2008-03-09-Sensitivity to the Divine Presence

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Topic: Sensitivity to the Divine Presence

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Monjoronson

TR: Jonathan



Elyon (Jonathan TR): Greetings to all of you, this is Elyon.


Over the course of time we have come to a better understanding of one another. You have come to appreciate the assistance of your unseen friends, and it has been to our delight to witness your response to our teachings and thereby give us the avenue to serve your world along with you. We have spent precious time together for the purpose of drawing people who inhabit this world into a new and broader perspective of the meaning of life and the direction of civilization on Urantia. We have spent time discussing foundational truths which are essential to a stable spiritual life and unfoldment, and you have also learned to discern that which comes to you by way of the many assisting teachers, what is appropriate for your growth and what is to be left for others that it may nourish them. But essential to all the forms by which we have expressed the truths we wish to settle into your minds is the deeper comprehension, appreciation, and sensitivity to the divine Presence.

Often one who seeks the higher living of a spiritual life approaches first as one who is empty and needs to be filled and seeks to come in contact with spirit through prayer and devotion, through study and exercise, to receive. But you know, and I am always one to encourage, that the true orientation is that you are already magnificently filled with spirit, abundantly so, that you are not as an empty vessel but as one dense in divine reality, so much that the core of your being is so extremely profound that it is hard for the mind to fathom.

In your daily lives you are engaged in undertaking tasks and assignments to build, to obtain, to reach goals, to acquire needs. All these actions are performance and possession oriented. It is natural for the human to transfer this effort and approach to the realm of spiritual attainment. You discover in periods of stillness the abundance of divine love and light that is already within you, and you have witnessed revelation and clarity in mind as God’s spirit unfolds to you deeper understanding and broader, sweeping wisdom. It has become a truth to you that the richness and abundance of God dwells within.

But you do know and still struggle with the very human nature that activates your life, and you are learning favored techniques to orient yourself toward a better receptivity of the divine energy. You have found that pursuing the pages of a book or undertaking a curriculum of teaching or practicing exercises that foster a spiritual attitude and attention are helpful. They give you the means whereby you may turn inward and recognize the spiritual resonance. This resonance I witness is becoming more often and more dominantly a part of your everyday life and is observed by those about you. It may not be defined or described by another precisely; it may even lead to a confused interpretation of who you are, for not all understand what that spiritual luminosity is, but it is noted by any soul.

The Spirit of Truth goes before you in any of your endeavors. As you approach any episode in your life with the knowledge and the familiarity of the divine Associate within you, you create a link into your external environment where spirit can move through you and touch another. The Spirit of Truth is like a lubricant that makes the crossover from your spiritual presence to that of another. You have recognized, in the meeting of another soul who has been diligent to applying themselves to spiritual growth an instant connection, for both of you are extending yourselves spiritually and the connection is immediate and powerful. Others, however, who are unfamiliar with this relationship will perceive your touch and engage in a certain cycle of establishing an orientation and a meaning for what that is that they have experienced. The Spirit of Truth will assist you in making the connection clearer in providing the realization the other needs to comprehend the energy that is flowing between you.

This outpouring of spirit from your very being is itself an educational process to another. You need not retell the stories from the many books you may have read. These studies are for your internal orientation that you may more profoundly realize the companionship of the divine presence of God in your own human selfhood. When others witness that connection they will begin to pursue any means of spiritual education that resonates with them.

I began by stating that you are not empty, you are filled to the brim with spirit, the ultimate reality. Every artist understands that they contain already the expression of their art, and it is only a cycle of time for it to be manifest. It is only a matter of the medium desired to be present to make that manifestation fully expressionful of what is inside. Each one of you is an artist as well, for you have the divine vision within you, and you are, through your living experiences, discovering and determining which best expressions reveal God from within.

You know of the admonition to "seek and ye shall find", and this phrase demonstrates the certainty of the downreach of spirit to meet you when you reach up for that connection. It also asserts the reality of truth as a reality on its own, independent of mere opinion or concept or bias, that it is something you can reach out to and encounter, not merely invent. But it also points to the fact that you already have what you are seeking for.

