2008-01-27-Angelic Forces

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Topic: Angelic Forces

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson, Elyon, Michael

TR: Mark Rogers, Jonathan, Kathy



Monjoronson (Mark TR): I am honored to greet you once again. I am Monjoronson, and it is with pleasure that I would return one of your serves and play with the idea of trust. There has been discussion about this topic before, but it is ever-present in your efforts to negotiate with life, and therefore does this topic lend itself to continual review as to its dimensions, its components, and its aspects.


I would point out to begin with that there are both active and passive aspects to this dimension that is referred to as trust. I would call you all to witness in your own lives that you have over many instances acted to embrace those things that you would trust, that is, you have chosen certain facets that are in your estimation trustworthy and invested yourselves in these truths as you determine them to be.

After having accepted and embraced these truths of your choosing, you then enter an aspect of trust wherein you relax and let go of any further speculation regarding your issue that is worthy of your trust and simply allow this trust to be, allow this trust to bring to you that which only your trust can bring. This passive component of your trusting enables you to receive your insights and your assurances that that which you have chosen to trust is indeed worthy of such trust.

Having established that certainty, the relaxing into the awareness of trusting then allows you to be open to where you might be led or what you might be granted as a result of your having such trust. Trust is oftentimes linked very closely to your experience of faith, although trust more often is arrived at through the mental process of acceptance and approval and adopting of that which is acceptable and has met your approval. Faith steps beyond trust and into conviction, and this is where, having satisfied the requirements of mind and provided the assurances of understanding, one may choose to give into that of faith where you relax into your spiritual awareness.

This awareness, as part of its composition, brings with it conviction and certainty of the spirit. But oftentimes you must start with your sense of trust and then branch out to your willingness to act in faith. You all can bear witness to the many things in your material lives that you have grown accustomed to trusting, and you no longer occupy yourselves with whether or not these principles are trustworthy, but rather you accept that they are and build on your awareness that this is so.

Faith may offer you the springboard to go beyond what your wisdom may dictate into the realm of negotiating through matters of the spirit that are far less tangible to both the senses and the mind but offer you nevertheless the conviction that they are as real as any experience of the senses that you are convinced of. Often there is an attitude among the family of humans that in order to believe in any given truth it must be proved to them; it must be shown, and they must see it with their own eyes, as it were.

Only when these requirements have been satisfied do you grant your trust to that which is in observation. When you begin to rely on confirmation of a spiritual nature you enter the arena of faith wherein you are going to embrace matters that are far less tangible but recognizable on spiritual planes. In either case, that of trust or of faith, there comes an aspect of passive acceptance and relaxing into what you deem trustworthy or that which you accept on faith. It is when you reach these conditions of acceptance and allowing that you then can be granted that conviction that you so desire in this process of understanding.

So perhaps you might begin to observe yourselves in your various interactions and see what you trust, where you do not trust, what you have faith in, and what you may still lack conviction of. Notice this distinction between the act of engaging in trust and the subsequent act of settling in with this trust, of accepting this condition and being at peace wherein your next level of trust may be found, your next horizon of faith may be observed. I would conclude my remarks there to allow this forum for others. Thank you once again for this opportunity that I cherish, as do you. Farewell.

Elyon (Jonathan): This is your trusted friend Elyon. It is my desire to speak about being entrusted. You have mentioned today the trust of the Father's Presence. You, being the center of will, you being sovereign in volition, run the directions that your life will take with the presence of God inside, alongside. You are not being dragged to Paradise; the way is shown, but you are the one who takes the path.

You know of the parable of the talents and how one can be inclined to squander the opportunity of the leveraging of those talents for greater gain. You have been entrusted by Michael to, not only preach the gospel, but to manifest this all-pervading love of the Father and the interactive love for one another. As you mature you are given greater potentialities for action. Yet while this enlargement of possibilities is a gift, you are the enactors, and it is your responsibility to bring into manifestation those potentials.

Today you have been entrusted with this contact by brothers and sisters you cannot see. While you trust our presence and our teaching you are the ones in possession of those teachings and are the ones who can spread, not just the thoughts of these teachings, but be the manifestation of these teachings. Given this responsibility you are learning a manner of ministry that has far-reaching implications in the ages to come. There will be centers of training that you will be directing; there will be entire spheres that you will oversee. What you learn today in sensing, accepting, possessing, and manifesting the realms of spirit will be of great value to you in the distant future.

