2008-03-08-With a Pure Heart

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Topic: With a Pure Heart

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Ophelus

TR: Unknown



Student: “Hello Ophelus. Can you tell me about the state of the human conscious?”

Ophelus: “Yes, that is a topic that many people are questioning now.”

“We are trying to reach each and every one of you to open up your hearts. Open up to feel, to give, and to help your brothers and sisters of this planet. This we are trying to communicate with you.

“Possessions have become so important to all, that you have forgotten the real meaning of life and your special purpose here. Involve yourselves with others that are looking for the ultimate spiritual connections. Talk amongst yourselves and spread this knowledge to others.

“We ask that each of you discover the passion within you, and your purpose here. To do that you must clear your heart of pain, loss and anger. Become pure in your thoughts and the rest will follow. It is that simple, but not so easy. With a pure heart, you will begin to know and see more clearly where your path is leading you.

“Think with your heart and not your head. With an open heart you will feel the love just pouring out of your soul. This is what we want from all of you. This is not an easy task. It may take a lifetime to achieve, yet it is your purpose.

“So many of you have questions about who you are, or what your goals in life should be. Look to your heart and experience life. This is my gift to you!”

Student: “Thank you for speaking to me. I appreciate your thoughtful words.”

Ophelus: “As always, it was my complete pleasure.”