2008-02-07-Machiventa Discusses Planetary Government

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Topic: Machiventa Discusses Planetary Government

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Machiventa, Tomas

TR: Gerdean



Prayer: Dear Heavenly Father, we come to you as your children, seeking communion with you, greater understanding of your will for us. We come to you in total trust of your care and your wise guidance. We recognize that the ministries that are available through your many, many agencies are interested in the children of time. We thank you for generously spreading yourself throughout the universe that we might practice godlikeness ourselves, when and as we know what that might be.

We thank you, Holy Mother, for the legions of helpers that you have created to oversee our care, our growing up. And we bow also before the Eternal Son who has given us His Sons, the Creator Sons, our beloved Michael, our Creator. Help us understand the nature of the divine Family. Help us know our relationship with these beings including the Trinity Teachers Sons and the Magisterial Sons and the many, many sons of God who have been given to us to share this experience of being citizens of this incredible universe, this grand universe in which we swarm. Bring us your holy order, the divine pattern, that we might learn to follow it, mimic you, and your pattern.

Open our hearts and minds now to each other, our fellows here, our kindred spirits, that we might learn to be coworkers and genuine Family members. These things we bring to you dear Father, humbly, and in rejoicing, through Christ. Amen.

MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK: Machiventa Melchizedek, making his presence known to you now through this forum. Greetings. Welcome. I greet you on behalf of Michael, in representing the administration in existence now, including your Teacher Corps, embracing those of you who have come together to learn more about the universe, your place in it, physiologically as well as psychologically.


While it is perfectly understood by all of you that the kingdom of heaven is within you, and that to find the divine connection you enter into the citadel of the spirit in stillness, going inward and upward to find the Father as he resides within you, it is also a part of your curriculum and education that you approach and address the exterior aspects of your environment, not only your immediate physical environment but your extended environment -- into your system, constellation, universe and beyond.

The reason for this is to encourage you to think in terms of being citizens of the universe and not merely mortal citizens of earth. But let it never be diminished in your eyes that you are citizens of the earth, for this is where you do your work. This is where we need your efforts to be put in place. Even so, of course, maintaining that perspective of the farther view will help you keep from becoming so caught up in the affairs of mortal existence, and will lend breadth and girth to your vision.

The government of your planet is en route to learning about seraphic planetary government, which is a reflection of universe governance, and this is a symbol of the fact of your civilizing. The more you civilize yourselves, the less barbaric will be those who follow. And so the issues of the day on your world are of tremendous importance and it is indeed through you that we will proceed into reiterating the patterns of paradise into the patterns of the material life.

I have been encouraging the association of Andromadeus, Most High Observer, for his perspective. And you will be learning more about universe perspectives from other entities, so that you have a solid frame of reference for the assistance you have in your efforts. You have not yet begun to scratch the surface of understanding of how much help is available. It is a process, this mind expansion and soul growth en route to global evolution. It is a slow process, but it is, even so, a thrilling undertaking.

I will confirm the presence of a Magisterial Son in your System, and his contributions will be manifested in the course of time as you develop the ability and the capacity to comprehend the nature of his presence here and his work. The Correcting Time is orchestrated, even while to you it may seem chaotic and off-key. I have come today to reassure you, to reiterate to you that the Master Son has your world under his close supervision. We have been diligent and relentless since his sojourn here, and this conversation is one of the effects of our long-term application to your world and your needs as a world - and not excluding your needs as individuals.

Humans must have evolved over these past 2,000 years in order for us to be having this conversation. The textbook needed to be brought into existence, and it could not have been brought into existence until many of your more brutal tendencies were either worked out or destroyed - not destroyed from On High but through its own undoing. There are still areas, not simply geographic areas but mental areas, within each of you and all of you, that carry the Luciferian legacy, the mark of the beast, but has gradually subsided over these few centuries, because of the diligent efforts of those who were based here, even while you were in isolation, and your ever-trusting, ever-ready Adjusters. And so enough consciousness came into the light to warrant the efforts of sending the fifth epochal revelation, the text that enables each of you to become an extension of the Eternal Son -- an army of Sons of God.

I have missed the opportunity to have counsel with you as often as in the past; however, I am with you as always. Administration does get tied up in its own affairs, as you know from your experience here, and yet it is supremely important that we maintain an open door policy and that we On High maintain contact, even visceral connections, with you whom we have come to know and love and trust as valiant soldiers of the circles and workers for the harvest in the fields.

I will relinquish my time at the podium for a Teacher. It has been my pleasure to speak with you and be among you to value your presence with me in our joint efforts to bring the light of truth to Urantia. Shalom.