You know with certainty that you are a child of God. In the course of your discovery you have found that you actually always have been a child of God. You now have settled into the progress to be made in this understanding, and it has been to you a comfortable realization, to have finally let go of that disturbing sense that perhaps you are not worthy, that you have not fulfilled the requirements. How joyful it is for you now to merely encounter your shortcomings and engage in your mistakes and note them for the betterment, for the clarification they provide in your path. The discovery of shortcomings and errors becomes an instant for jubilation, for it is now your opportunity for correction and advancement. These discoveries are no longer taken as marks against your attainment but as leverages for your advancement.

There will come a time -- and there has for some already passed this time -- when you will encounter the recognition, as did Pontius Pilate before Jesus of Nazareth, when he looked upon Jesus and said, "Behold the man". This recognition of the divine presence confused the human mind but was nonetheless aware of that presence. And you understand from your studies how silent and withdrawn Jesus was. No coercive arguments, no lengthy preaching, no condemnation, no soft talk. Simply his presence. Granted, he was the embodiment of the Creator Son and had great personality characteristics that made it highly efficient, this revelation. But he did it in your biological clothing, so to speak, as a human being, and demonstrates the possibility for you likewise to stand with the divine presence and radiate that reality that others may sense and recognize and respond to. You are filled to overflowing with spirit. Your core is God itself, and your shell is the divine human that you are. And you are learning more effectively every day to let those two elements, you the human being and you the divine, blend and be outpoured.

This is the manner that God reaches to the hungry souls, and I encourage every one of you to accept your divine birth and to go about doing the Father’s will, spreading good and being cheerful. Let all witness with the spirituality that you have attained. Yes, you may encounter those who will fight against it, and you may be tempted to be bashful and ashamed, to let it sit cloaked that you may not have to encounter the buffeting of criticism. But overcome that fear and let the light shine, and you will discover how overcoming it is of all resistances. But I take you back again to the encounter of Jesus with Pontius Pilate; the external events did not unfold well for a human being, for he ended up on a cross. But in that trail that led to the cross many human beings were overwhelmingly transformed, and over the course of years their lives have changed to become pursuant of the truths that the master taught. While you may never undergo such an episode in your life, you can, nonetheless, still have such an impact on those about you.

You are fully filled with the spirit. Take that spirit with you and give it forth to all you encounter.

Monjoronson: This is Monjoronson. We have a fine bunch of light workers all dedicated to bringing Urantia to its full potential, and I say "bringing it to its full potential" because in the ages past it has been below its potential. It is our task in this cycle to draw up all that lags that it be ready to move forward. We are at the starting line, and some have become anxious for the race to start, but we need to spend a degree of time bringing more to the starting line, not just light workers, but conditions for receptivity, for reorganization of institutions, for all the potentials to become agitated, excited, and ready to unfold.

I encourage you all to accept this period of readiment, the loosening up and preparation for the race ahead, for when the signal is made there will be rapid unfoldment and you will see progress like you have never witnessed before. So train well and be prepared. My assessment of you is that you are strong and that you do have the energy required and that you are fully willing.

Today you receive our contact through this method. There will become evident on your world in the future new stations for contact that will be more external than the receiving and transmitting methods you use today. These centers will allow accessibility by all who enter into those humble dwellings. Much greater clarity of communication will result. The establishment of these points of contact will hasten the transformation of Urantia from one of isolation and orphanhood to one knowledgeable of its placement in the planetary system. Until then I encourage everyone of you to undertake the inner contact. Though you appreciate the visitations of those like myself through various TR’s, I encourage you each to give effort to your own inner communications. It is the numerous and multiple contacts that will stabilize any information coming forward to you to give it a stability in the form of comparison and contrast. It will allow you to sort and sift, for you know that the element of human interaction can inject error or well meant but misunderstood expressions.

Until these centers are established we need everyone of you to be an incremental contact point building the way to a larger center for interplanetary communication. You may think of yourself as an electronic component, and each of you drawn together into the circuitry will make it possible for these centers to appear, for they will not be so much as you expect a building, but they will be an arrangement of connectivity, an orientation of many minds that will make it possible for even more complex communication to be brought to your world. You yourselves will be part of those centers, and it will be a compounding of these contacts that brings this new form of communication.


I will draw a close by pointing out that when you all sit together in stillness and in worshipful meditation you are forming this very center that I speak of. My friends, I will let you go now. As I leave I encourage you to pause for a few short minutes and ponder the presence of God and to extend yourselves toward each other gathered today in this circle of attention and realize the power that is within you and the project we have ahead. Farewell.