2008-01-26-Having An Impact

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Topic: Having An Impact

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Bzutu

TR: George Barnard



Chief Bzutu: “It is by the grace of your alert Destiny Guardians that I find out when you are finally ready to ‘take in a communication.’ I can be elsewhere, doing whatever, but with their mind-to-mind contacting me, I can quickly be on the spot, and I can take over, even follow on from the discussion you have been having. When one enters a new trade or profession at its inception, one becomes fully immersed in what is going on. It’s exciting! New developments, new means and ways and methods that are invented aren’t overlooked. You stay on top of it all. It could be said that one has one’s finger on the pulse.

“Involved during the many millennia, as we have been, without taking off time to sleep, to eat . . . or watch television . . . we Midwayers have our collective finger on the pulse. We have a precise awareness of how all of Nebadon is progressing. We have an accurate read-out on how the local sector is finding its way out of the latent rebellion-caused difficulties. We certainly, and in detail can gauge what progress is being generated on this planet, because we are right here.

“We have our noses smack into the business of what is going on, and we can see these things much more clearly than can you. My own little interest is Progress. Specifically, my baby is the 11:11 Progress Group. And far beyond what you mortals can recognize, indeed, a long way beyond what you can ascertain, you are having an impact, and not just you, you, and you, but all of you, irrespective of what you have given yourself as a task -- that specific segment of the total you are individually battling with.

“The impact is considerable. I say congratulations for the thoughts and ideas that have gone into this mission. I thank you for making me look good, because in all this, my clan of helpers; we the 11:11 busybodies, are looking good with the many readers and participants that are taking in the lessons, and the growing number of healers that are in regular contact with us.

“If the past is any indication, the year ahead is going to be great. Stay the course. Do not tire. I wish you well in making yourselves, and us, look even better. This is Midwayer Chief Bzutu. It is a pleasure to visit with you hospitable folks.”

George: “Thank you Chief.”