2008-04-03-Spirit and Soul

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Topic: Spirit and Soul

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Bzutu

TR: George Barnard



Bzutu: “I have arrived in a place where linguistic differences make for almost daily misunderstandings. It is good to see that these are cleared up, if not at short notice . . . eventually. Today, my message to you is about the Spirit and the soul; the vast differences between these two, and the misunderstandings that trace their way back thousands and thousands of years.

“As a youngster you soon learn that there is material all around you, but it might perhaps take a rather cold day on which you must see your breath freeze for you to realize that there is such a thing as air all around you. It is a material, and it belongs to your human physical dimensions. However, there are other dimensions; divisions in time, that contain their own material -- material of a morontia nature -- and this is how your Midwayer friends are constituted. Normally, we midwayers are invisible to you. We also have many a tool, and places of habitat, that are likewise invisible to you.

“Between your physical world and the purely spiritual realm dwell an incredible number of beings that are of a morontia type nature. They are clearly visible to us, but they are generally invisible to you.

“My lesson for you today deals with the soul and the Spirit -- the Thought Adjuster, in particular. When we look at you, a human, we see you as you are. It is with our additional senses that we can also determine the presence and the status of your soul self within you.

“Physiology will teach you that the blood courses throughout your entire body, and that your nervous system extends throughout your entire body. And so it is with the human soul. It is a morontia copy of you. It is alive and growing within you, and it has, not the guarantee, but the potential, of eternal life. The Thought Adjuster, however, is of a purely spiritual nature, and we, Midwayers, may be entirely unaware of the Thought Adjuster, unless It prefers to present Itself. It can do so to us, and to you, as a tiny colored disk, as a pinpoint of light, and indeed, in the appearance of the entire human It indwells and represents. It is of God, and truly is God.

“In all normal circumstances the soul remains within the body. The Thought Adjuster can come and go as it pleases. It is ‘the pity of wholesale spiritual regression of ancient times’ that the common knowledge of the reality of soul and Thought Adjuster was forgotten. To the majority of individuals and religions alike, they became as one. The soul became ‘the Spirit,’ and the Eternal Father’s Gift, the Thought Adjuster, was all but forgotten.

“The Thought Adjuster can have many human indwelling experiences, and on this troubled world there are many, many, that have guided previous lives. The Thought Adjuster can impart such information to the soul and to the mortal mind, and this will often be seen as a record of one or more previous lives of the soul, sadly, and erroneously so.

“Beyond this information inflow, from the Akashic Records may be gathered further information pinpointing a life on this particular planet, but that is not the case. The concept of a soul having lived on this very planet in the past is not the result of mere imagination. It is the result of basic Thought Adjuster information, which is then ‘embroidered’ with information that is so easily ‘scooped up from’ the Akashic Records.

“If one might call it such, reincarnation would only be a fact if one takes into consideration the present indwelling by the Thought Adjuster of a new person, after this Adjuster had indwelt another. The soul under all circumstances is a seed-soul that begins its life at the time the human begins his or her life. As was recently noted, indeed, universal organization would need a serious overhaul if no provision was made for a person to pass on, and to then progress through the Mansion Worlds towards eventual fusion of the soul and the Thought Adjuster.

“With this, I sincerely hope that I have managed to more accurately portray the progression of the complex human being after he or she passes on to a new life, although there will never be ‘a bad mark’ against anyone who prefers to believe in reincarnation, still. We are Midwayers who teach and advise. We do not enforce.

“I thank you for your total concentration, my brother, in this incredibly noisy environment. You have done well. Au revoir.”