2008-03-03-Encouragement, Choices

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Topic: Encouragement, Choices

Group: S. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Eregon, Michael

TR: Jo Ann



EREGON: Yes children, we are here. We are present and we welcome the chance to commune with you in a setting such as this, once again, on a beautiful afternoon. We thank you for dedicating your time to come to this event. We do so welcome the chance to commune with you. Thank you for being available to share our messages and send them on to others, to share again. This is Eregon, your group’s teacher, and yes, your celestial and mostly unseen friend.


Today’s message is one of hope and encouragement. All around you, you can hardly avoid noticing criers of doom and gloom. Your economy worries many, and the worry is encouraged, and creates a down-spiraling cycle of hopelessness, despair, and foreboding. You do not need to participate in these emotions of fear, worry, and anxiety. If you choose to prepare for a time of hardship, this would hardly be the attitude, which would encourage a positive “we can do it, we’ll get through it,” state of mind or being, or surroundings in your life. Yes, it is good to know when a storm is coming, so that one can take shelter, but is it good to take shelter every time clouds appear on the horizon? Or is it better to stock your storm shelter, and confidently go about your daily life, knowing that you are prepared? This is what we would encourage.

If you wish to participate in the energy of preparing for hard times, do so with a light heart, full of the confidence that you can solve any problem, any difficulty that comes your way. Make your preparations and go about your business, for by concentrating on the worry and the fear, you only add to the down-spiraling energy that seems to be encouraged by your media every day. Even if you knew, or believed that your country were to enter another depression as in the 1930’s, look around you now and see the courage and the resilience of all the people who lived through that. Why center and anchor yourselves in fear, for as you have witnessed, the stories of courage, the stories of charity, the stories of creative ingenuity are more abundant than those of the hard times. When you look at the stories of those times, you see a hardship as a background; you see the relationships and the accomplishments, as the shining glories that they are in your lives, and so it will always be. And so it will always be, my friends.

Whatever you deal with on the material plane is simply the backdrop, the stage on which the relationships and the true beauties of life are played out, scene-by-scene. God will never desert any one of you; you are not alone in your struggles. Truly the material struggles are not the ones, which should strike fear in your hearts. It is the moral struggles, against despair, against anger, against depression, against jealousy, and yet you do not fight these things by railing, yelling, and threatening them. You fight these things simply by turning around and walking in the other direction toward the positive things, that you know you can be thankful and grateful for.

Turn toward the positive things, the relationships in your life, the love, the beauty, the joy, the glory of Spring flowers, the celebration of produce coming from the ground, the arrival of a grandchild on this earth, the fact that your children fall in love and form beautiful relationships. Yes, if you look deeply in your life—or even not so deeply—you are bound to find the things that fill your soul. Being grateful for these, no matter what the outward circumstances of your life, brings you into a state of harmony, with your own spiritual guidance, with those who have their spiritual hands out to walk with you through the paths of life, no matter how difficult they may be. And yes it is true at times, we carry you, if you are willing.

When we say, “Be not afraid,” that is a simple phrase, but what we are asking is really something different. It is not to take your fear and stomp it into the ground, or hide it in a tiny place within you where it can grow and fester—we are asking you to cure your fear and anxiety by stepping into love. The love is around you every day; love is the infinite power that upholds the universe, moves the planets through space. It is the most powerful force, and your choosing to move through life in a positive attitude, is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Yet, choosing to do it just once will probably not save you from all future anxiety. This attitude is one you need to claim daily, if not more frequently.

If you lived in an isolated village, where everyone grew community produce, you had no worries, and everything was contained within this small group, you could easily ask this community group to maintain your function of higher-level living, of living in the light. Because you are bombarded so frequently with the messages from your culture, you may need to sustain yourselves, as frequently as you sustain yourselves with physical nourishment, with the nourishment of the soul. Do not neglect to do this. We do not mean to chastise you, but to encourage you. For every moment that you choose to come into alignment with those higher powers and higher energies, you energize not only yourself, but you carry this atmosphere of positive energy, circling and cycling around you, everywhere you go. You actually help your brothers and sisters, your neighbors, the people in the stores that you visit, just by carrying this positive energy that you drench yourself in, that you bathe yourself in, that you nourish yourself with. You carry it everywhere you go, just as if you had put on an elegant perfume, and the people around you noticed it, wherever you went.

So it is with this soul testament, with this soul fragrance. Immerse yourselves in it. It is not just for you, it is for everyone, so do not feel selfish or guilty—there is an abundance, an incredible abundance, an infinite abundance of spiritual joy available to you, to you, to you, to you—to each of you, all the time. All the time! It is never more than a thought and a choice away. Do you understand how this is so and how true it is?

At this time, I am willing to entertain questions and discussions. Do any of you find this a difficult concept?


Student: I think we were in need of a reminder to not focus on all that media, downward spiral of the economy and to focus on building in the positive. I think that was a helpful reminder. Thank you.

EREGON: If there are no more questions, we will continue. I, Eregon, am not the only one present today. Though this is always true, again we are reminding you that you are—each of you—never alone, and when we come together in ways such as this, your group is host to many more than the teacher who speaks directly with you.