TOMAS: I am Tomas and I am coming in because no one else was aggressive enough to stop Tomas the Opportunist and because I know Gerdean is comfortable with me. I will not lecture. We have had some stimuli from Machiventa. I would, however, enjoy fielding questions or engaging with you in instructive conversation. I am therefore going to open the floor, but let me tell you this: There are a number of beings in the arena this evening observing and accessible to you. If you have a question that might best be answered by another entity, perhaps he or she may be available, and so let us proceed into the next phase of our time together. Are there questions?


George: Hello, Tomas. TOMAS: Hello.

George: I'm George. I'm also an opportunist so I am going to jump right in. TOMAS: Yes, George. Good.

George: I did enjoy hearing from our Planetary Prince and I was hoping he would take a question. I've always wondered about when our original Planetary Prince came here he had his staff of 100 and also an assistant, Dalagastia; with the Magisterial Mission coming on at a pace, if our Planetary Prince has his staff in place and is he going to have a headquarters set up at some point like he had back then in those days or [indistinguishable] Magisterial Mission?

TOMAS: I'm not sure I understand your question, George. Let me rephrase it and you correct me where I'm wrong. You are asking the Planetary Prince, Machiventa, questions about the first epochal revelation, the first civilization that was established on this world by Caligastia. Machiventa was not here at that time, you know.

George: No. I'm wonder if he will set up a structure, knowing he is our Planetary Prince, like our Planetary Prince did back then.

TOMAS: Good question. Perhaps I could get him to come back and address that. George: Thank you. TOMAS: One moment.

MACHIVENTA: I cannot object to intelligent questions, and I do perceive this as an intelligent question because it stimulates the mind and spirit as something you have brought to me rather than something I have brought to you. I always find this the more effective way of dealing with matters of curriculum.

No, I will not be creating a new government, but I will certainly be involved in the government in ways similar to the initial Planetary Prince, yes. The areas that defaulted will need to be rebuilt. The areas that have become warped and overburdened will need to be straightened up and clarified, until gradually and eventually the infrastructure of Urantia will be reestablished as it needs to be re-established in order for any civilization to function optimally. You can read about the sundry divisions of labor that fell under the auspices of Van and Tut and Dan and those of the original Prince's staff. Those positions are being nurtured now, by and through the Council of 24 and their angelic helpers. And so the structure is fundamentally in place, but it needs a lot of work.

This is where the call for Reserves comes in, for if you feel led to work in any of these divisions of labor, as it were, then avail yourselves, avail your soul, avail your spirit to the guidance that will come as you commit yourself to that branch of universe government, as it were, and you will immediately be working for the staff of the Planetary Prince. It is already underway. It does not need to be recreated.

It began when Michael was here, when shortly after he left, the Council of 24 was established. This was Michael's way of re-establishing the initial infrastructure that was lost and it will eventually supplant and supercede the error of Lucifer and even the default of the second epochal revelation.

The angels of health are already fast at work. You may have noticed the news about the stem cell substance being applied to those who have been harmed in the war, growing / mending / healing / supplanting organs and limbs that have been damaged or destroyed, and so those who are involved, those reserve corps of destiny who are involved in those efforts, and the scientists and medical personnel who support their efforts, already are making up for the deficiencies having come about as a result of the premature actions of Eve and Adam.

You cannot see these results, perhaps. I invite you to open your mind to what I am saying and the future of your own involvement as "staff members" of the Prince. You are indeed my staff members because you are assisting me and the myriad angels that are working diligently under me, under the Most Highs, for Michael and for your world. If you like, you can give yourself a Certificate to hang on the wall to indicate, to the extent you believe justifiable, your own Award of Appreciation, and sign it for me. You work for me. You work for Michael. You work for this universe, this System. You work for the Father. You are on our team. You are in our army. You simply need to become more aware of how and where you fit and then proceed along the path that opens before you. Michael and the Spirit of Truth will show you the way. Again, I return you to Tomas.

George: Thank you.

TOMAS: And this is Tomas once more, almost feeling as if I should have jumped in and somehow asked if that answered, so that I don't have to keep running back and forth to get him. [Laughter]

George: I'm okay for now, Tomas. Thank you.

TOMAS: I did hear him say however that he had an open door policy and so I would not be fearful of him if it were necessary for me to do that. Are there other questions?

Student: Yes, Tomas, I have a question. TOMAS: Yes? You are? Student: I am Sally. TOMAS: Sally?

