2007-12-30-Abraham & Mary

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Topic: Reflecting with Gratitude

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham, Mary

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I thank you for your offerings of warmth and family. Your unique input into our discussion always opens doors to further enlightenment. I am indeed honored to have been a part of you over these years. You have made the journey much more light-hearted. I can say that I am well familiarized with each of you and I know that your experience has been training for the work ahead.


You each have at some time made a commitment to the spirit. Along with your commitment has come Father’s calling and your personal training. In our experience we have all had choices to become victims or to become educated. I am inspired by your resiliency to overcome obstacles and keep fighting the good fight of faith.

We all have had our moments of weakness when life has given us more misery than we could stand. We have each been overwhelmed by emotion, anger, sorrow and despair. Gratitude to our Father for showing us the path out of hell into the light of eternity. You are each using your experience well. You have allowed the Adjuster’s deep mind training and this spiritual experiment of the Correcting Time is showing wonderful results. We have all noticed how time is becoming irrelevant and our new awareness brings us lessons that shape our state of becoming.

I am MARY. I must say I am growing quite fond of you each. I see you as my brothers and sisters working side by side in Father’s Kingdom family. I can appreciate Abraham’s words because I feel my experience has been a wonderful teacher. I used to believe that I was an unworthy child and Father was out to punish me for my sins. I had hid my life from Him, so I thought. My hours spent learning from the Master indeed proved fruitful when I could be open and honest with everyone, but above all, myself and my Father.

As I ministered to my brothers and sisters who lay in despair, I could tell them of my experience of hopelessness and they knew I understood them. We created a connection that shown a light upon a new path to spirituality, Father and the eternal career. Making these small connections in your personal ministries are a measure of success in our efforts toward Light and Life. To use what you have learned to help others is indeed healing for your own spirit. It is fuel to keep striving for new and better ways.

As you are closing upon your time in 2007 let us look back at our experiences with gratitude and know that there is a lesson therein. In your moments of serenity is when you are most receptive for Father’s ministry, His comfort, His training. He gives all events meaning. He helps you to find purpose and a reason to carry on.

Let us look toward the New Year ahead as the year of making new connections. In living the life of our faith, an example is shown to others that we indeed know Christ, His love, kindness, generosity and patience. Have not fear. Dive into life and know that the adventure is safe. The spirit is what will sustain you. Live on purpose.


That is all. Know that we completely enjoy our time with you each. We are thrilled to work by your side. From Abraham and myself, we send you with our love and bid you shalom.