2008-03-27-The Gift of Free Will

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Topic: The Gift of Free Will

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Bzutu

TR: George Barnard



Bzutu: “Consider the anguish of the Primary Midwayers, before you consider us; the 1,111 Secondary Midwayers who have been time-prompting you for decades. We, each of us personally, and for millennia, secretly wished for the ‘burden of free will’ to be lifted from our shoulders. For the sake of all of us permanent citizens, whose physiology shows not the passing of time, Midwayers and Angels alike, imagine the self-appointed teachers, and quasi-savants so high up in the hierarchy, who all had their individual slant on the status of this world, the local universe sector in general, and what constituted ‘the way to be, behave, care, purport oneself.’

“It was a near endless time of not knowing whereto we were going, and, truly, at times even wondering wherefrom we were coming ! We were endowed with the Father Creator’s Gift of free will. To do what ?

“It was Machiventa Melchizedek’s arrival on the planet, and his instructions to Abraham and the Kenites, that gave us clearer directions, and still there were many who ‘demanded our respect because of status and intelligence,’ who would once more distort his message.

“They were Michael’s (Jesus’) teachings that finally rang the loudest bell, and, whereas the majority of us, by far, did comprehend the proposed narrow road ahead to eternal life, even agreed it must be followed, not all had the intestinal fortitude to change their slack and easy, rebellious ways of old.

“For a tiny minority the system-wide adjudication heralded the end of existence, and for vast majority it finally signaled rehabilitation and reinstatement. Even before this, wide-ranging plans were made for the emancipation of all humans on all former troubled planets, for them to be brought back to the sanity of the Father’s universal plan. The Correcting Time is only a part of it, for no matter your belief path back to the Creator of All. And still, there are those who call themselves His priests and servants, speak of the vengeance of an angry God, and distort the message of His unconditional Love.

“The time is here for sanity to return. I say sanity, your realness, your understanding that you are part of a living universal organism, and that you may not hurt yourself or your neighbor – those you now avoid in the street, or bomb to oblivion from the air. Indeed, that you will love your Creator above all, your neighbor as yourself, and be a contributor, as you apply His incomparable Gift of free will to serve Him alone, and thank Him for not being a puppet on strings.

“This is ABC-22. Carry on.”