2008-01-13-Ask and You Shall Receive

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Topic: Ask and You Shall Receive

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Bzutu

TR: George Barnard



Bzutu: “This is Bzutu. The message that I have for you is from your dear friends, Frank and Alice, and it also comes with the compliments of your group teacher, Samuel. The message deals with the long-ago-made promise, ‘Ask and you shall receive.’ It is here your duty, for those who are entirely new to these teachings, to lay out the order in which the Adjutant Mind Spirits begin to ‘attach with’ the basic human mind.”

(1) The Spirit of Intuition or Quick Perception. (2) The Spirit of Understanding. (3) The Spirit of Courage. (4) The Spirit of Knowledge. (5) The Spirit of Counsel. (6) The Spirit of Worship. (7) The Spirit of Wisdom.

Bzutu: “There is for many of you, who seek a more spiritual life, the opportunity to ask for the eighth mind endowment to compliment these seven, indeed, even ask for the ninth.

“It is possible for you to, on your own, reach such an advanced stage where you will automatically be granted such spiritual enlightenment, so that you may speak to, and listen to, the Midwayers, your Teachers, Michael Himself and Nebadonia. By requesting and perhaps being granted, the inclusion of the first aspect of the morontia mind, it will be possible for you to more regularly, to more successfully, and continuously, be in touch with Celestial Teachers of all kinds.

“Ask and you shall receive. Make a genuine request to have your mind, shall we call it, ‘upgraded’ in this way and it shall likely be done. When in doubt of aspects of your beliefs, ask for the assistance of the Spirit of Truth. If you dislike the workings of your mind, exchange it for the mind of Christ. Likewise, you can request access to the morontia mind.

“This is Midwayer ABC-22. I thank you both for your time, your persistence, and your services to those who are seeking a more spiritual life. Till we meet up again.”

George: “Thank you Brother.”