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Topic: Movement

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. On such a cold night we are so grateful to have somewhere to go. It is a real blessing to have the physical needs taken care of. I cannot imagine those who are homeless and live out in the elements. It is easy to forget about those small things to be grateful for when life is in such fast motion. Being physical creatures, the material life is really quite important, as well it should be. Bodily discomfort takes a great deal of attention off of the ordinary pace of life. Part of the mortal experience is tending to the physical needs.


Some never really develop good work ethics and have difficulty finding a place to call home. Then there are some who are workaholics who have all their energy going toward their employment, while other important aspects of life go by the wayside. There are many who have the standard comforts of life, but seek to obtain more. The more some people have is, in their minds, a show of success. Their energy is toward consuming and still feeling the emptiness of imbalance.

In my life I was one who was bent on obtaining as much land as possible. I didn’t need it. I didn’t use it. I just wanted to be known and acknowledged for my savvy business mind. All of this land took so much energy to take care of. I hired men to guard these empty fields and to put up fences to show that this land belonged to a powerful man. I needed animals to control the growth of the field grasses. I needed to hire more individuals to take care of these animals. I needed to make use of this land and so were plans laid to build upon it. I acquired one thing after another. I had no thoughts of giving. I simply had thoughts of obtaining more and more material value.

I got little sleep because I had to manage my so-called empire. There were always problems to be dealt with, whether it was my employees squabbling over one thing or another or it was my family complaining that I spent no time with them. I thought these things would make me happy; instead they drained me of my energy and ability to find joy. In obtaining material goods I had begun a balancing act that would put terrible stress upon me and my relationships. I was unhappy. I had everything I could ever want and I was unhappy. My mind was busy with the details of my endeavors. At the end of the day I had no patience for those loved ones who needed me.

Upon meeting Machiventa, I found him to be what I thought an extraordinary man who asked for very little. He consumed very little. He wanted not for riches, gold or power. He said, “Those things are not the path to peace and happiness, but a constant drain of your life energy, a constant demand for your attention.” The more time I spent with Machiventa the more my desire had shifted to become more involved in the spiritual life. Machiventa taught me about generosity, kindness, compassion and the inter-workings of the Father’s kingdom.

I viewed Machiventa taking such joy in nature’s surroundings, animals and children. He took joy in speaking with the elderly. He laughed frequently and that I had not expected. I wanted to have this freedom in mind for my own. I could not juggle such a materialistic empire and seek power while trying to find peace, joy and balance. I had begun to divide up the land to give to those men who worked for me. I liquidated my assets and paid off my debts. We had all we needed physically--mentally, emotionally and spiritually however was a different story.

My family thought that I had truly lost my mind, but I told them I was to simplify my life so I could put my energy into those things that really matter. Obtaining goods was not a show of success. It was not a source of joy. Father wants us to have abundance and yet not put all our energy into it. With material assets one must always protect them, watch over them and maintain them. One who lives with balance has his material needs met and yet has time for family, friends and fun. If material goods should happen to multiply then that is wonderful and even more so when it does not steal all of your attention. When the material life is satisfactory, then we can go out and find the true measure of success. We can find our real joy, peace, and fulfillment. Balance is really all I am speaking about.


This week ponder how much of the material life traps your attention. Let us work to simplify and minimalize the clutter in all aspects of our existence, material and spiritual. It is wonderful to know such hard-working individuals such as yourselves. Your employment is really just an avenue for the real work you are assigned to do. Do not run away with this idea. Keep balanced. Do not give away all that you own. Simply find the common sense in your endeavors to obtain the good life. That is all for this evening. Mary sends her love. We will speak with her next week. I am always honored to be with you. I enjoy each one of you. Thank you. Until next time, shalom.