Sally: Yes. I know that there are a lot of T/R groups out there and a lot of people who are meeting and bringing the energy together and from what I read it's very dynamic and very strong, and I know as I've been reading some of these channelings, I guess I was a little jealous and I said "Lord, I want to do that," and then I was introduced to the phone calls here that we're doing and it was wonderful, but I would love to start a group at my house but it's not happening, and every night I meditate and send energy to the earth myself and I guess all I want to know is, people like me who are just by our self, we are helping, aren't we?

TOMAS: Oh, my dear, yes. You are the beacon light. You know on your world when they open a new shopping center [Yes.] or a new store? They hire a beacon light to shine so that people can see from far and wide there is something going on. Yes, one person is like one candle in the darkness. It can light up an entire room. I know you don't ask that because you are thinking about snuffing out your own light, but I can see that it might be somewhat exhausting to attempt to keep it lit when it seems no one cares and when you cannot perceive that anyone can see you.

Your earnestness is evident. Your desire to serve is well established. Your eagerness, now, needs to be disciplined. In the course of time, they will come. What is the saying? "Build it and they will come." So build it and let it be known that it is being built. Let me suggest that if you have at least and even just one friend with whom you can find something spiritual in common-- It does not need to be sophisticated. It does not need to be Urantia Book oriented. Simply someone who shares with you a desire to bask in the presence of Christ, since he has promised that when two or more are gathered in his name, there would he be in your midst. If you can find one other person to share this desire, then you will have a group-in-becoming. Two people asking for a teacher doubles your chances of getting one. In the meanwhile, you can practice your skills as a transmitter receiver. Have you begun that process yet?

Sally: I don't know if I have. I mean, I meditate. I do my prayers for 30 minutes, and then I just sit in silence for 30 minutes but my mind keeps talking.

TOMAS: All right. You need to do some homework first. Continue doing what you are doing, this is good. But add to this the practice of journaling. The practice of journaling is twofold. It will allow you to open the vein, if you will, open the flow, open the channel, so that whatever is in your mind can come out through your pencil. And a great deal of that will be junk [Okay], garbage, roughage, because there is a great deal of stuff in the mind, in the undisciplined mind, in the unfocused mind that simply bounces around in there taking up space. Journaling will allow you to get rid of that and, more importantly, give you the mental focus that will allow you to determinedly, purposively, take what ever it is in your mind and put it on paper.

Once this is established as a practice, as if you were taking the garbage out every day, allowing the stuff in your mind to come out and through, you can begin to notice that once the garbage is taken out, the genuine concerns of your life will have an opportunity to enter in. And rather than push away the genuine concerns of your life, allow yourself to think about those. Allow them to come to your attention. This is where a lot of people stop the process because they don’t want to deal with the things that come through their mind. They don't want to deal with the concerns. Many of them are fears. Many of them are memories. Many of them are feelings they don't want to deal with and so they stop the process. They say, "I can't do it." They take up basket weaving or whatever.

But if you can stick with the process, you will discover the incredible mechanism by which the indwelling Adjuster works through your mind to clear your mind, to ease your mind, to heal your mind, to put your mind at such peace that you can sit quietly and allow your spirit to speak. It will speak to you through your pencil, in due course, if you allow this process to unfold. When you begin seeing in your journaling that someone else is responding to you concerns than yourself, you will see the "otherness" of the response. You will recognize that this is not the voice that you know as yours. This is the Voice. This is the voice of the higher consciousness. This is your Adjuster speaking through paper.

And this is your opportunity now, then, having this under your belt, to put down your pencil and turn on the tape recorder and instead of using the energy to hold the pencil, you simply let the voice, the spirit come through your mind and into the tape recorder, and it will speak to you. It will speak just as I am speaking to you now. It will speak to you just as Nebadonia speaks through Donna or just as Michael speaks through Jerry. These entities are part of your consciousness, part of your superconsciousness, and with the help of your Adjuster, you can pour forth these precious impulses that reach into the heart and souls of your listeners, of your hearers, and you can feed them by this manner.

Eventually, these listeners and hearers will find their own ways to be fed and so you are not indispensable. You must not take yourself too seriously. You are doing a service. You are a "temp" in God's office, not a permanent executive fixture, but it is an important role, albeit temporary, and if you learn to do it well you can derive, indeed, supreme satisfaction. If none other, you do get to sit and enjoy our company in delightful intimacy, very much along the lines of how it will be when you sit and enjoy the company of morontia companions simply for the sake of "hanging out" with each other and valuing that energy, that sublime peace, that enthusiasm, that good will that comes from our relating as fellow children of God.

