2008-05-04-Angels of the Future

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Topic: Angels of the Future, Death

Group: Rio Rancho TeaM


Teacher: Merium, Andromadeus

TR: Gerdean



MERIUM: Good afternoon, this is Merium. What a solid set you present. What a vivacious and lively bunch of molecules, corpuscles and brain cells bouncing around in your midst. Let's bounce around some more concepts and amuse ourselves this afternoon in a milieu one notch higher and one step beyond where we find ourselves now, for in that stretch, we exercise our cosmic muscle, strengthening our resolve to forebear and honing our skills in service to the many.

Let's hear from Andromadeus who has been biding his time well in anticipation of his time at the podium. One moment.

ANDROMADEUS: Greetings. This is Andromadeus and I am here to continue our mini-series touching upon the seraphic divisions of planetary ministry. I would like to address today the angels of the future. Perhaps I could prevail upon one of you to read the brief description of these beings so as to have it as a frame of reference for our discussion this afternoon.

Reneau: Number 6. The angels of the future. These are the projection angels, who forecast a future age and plan for the realization of the better things of a new and advancing dispensation; they are the architects of the successive eras. The group on the planet has thus functioned since the beginning of the current dispensation.


ANDROMADEUS: Thank you. I am going to break from tradition somewhat and make use of the mind bank I have at my disposal and reference Gerdean's novel The Zooid Mission to illustrate an example of how the angels of the future function. In fact, you will appreciate Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek and George Lucas' series, Star Wars, and many other fantasies and science fiction venues as illustrative of the human efforts toward helping the angels of the future get some of their ideas across.

The biggest thing they have to contend with are your fears of the unknown. The idea of flying saucers and life in the universe observing you or visiting you is still a relatively new concept. This fear is fast fading in light of technology, however, and the angels of the future are enjoying a heyday of minds opening to the possibilities that lay ahead now, thanks to these many future-minded mortals in setting forth these visions of future life.

Others, in other divisions of labor, are coming forth to volunteer. Science has begun to take the future more seriously and the fields of medicine, education, politics, and civics have begun to have more respect for potential than they previously have. The future has always represented the unknown, and so we begin to look at the future as something you might be able to forge by your own hand. "How can we direct the future," you ask. "What is the future of education? What is the future of the planet [ecology]?" And so other fields become more in tune with a basic law of the universe, that of cause and effect. "If we do this today, how will that affect tomorrow?"

There are still some areas where the future is kept behind closed doors, where the future is not so much of a concern as the needs of the day, and those areas will need to be revisited before the angels of enlightenment can effect long-range changes.

But the angels of the future have patiently plodded and plotted, as cleverly as they have been allowed to do within their own restrictions, to stimulate the minds of mortals to extend beyond conventional thought and traditional behavior, to anticipate not just what is but what might be, what can be one day if we do this, or if that were to be inaugurated, or they were curtailed, and other speculative approaches.

In most materialists, speculation is dangerous ground, but the angels of the future will not be curtailed due to fear. And those of you who are stimulated by the angels of the future to bring forth your contemplative ideas of your unique perceptions of what your world can and will be like in future times, what future organization might serve what future goals, what future course of action might affect future life styles, then follow that call, heed the leading, and be assured that it is within the province of your destiny to present such material, for while it may not appeal to everyone, it has a place in the scheme of things.

This I will say is the value of these small lessons that I am presenting, so that you can begin to perceive that planetary administration is all-encompassing, and like any large organization, there are divisions of labor and skill and energy and ability applied in many ways in order for the organization to succeed and all therein to resolve to succeed within it. Like any large mechanism, each of the gears is designed to function in a certain way in order to provide certain effects.

If you can look at the workings of a clock, for example and see how it is designed to tell time, to record and chronicle the passage of time, you can see how it all works together to create a whole, and sometimes it even has sound chiming the hour or, with modern technology, telling you what time it is, even to say it is time to buy fuel before you run out of gas, and that could be construed as the comprehension of the angels of the future helping you anticipate what is to come based on what facts are available.

However, rather than this being a mere mechanical universe, there is artistry and life involved on many dimensions, and so it is a personal experience taking part in this super-organism. Only you can discern by your own understanding of how the mechanism runs, where and how you best function. And, accordingly, understand too that there are those too who do not respond in the same way, who will if not oppose your course of action, at least not contribute to it, and so rather than regarding them as being obstreperous or inhibiting, simply consider that they are about the Father's business in the way they deem necessary for them to do, and you proceed on course, in faith of your own destiny.

It takes a certain breed of courage to pursue a destiny into the unknown. It requires great faith in something beside yourself that would allow you to lead or encourage others to follow you into that future. But when you consider that life is advancing all the time and no one stays the same, there is really no cause for alarm here. And no one is required to advance any faster or any farther than they are capable of advancing at any given time anyway, so pursue the future with vigor and gusto, those of you who have the calling to set forth those perspectives and visions of tomorrow that will give mankind today something to aim at and reach for.

It is an experimental planet, this one on which you live, and so you too are allowed to have experiences that will demonstrate the experiential nature. Fear not failure. Even though your ideas of a future life may ultimately not be incorporated into the overall divine design, it may be one of those experiences or concepts that generally improves the general configuration of evolving life that can be used on other worlds at other times. And so do your work as if for God, understanding that the act is yours, the consequences His. And what you do for the future of your world and your ideals, is a part of the flowering of eternity, a part of the unfolding of destiny.