You know from experience the sense of guilt when you have recognized an opportunity to be of service to a fellow and have let that window of opportunity close. While you know that there is forgiveness for error, the gem within that experience is the recognition by yourself of the opportunity to have done so. That is what is acknowledged in you as being trustworthy, even though your actions were not so responsive, for that sensitivity established within you causes you in subsequent situations to respond.

You have become trustworthy over time. It is not an instantaneous attainment. So today we have engaged with you in this Teaching Mission. It is the beginning of your trustworthiness for missions of outreach that you will engage in in universes beyond the one in which you dwell today. We have often said that you are of great significance to this program even while you may see no great manifestation or outworking of this Correcting Time overtly. But it is your seemingly insignificant actions that build the program, and this program of the Correcting Time is only one of a broad spectrum of programs. To those to whom much has been given, much will be required, but it is only given as you are able, and I do not mean able in full accomplishment, but able to begin to take on that responsibility.

We all work for Michael, and it is our honor, each of us, to do so. And he works for each one of us, for he has been entrusted with the Father's program of bringing every creature into His Paradise presence. In the great family of God all rejoice in the success of one another. Assistance is everywhere present, and you will be amply supplied with such assistance at every level of entrustment. Therefore fear not and do be of good cheer.


Kathy: Earlier we were speaking of how our job is to host the angelic forces and let them ... problems .... I received a message:

unidentified (Kathy): Angelic forces are with you at any point in your journey on this mortal plane. If you allow their assistance to guide your development you will engage in increasing levels of connection and activity with the other mortals on your world. Be assured that the angelic corps are involved with you daily in your daily activities and work to increase your potentials and growth opportunities. We are pleased to be able to aid your connection with the mind/spirit circuitry of Mother's creation. Always rely on our help; we can be trusted to have your best interests ... focus.

Mark: I have this phrase in some part of me that says, "As we learn to trust so we are trustworthy". It makes me think that correlation is there. I welcome your comments.

Elyon (Jonathan): This is Elyon. I will take your serve. You have a game that is played often in courses where self-realization and social awareness is being taught wherein you place your feet toe to toe with another and hold hands and lean backward. I use this imagery to underline your comment that in such action you are trusting and being trustworthy. One does not precede the other necessarily but go hand in hand in mutual dynamic exchange.

Mary: I'd like to express appreciation for Elyon's presentation today that we have a sensitivity to reaching out to someone in our lives when we don't take it. He sees that we recognize that window of opportunity is closed. The perspective of God is noticing that we sensed that opportunity. On the human side we tend to focus on missing it instead of going, "Now I notice that there's an opportunity. Next time I will be more alert". Thank you for that thought.

Elyon: Much of what we teach to you is from the emphasis of positive, and you have recognized our inclination to address subjects in that way. But I have at times pointed out the value of apparent negative experiences such as doubt, guilt, regret, confusion. These are very useful experiences when you are oriented toward progress and spiritual upliftment. They can, of course, lead to avoidance and shutting down, and you have extracted my intention well today of looking towards these apparent downsides of experience as stepping stones and building blocks. Just as one who puts the shot must lift weights day after day to be strong enough for that competitive event, so do these episodes that bring discomfort bring one to be stronger in the end

Michael: Michael here. Father gave me a universe, Nebadon, and I made many choices on my own of how to arrange this local universe and what forms of life will manifest on the many spheres and in what way the cultures and civilizations that develop will function, all with the goal of the ages of Light and Life. And I continued to apply myself in that manner time beyond your fathom. Yet it was not until I lived your life that I truly blossomed and became the Michael Son I was created to be. Yes, you look to me as deity - and I am - but my engagement in your level of reality as you was wholly transforming. I say this to emphasize how important even the apparently insignificant actions can be to your spiritual attainment, for who would think that God becoming a human being could have such a transforming effect upon deity? Would it not be, if it was asked, merely a stepping down to a lesser place?

No, it is not. It is the upliftment of oneself. It is the meaning behind the phrases I have left with you such as, "He who would be first will be last, and he who is last will be first." You know in your own physical form, and I have experienced this as well, the transformation of puberty. While this is a physical occurrence, there are such transformations where you are taken to a new level, entirely changed. I have undergone such an unfoldment when I attained sovereignty status. It was a joyful experience, but it was also hard work. Each life I lived was an awakening to me, and, yes, many give me the credit for leaving with them wonderful examples of how to live and teachings to live by. But the gifts given to me through these experiences are inexpressible how beneficial they have been. You have in your short earthly life begun to appreciate the transformations that you have gone through. More lie ahead, my children. Trust yourselves, for you will be given great opportunities.


My peace I leave with you.