Because this one is able to discern the differences in energies, during these communications, you often receive messages from more than one person. In many sessions such as this, this is also true that all the information is attributed to one source, although there are often many communicating.

MICHAEL: I am with you, my children. This is Michael. I too would encourage you this day. Be of good cheer and fear not. Those were my watchwords in my mortal life, and I give them to you again now. There is nothing to fear.

When a child has the love of its parents, is secure in the bosom of its family, does it worry how they will buy groceries tomorrow? And so it is with you. You are our children. You need not spend your life energy with worry, with fear, with anxiety. In fact, we wish that you would not. For each time that you—shall we say, “indulge”—in this pool of emotions, you have effectively closed off the stream of positive, flowing emotions, love and joy, peace, goodwill, charity, generosity, kindness, fairness. When you focus on what you are afraid of, do you not notice that you feel none of those other things in that moment? We invite you to consider the possibility that you do not need those things at all.

When you feel yourselves moving toward them, you can make the choice to change direction. Again you hear us telling you that it is your choice. You may not realize that you have made a choice to be worried, to be anxious, to be fearful, but once you notice you are there, you can decide; you can make a choice; you can choose. If you know no other way to turn around, make it with a prayer. I am always present for all my children, through the Spirit of Truth. I will never desert you; never desert you. When you call for my love, you can be confident that you will feel it. You can ignore it; you can close the door, turn your back on it, but it permeates the atmosphere around you, as much as the air you breathe.

My presence is always available to each of you—to each of you! And in this comfort you know and you feel and you believe, that there is nothing worth spending your energy in fear of—not poverty, not disease, not injury, not illness—nothing, children. The true beauty is the true reality, the real goodness. There is never a fear that these could be lost to you, for this is impossible. So you know that each of you are wealthy beyond measure in the riches of the Kingdom, which cannot be taken away from you, which no circumstances but your own choosing could cause a separation.

So choose again, choose wisely, choose daily and more frequently, as Eregon has said. I invite you to make yourselves conscious; notice when something lodges in your mind or your feelings, and causes you to move out of the positive light. Maybe you cannot completely sever ties with things that do this, most likely you cannot, but you can notice when those things begin to tug at your heartstrings and change your mood, and at that time you can learn to choose again. You can learn to choose again, for yourself, for the goodness in your life, and for the goodness and happiness of those around you.

We love you so, my little children, and as your friends have told you and described to you, even in the most abject and unimaginable poverty, as seen from your perspective, there is joy in the lives and on the faces, and in the hearts of the people who reside under such conditions. So what is it you fear, when this fear comes up? Is it really a fear that you would lose your possessions? No, at the core of it is fear that you would lose your happiness, and since your happiness, your joy and your peace have never been based on material possessions, there truly is nothing to fear. When you see that the love that exists in relationships is the sustenance of life, even bringing joy to those who live in the most deplorable of situations, physically, their joy cannot be taken away, because the joy is not given in wealth; the joy is given in wealth of relationships and connection to other beings, both human and super-human. We always love you; we are always with you. I send my angels to watch over you. We have brought the teachers to help you and lead you along. You truly are never alone. You truly are never, never alone.

Sometimes there are those among you—you denote them as psychic, who can see and sense the loving presences around you in your life. Not all believe in such phenomena, but if you understand that the spiritual life is more real than the material, how could you not know? How could you not believe, that it is populated by a great number of spiritual beings, who are working with you to bring you along, to help you, to educate you, and to love you? Since human beings are so different, and vary in their qualities, talents and perceptions, why is it that you doubt that some can perceive, beings of non-material existence? It has always been so, that there has been a great variety of perceptive human beings. At times this “beyond the material” perception has been highly valued in some cultures. In other times, it has been very much devalued. All we ask at this point, is that you not fear it. Fear nothing, for the fear itself separates you from the perception of the love and guidance that is all around you, always. Truly, fear not and be of good cheer. It is good for others, but it is also good for you. To the depths of your being, you know this, do you not? Choose the way of happiness; it is not being a “cockeyed optimist,” to do so. It is truly being the ultimate realist, for in the universe that we have created, the more goodness you seek, the more you perceive, the more you will experience.

We would wish for you to go through all your life experiences with feelings of joyful acceptance and joyful anticipation. When you bring these attitudes to your life experience, you find ways to color in those experiences, with those very emotions. When you go about in despair and fear and anxiety, you will many times miss the opportunities to create more joy, simply because your perceptions are causing you to understand life in a different way at that moment. We have told you before, but we remind you again, very often it is the attitude through which you choose to view life that determines what you see, what you understand and what you come to believe. As you build up this framework around you, it begins more and more to define your life view. I tell you again now, you create a picture window, through which you view life with your choices. Choose us; choose our love; choose our benevolence; choose our comfort; choose our teamwork. We love you—we all love you!


My children, I give you my blessing today. May the peace I left here on my physical leaving, fill all your hearts and all your days, and as you let it permeate your life, your attitudes, even your history, may you find that the peace that passes understanding is always there for you, and may you learn to live in it more and more frequently, as your days progress on this earth. I love you my children; we will meet again soon. Blessings and joy to each of you. Good day.

EREGON: We would approve of your changing the date, rather than skipping a month. We appreciate these opportunities to bring our messages through to you. Thank you. That is all.