2008-03-10-Abraham & Mary

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Topic: Determined to Grow

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham, Mary

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I can appreciate your determination to follow through with those ideas you find to be as close to truth as possible. It is understood that you are each so busy just living your regular lives and yet, you will keep in mind the ministry and always make time for that. It is well. Thank you for coming to recharge the mind and spirit to go again yet another week filled with Father’s lessons and possibilities.


As you are maturing in spirit you will find that you need not the attention you once sought. Your years of faith have brought you to lean more upon the Father’s will than upon that desire for credit and ego satisfaction. I do see how you each pause in daily circumstances to see if an experience might hold a lesson or perhaps a task.

In our younger days we had desire to be seen as a hero. It is not terrible to be desirous of attention, but as we experience mortal life, we find that all our gifts come from the spirit and for us to feel the closeness to Father in our daily works is reward enough. The closer we are to our First Source and Center, the more we want to be helpful to our fellows and care not for any credit. Our real satisfaction lies in that peace that only Father can bestow. He is our source of strength and fuel to carry on and learn those experiences that take us further into our eternal career.

I am MARY. It seems like a chaotic time on your world now, but I can see solutions already in progress. I am inspired by the kind hearts of mortals who are in small ways making the world better every day. It is a joy to meet with you again.

Hearing Abraham speak this evening I am made to think of the apostles of Christ and how much they taught us. They were the forerunners of a historical time. While they were in their youth spiritually, learning side by side with the Master, they were good examples of what to expect as we begin a journey into the Father’s ministry. We had seen the ego manifest among them and the best and worst that man has to offer. I was indeed blessed to have known of them after the Master’s departure and how effective for the most part their ministry was throughout the rest of their lives.

Jesus bestowed upon them a great responsibility and sometimes man will interpret that as they are individually set aside as special or chosen. It is natural. It happened in the early days of your group ministry, it still happens on occasion. For the most part life has taught us that our mindal silence is key to receiving those gifts from Father that give us wisdom and strength to make the most out of our mortal experience.

Going back to the days of the apostles, every lesson was something useable to the next generation. It was through tedious education that the apostles became wonderful ministers. The word of the Master may not have been passed on complete in every generation, but you must be able to see how the best outcome came from seemingly negative events. The majority of the world has heard of Jesus Christ, the Savior. How many generations down are you from those beginning days of the apostles?

It was a time of Correction then as it is now. Believe me, as you grow in spirit, your effectiveness as a minister to others will also grow. Just like the apostles had learned those spiritual lessons together, you also have had your group turmoil that has taught you those valuable lessons that advance you mentally and spiritually. You can see in your studies how stern the Master was with the apostles. He wanted them to speed up the learning time through the ego and cut right to the spirit. So He did say those direct words that would capture their complete attention. He had to be sharp with them. There was not much time and so much work to do.

In your humbling experiences, take that as an indication that your mind is needing stillness and Father would like to assist you in your spiritual education. Sometimes life’s uncomfortable experiences are the much needed wake up call to set the ego aside and listen. The Correcting Time is quite serious and it will seem harsh at times. I can promise you, my friends, that the efforts made in our Mission will bring about those fruitful results that the Master had planned.


This week if you should find time, ponder the lives of our beloved apostles. What might you have in common? Have you an ear for the Father’s seemingly harsh words that would turn your attention away from any kind of ego gratification, toward getting down to the real work of the Kingdom? That is all for this evening. We are kept quite busy these days and are off to visit other brothers and sisters. Know that we send you with our love and always our offerings for any assistance you may need. Simply think of us and we will be there. Until next time, shalom