2008-03-14-Is Okay By Us

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Topic: Its Okay By Us

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Bzutu

TR: George Barnard



Chief Bzutu: “He makes himself comfortable by wiggling around like a bantam hen on two dozen eggs, until he is finally at ease and ready to start. We are standing by, the universe is holding its breath, and at times we wish we had brought a cattle prod when this receiver falls asleep halfway through a session, and that’s no jest. (See note below) Nevertheless, since we have known him for six decades, since we love him, admire him, we simply up and leave when he is no longer in a state to take in our messages.

“This is Midwayer ABC-22. I thank you for catching my prompt this late evening, and I thank you for being prompt in settling down . . . this time.

“There are many of you lightworkers that have recently joined the 11:11 crowd, enjoying the transmissions from more than a dozen Celestials. We do not mind where you are coming from. You may even believe that the year 2012 will see the end of this world. Well, it’s okay by us if you want to believe that. We don’t, but meanwhile, do our bidding for us if you think time is short. Look after your peers; be a contributor in some way. We, Midwayers, understand why the South Americans put together that calendar in that way -- having to start it somewhere and having to stop it somewhere. We, Michael’s Midwayers, do not believe the world will come to an end; but we also don’t mind where you are coming from. It is where you are going to that has our interest!

“We, the Urantia Midwayers, do not mind if you believe in reincarnation. It is your personal choice. However, for the past 37,000 years we have been on this earth, we have not seen one reincarnated human, but your belief is yours, and providing you are ‘doing good’ in your life, providing you are helpful to others, you can request, and you can count on, our backing you at every turn where and when we can.

“If you believe in the rapture, though we ourselves, we the United Midwayers, find it difficult to understand why a physical body would, or how a physical body could, possibly make its way to ‘heaven,’ even to the mansion worlds. Still, we do not mind if those are your beliefs. We do respect your accepted truths. We may not necessarily join you in such beliefs, but providing you are on the look-out to see where it is you can assist -- to see where you and many others can make this a better world -- myself, my 11:11 progress clan, and all the original Midwayers of this world, together with those who have come from other star systems to put in time, will see to it that you have every opportunity to do so.

“This is Midwayer Chief Bzutu. Our love be with you all. I say au revoir, and I’m most pleased my receiver stayed awake during this exercise.”

George: “Wonders never cease. Au revoir Chief.”