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Topic: Joy Amidst Pain

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham, Mary

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I am here with the thought that in our gathering we are of a searching mind, which means we are to rise above daily struggles and those things that blur our spiritual vision. Our physical discomforts, mental issues, stressful events, must be set aside for us to have this collective meditation to gather wisdom and strength to go forward yet another day. Advancement is always possible with your willingness to remain ever open to new thought, ideas and that truth that withstands the tests of time.

I am MARY and always with gratitude when we can sit together and know that all is safe within the Kingdom. Your diligent search for truth over these many years touches my heart and reminds me that Father’s plan is always at work and ever clearing a path for us to reach Him.


I can identify with your discussion on attachment and pain. Those experiences bring a reality right before your eyes that demands your attention and drives you to take action. Those that dare to think past the physical life, past the surface levels of materialism, will find life to be somewhat more difficult because daily experiences will call for your very best. Surface level thinking becomes unacceptable and your love for Father drives you to search on a soul level.

I can think back to my days in the ministry where I thought I was doing my fair share of spiritual work and helping others. I felt that these tasks in the ministry became a burden to me. I had not feeling of happiness nor growth. I was angry with Father and a bit resentful that I had not experienced more happiness in daily living. I felt I was doing my part and the rewards were nowhere in sight. My faith wavered. I must admit it was an opportunity to reach for more, for deeper understanding and a challenge for me to go beyond my desires and push for the good of Father’s plan.

There are trivial disturbances in daily living that put reality in your face and gives you a choice on whether to rise to the challenge or be engulfed by fear. It is not bad or good, just experience and education that puts you ever closer to our First Source and Center. When faith begins to appear selfish, then the ego has too much control. When your intentions are purely for selfish gain, then there is a reflection in your actions. This is apparent in how you live. It is not hidden. The Master does call for us to make extra effort in this Correcting Time. There is so much personal work mortals must take into consideration and then there is the ministry.

Father’s plan is elaborate and yet we don’t have to worry on this. Reality is in the moment and it is our choice to act. They say, “Life is what you make it,” and it is true. You can be open to new challenges or stay in a rut of comfort. There are always opportunities to do something different. A repetitious pattern is not your fate. As we rise above the messiness of daily living for our collective unified meditation, let us feel the spiritual empowerment to know that the Master goes before us in all that we do and the Father literally walks us through our experience.


This week let us concentrate on doing for others and if this appears to be a burden or something we can do to be closer to the spirit. There is joy to be had, even in pain. Have not worry. I am very much inspired by your willingness to press on. Your love for the Master is clearly visible to me and I am honored to be a witness. Know that we are available for your moments during the week when you are with the searching mind. From Abraham and myself, we send you with our love. Until next time, shalom.