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Topic: Pleasure or Escaping Pain?

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. It really takes quite a bit of effort for mortals to lay down their agendas and receive spiritual direction. I am appreciative of the effort you each make. My words are possible because you are willing to set aside your desires and listen to the lesson for the week. Having experienced the mortal life, I do know how hard it was for me to stop my racing thoughts and tune in to the meaning of Machiventa’s words.


Over the last few decades the avenue for pleasure seeking has become a main focus. The value once held in delayed gratification slowly faded away. Feeling any sort of pain was simply not necessary and the minds of mortals sought more and more escape. As human beings we each learn varying levels of pain and our ability to tolerate it. Continuous pain in life is not necessary really. It is not the only teacher, but to seek continuous escape is a foundation in the ego mind.

The human brain was made for adaptability and evolution has taught us that we are capable of enduring any hardship. These days in psychiatric terms has brought many new definitions to events that come with life in the flesh. I mean not to downplay the mind of a soldier who would return from war and have a difficult time readjusting to civilian life, no. I am speaking more about so-called personality disorders and mental dysfunction. We are to experience a certain amount of dysfunction because it teaches us strength in character, adaptability in material life and growth of the spirit.

Take children for example and how their tendency to be unruly will lead them right to a doctor’s office and a prescription. The educational system goes against their very nature, telling them to be still and listen and when they cannot do so, then they’re diagnosed with a mental dysfunction. Children can learn best when it goes along with the grain of their mind. They are so willing to do good when they can see the reason behind doing good.

On the topic of feeling and dealing with pain, we must look to the differences in personalities or physical makeup. Every person is not going to fit in a societal mold. People have their variations in mind and chemical makeup. Many times when we are experiencing pain it is perhaps a self-imposed issue or feeling guilt toward not fitting into what society would see as normal. The Correcting Time is a great deal about self-mastery, but not pressuring one into learning it. When one wants to learn to do better then the spirit is ready to teach. The spirit knows the child and how best to teach.


This week we can ponder how popular it is to escape pain. How has past pain brought you to the levels of spiritual advancement you now enjoy? You hear of mature adults every day swear they would never want to go back and start the growth process all over again. It is a difficult self-evolution, but believe me, well worth it. I hope that you know I speak primarily about mental pain, emotional pain, yes. Next week Mary will speak more on this topic, for now I shall take my leave, but not without expressing to you my love and gratitude. Remember, I am in understanding and at your side should you have need. My love goes with you. Until next time, shalom.