2008-01-09-Close of the Age of the Agondonter

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Topic: Close of the Age of the Agondonter

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: George Barnard



Monjoronson: “We have spoken before. I am a reality, and in these days I have become a little more of a physical reality than what I was considered to be in the past. I presently still reside in higher spheres, however, I shall be with you when that all-important window of opportunity presents itself. This is Monjoronson.

“I was long ago aware of the 11:11 group’s efforts. There are many pages that have since been added to the available record I initially took in about the group’s endeavors, about it as a growing community, and, yes, there will be those amongst you that I will surely meet up with in the flesh. All required information about you and your many friends is at any time available to me.

“There is at this point in time -- as there was with Machiventa Melchizedek, and as there was with your Savior Christ Michael -- a Thought Adjuster of extraordinary experience that will remain with me, that will guide me, that will assist me. It is more important for Magisterial Missions to be successful, even if they go at the ‘cost’ of the Magisterial Son himself making lesser decisions than would be the case if he were a local universe Creator Son living a life from birth to ascension, indeed, as a child of the realm until His task were completed.

“I shall be with you as a fully matured individual, for decades and decades. You will see me many times rejuvenated. It is then, in various places, and as the news of my presence spreads, that the time of the Agondonter (those who believe without seeing) will slowly come to a close, and this sphere will then become a more normal world.

“The kind of mind available to me as a Paradise Citizen will not be there as a human being. However, rest assured I will be far above genius level intellect. Trust in that I will make the right decisions and teach according to the capacity to be understood, for I shall be guided all the way. It may yet be some years before I arrive in your midsts. Many of you will sense it, you will feel it, and you will know that something has changed for the better.

“One by one you will discover that Paradise has its representatives among you; my entourage and myself. I thank you my dear friends for taking in my message. Know you are appreciated. Carry on. This is Monjoronson. I send my love to all who will hear my words.”

George: “Thank you for answering all our remaining questions.”