisions that you are where you are at in this moment.

The reason I say all of this is because you are that person who has made these decisions. You are that person who has created this life for yourself. It is not I, nor any other Teacher that may come to you. It is you who has the power to form and shape your life as you wish. You have the power to believe in whatever you want to believe in; you can follow anything that you want to follow. But ultimately it is you who makes these choices. So when you come down to it, the most important person in your life, other than God, is yourself.

So you must learn to take care of yourself; you must nourish yourself, you must help yourself grow. You must treat yourself better, you must give yourself more credit than you currently do and you must stop belittling yourself so often. Do not be so harsh on yourself. You are struggling in this world, you are attempting to make the best decisions possible. Not all of them turn out as well as you planned. But they are your choices whether they are intelligent or not. And you have learned a thing or two along the way. So I say again, you do not need me. For it is you, it is you that needs yourself. You must find that power within you, that energy that exists all around you, and you must learn to use it. You must validate it, acknowledge it, give yourself that credit that you deserve for you have created more possibilities in your life than anyone else ever could have. You have made more choices for yourself than anyone else could have. And when you find this power that is in you, you will begin to realize how creative you are. How everything that you see around you can be changed and formed to your liking. You can change things for the better. You have that power within you.

When I see all of you here, I do not desire to change you in my image. I would rather you change yourselves. I would rather that you grow as individuals and have that freedom to find your own destinies, your own possibilities. I am simply an observer of your lives, of this group in Arcadia. I do not wish to alter any of your lives so that it may suit me. I bring you the news and the messages and that is all that I want to give you. I do not want to change any of you, but I do want to give you that urge to change yourselves. It is you who ultimately shapes and forms your own lives, it is you who charts your own path to eternity and it is a thumbprint that you leave in your wake. You are all unique, you are all individuals who are very different than others and you will all make your individual choices accordingly. There is no one way of doing everything. Everyone must make their own choice on how they chose to live their lives.

Are there any questions here tonight?


Ana: JarEl you say you observe us. Do you observe us outside of the Teaching Mission like in our daily lives, or just once we are here?

JarEl: TR, George. I have a general idea of what you've been up to. I am not observing you day by day, but I do receive a general report of your current status.

Ana: Do you work with us on a daily basis? As you know our current conditions or situations, do you somehow send messages to us to help us or how? Is there a way where we are receiving something from you during that time or do you just gather the information and then put it together and teach us once we get to this Teaching Mission?

JarEl: TR, George. There is a whole team of Celestial helpers that works around you to help you through your lives. I am in connection with these helpers and yes, there are suggestions I give from time to time that may or may not be received by you. But nonetheless, you are a person of interest for you do belong to this group.

Ana: In order for us to see things that we need to work on that may be hidden from us presently, how can we begin to look at those things if, let's say you are giving us some suggestions? Is meditation the only way that we will be able to receive that message and look inward and try to find some of our faults or things that are holding us back or are creating obstacles for us, or fears or blocks, in order that we could overcome them?

JarEl: TR, George. Meditation is not the only way, but it certainly is one of the easiest ways for it calms your mind, allows you to think clearly and look at things in an undistorted way. There are other ways that you can receive these messages. But it is important that you attempt to see the signs that are around you. It may seem like these things may not exist, but they are made available for you to help you grow. There is more than one way of receiving these messages. If you meditate, if you still your mind, if you clearly think, then you can see the answer much better.

Ana: Do breathing exercises help, the ones that come from India?

JarEl: TR, George. Any technique that has you stopping and thinking will eventually help you. A particular technique is not better than any other. Simply sitting down and contemplating over an idea or on life in general will get you to think clearly. Even in a crowded room, full of people walking to and fro, you can meditate. There are various techniques. It is important for you that you find your own way, your own methods, and use them.

Ana: Can we expect, in this lifetime, to be able to travel outside of our bodies?

JarEl: TR, George. Yes, you can expect that. That is not foreign to the human condition as a preview as to what will one day be reality for you.

Ana: How do we learn? Is it through books?

JarEl: TR, George. There are those who have more experience, that is true and you can certainly learn from them. But you will never learn a thing unless you experience it yourself. If you allow yourself to have this experience, then you will have it. It is simply a matter of intention. And you have had these experiences before in your life. You just do not remember them. Most of the times that you have had these experiences were in your dreams and you were safely back in your body before you knew it. Though you have no recollection that this ever happened, but you are capable of leaving your body and traveling out amongst your world.

Ana: Is it safe? Can't evil spirits enter our bodies while we are away?

JarEl: TR, George. I can assure you that you will be safe. There is a protection around you. You are all students and followers of the true light. The choices that you have made for your life that have led you to not only read the Urantia Book but to follow your inner light, your inner conscience, have brought you certain protection. You may call it immunities. You are not weak in a spiritual sense. You are strong and outside forces cannot penetrate something that is good. So do not fear for nothing can harm you.

Ana: Thank you.

Dave: JarEl I am very troubled because I have lost the soul mate God gave me. Six months and five days ago I was in the most wonderful, wonderful relationship that I could ever imagine under any circumstances. And everything was perfect and I just knew God had granted this to me and to her. And then within the briefest time it takes, she lapsed into an irreversible coma and she passed away. I long to have my arms around her and hold her and be with her but it can never be now. I know it was a great gift of God and we both felt that way. And I seem to be unable to get myself back to living in a way that will assuage my pain and bring me some ability to accept it and be grateful for what I had. I wonder if I will ever talk to her again?

JarEl: TR, George. You will speak to her again. It is simply a matter of time. She is not lost, nor is she far from you. She is very close and she truly loves you. She knows that the time that she was with you were some of the best times that she's had. This pain that you feel for her loss is truly felt by her and she wishes that she could comfort you. But there is also that inability to come back to the flesh that prevents this from happening. Even though you may understand this concept of life after death, my friend, it does not stop you from having pain in your heart from missing a person. And that pain that you feel is simply a testament of the real love that you had. You have experienced great love and have truly felt it in your hearts. Now you must experience great loss. But it will not be like this forever and eventually one day, when your time comes, you will see her again and you will have that opportunity to embrace her once more. I cannot remove that pain that you have. I can only sympathize. But I do hope, I do hope, that you grow stronger.


With that I leave you. Goodnight.

All: Goodnight JarEl.