Observe your motives. And your ambitions. And ask your God, your Father, to advise you each step of the way, to accompany you each step of the way, and you shall surely succeed in what it is that He would have you do. Perhaps one day I will visit through you. I know Gerdean would be delighted to sit and listen to me through someone else and ask me questions, for there is a certain satisfaction in having an elder brother or sister at hand to whom you can say, "And speak to me of this, teacher and tell me what of that" and relax in the smallness of being a child of God, of not having to have all the answers, of realizing how many wonderful adventures and experiences there are yet ahead.

Sally: Thank you.

TOMAS: Yes, Sally, and you will need to find your spiritual name, for no one will take you seriously if you continue to operate under the name "Sally."

Sally: Okay. How do I do that?

TOMAS: Well, you will have to either discern it for yourself or a teacher will recognize you by who you are and call you who you are, and that is going to take however much time it takes for you to reveal yourself, coupled with your proximity to one who can know you. I would not venture a guess. And I would not let it stop you, because there will be a period of time for you to learn how and for you to practice.

Merium is telling me -- reprimanding me, in fact -- and reminding me that Sally Jesse Raphael was able to serve many people and her name was beloved of many. She reminds me of what a stuffy old fellow I am, and so forget what I said, dear Sally. [Laughter]

Sally: Thank you so much, Tomas. TOMAS: You are welcome. Are there other questions?

George: I have one more question but I was hoping someone else would jump in. TOMAS: Be the opportunist, then.

George: All right. There's a hot topic right now about First Contact from our extra-terrestrial neighborhood. I don't know if you are willing to talk about that.

TOMAS: What do you want to know?

George: Well, from what I've been reading, I've heard that permission for First Contact has been given. I'm very interested to know what department these extra planetary human beings, since they are going to be physical beings, what role they are going to play in the government of the Planetary prince.

TOMAS: Well they might not. They might simply be student visitors. I'm guessing. No one has told me. This is something I have learned to appreciate: they don't tell me everything. Even many times when I ask I am told that it is none of my concern. I realize this is very difficult for humans. They get offended when they don't get answers, when they get no satisfaction, but the higher you go on the scale of hierarchy of personality, the more you appreciate the tremendous organization necessary to keep everything running so smoothly, and it is a great relief, frankly, to not have to know everything that is going on. Just knowing it is going as it should be is more than enough. That opens my opportunities to do what I know I need to do and that is where I find my joy and satisfaction.

You ask a curiosity question, one which I can understand, given that you have been in isolation for so long. I have no idea what will be involved in First Contact. That is not my bailiwick. I am here to address your soul, not your travel plans. [Pause] I can do no better, George. I'm sorry.

George: Okay. Thank you.

TOMAS: That does not mean to say that some other teacher, some other entity can not answer it. As I said, some of us know things that others of us don’t know and we are not offended by that. It's natural at our stage of the game.

George: Let me ask you something more concerning what you rather addressed. I am very aware, when I'm lying down, … I've got a distinct voice that is different from my Adjuster, just two inches behind my ear, and it's different from my Adjuster.

TOMAS: Which ear?

George: I think most of the time it comes from my left ear. I know the Adjuster comes through different channels.

TOMAS: What is the nature of their message?

George: Well, I heard distinctly "February 10." It was outside of my mind, like somebody said something.

TOMAS: I can tell you what I think. Do you want to hear what I think, without it being what I know?

George: All right.

TOMAS: I think this is your personal teacher advising you, cautioning you, alerting you to be particularly cognizant of February 10 for something is anticipated. It may be in your life, it may be a bill that is due, it may be something on the news you have been eager to hear about. It could be anything. It could be your horoscope. But I suspect it is your personal teacher. Generally speaking, your male teacher is interested in external stimuli and action whereas the female teacher is interested in reflection and soul searching, and the female teacher by and large operates from the right side, very often behind the ear, tucked into the neck and shoulder area, whereas the male is tucked into the neck and shoulder area behind the ear on the left side. They are very personal, both of them, and so I would investigate that if I were you, not relegate it to your Thought Adjuster necessarily, but to the personal teacher who operates with the sanction of the Thought Adjuster.

George: I have a teacher. His name is Frank. So you hit the nail on the head right there.

TOMAS: It was Frank.


We are running up on overtime now so let me ask one more time before I go if there is a question. [Pause] I feel questions but I also feel time constraints interfere, and so I will wrap it up for this evening, my colleagues and I, who have also enjoyed this occasion -- and believe me, it is an occasion to visit with you, to elicit your consciousness, and lift it up into that realm where we can meet as we reach for you.

Marty: Thank you very much, Teacher Tomas.

TOMAS: We'll see you again, and no doubt our many comrades will be engaged in actions and concerns throughout the spheres. Be mindful of your place among them, and be at peace. Amen and farewell.