Always does good triumph over evil, and always does love prevail. Thank you.

Group: Thank you!

MERIUM: Merium returning to your fireside chat.

Group: Hi Merium.

MERIUM: Hi, kids. I am pleased with your energy today, and would like to engage with you in whatever you have going on in your lives that reflect your spirit consciousness, if you have something you would like to bring to the group.


Reneau: [Thanking the celestials for their assistance in getting her situated in her new employment situation]

MERIUM: The midwayers would be those who work most closely with the material world and certainly they respond to the needs set forth by the angels of health and that is a thriving and bustling organization indeed.

Reneau: I hope I can make my little contribution in my little corner of the world and do my little bit part in continuing to help my patients and my fellow co-workers for spiritual growth as well.

MERIUM: Yes, well, you work primarily under the aegis of the angels of health but obviously you have other interests. You have angels of enlightenment or even angels of diversion, and we will get to those as time goes by. What do you see in the future for medicine, Reneau?

Reneau: [Inaudible reference to more emphasis on holistic health.]

MERIUM: Yes, and I would like to add that I would like to see elimination of many of the diseases and I'd like to see wellness promoted. So far the American Medical Association seems to be focused on fixing what went wrong rather than anticipating what might go wrong and making progress there at the outset. It is like putting a Band-aide on a wound before dealing with why the wound was there in the first place. And many people still continue to make themselves sick and wound themselves out of ignorance. I have seen a great many strides in making your dream come true.

Reneau: Yes, thank you.

MERIUM: And thank you as well because as you promote holistic health and put forth those energies into your working environment, you are opening doors for that reality to enter in. Naturally, medicine being a science, they are going to want to have the facts with which to work in their diagnoses and solutions, but they are also seeing and measuring the value of spirit and faith and are beginning to incorporate such things as well as human attitudes about creature comfort and graciousness such that medicine is not quite as academic and cold as it once was.

I call to mind childbirth, which has made great strides in the past 50 years, and the past 100 years particularly. So there has been great progress in medicine, even in adapting itself to the holistic approach and as you see, organic foods and natural remedies become more part of medicine. The more you see the effects of such things as acupuncture, acupressure, Reiki, mineral baths, prayer and so forth, the more tolerant they will become and the more success medicine will provide.

Medicine will need to one day learn how to enable man to leave this plane without doing so much to extend life in those whose body has worn out and whose mind has grown weary and whose souls have been exhausted beyond what is humane. There is no point keeping people alive just to have a thriving case management office.

Yes, there is a great future for medicine, and a great future for all of your areas of planetary ministry. Even though tomorrow is the goal, today is what you must deal with. But when you can work today, having learned from yesterday, with an eye to tomorrow, you are bringing everything you've got to the moment. (Pause) Are you still with me?

PC: I've recently encountered a lot of critters along the road, and heard about a lot of older people dying, and I'm wondering how we get accustomed to observing death and how to deal with it.

MERIUM: There is always going to be a sense of loss upon the fact of death, because it is a loss of companionship. But, do you linger in the reflective mode of autumn, or do you feel invigorated by the chill and develop a nesting instinct for the winter? Do you mourn the passage of puberty, or do you anticipate the flowering of youth? Do you forever mourn the passing of a love affair, or do you ultimately find appeal in another?

To say, to ask, "How do we get over reacting to death?" is no different, really, than saying "How do we get over anticipating spring?" It's all a part of the cycle of life. When you understand, and when you believe, indeed, when you know that life is unending, it is easier for you then to observe its many presentations and cherish each one for what it is.

There is no end to life. There are only endings of temporary situations, and always are these temporary situations replaced by yet another adventure and soul-satisfying experience. You here in your mortal raiment have to act on faith that beyond this life there is another and eternal life. In order from get from here to there you need to undergo the sleep, much like the butterfly needs to go through a process of being wrapped in a cocoon. That's just the way it is! Butterflies … moths … know when to go through this metamorphosis.

Reneau: Are they asleep, the butterflies? Are they conscious?

MERIUM: The consciousness is asleep, such as it is, except for that life force which is designed to bring it out on the other side.

Reneau: To awaken.

MERIUM: Yes. All of nature is provided with means of changing from one phase of reality to another, and death is no exception. Birds migrate, snakes molt their skin, elephants go to a burial ground; these are instinctual, built-in behaviors. And it is true for humans as well. Given time, and passages from one experiential plane to another, there comes a time when death is a friend. It may be hard for those of you who are still in an earlier phase of life, still finding life vibrant and valuable, difficult to understand how those who are at death's door could welcome cessation of being. But the healthy mind, through its liaison with its indwelling Spirit, knows that life is eternal, and has faith of its survival … even though it may set aside the mortal vessel and indeed be glad to be done with it.

However, you may be assured that there is always a sadness in saying goodbye to that which was, that which you have embraced, enjoyed, even suffered, for it is part of your reality. Even there you may be assured that that which has lasting value will go with you, even into your new life beyond. Your precious memories will always be part of you, and that which you cherish. Even that which does not survive as a personality, survives energetically, because there is no death. Life simply goes through changes. Energy returns to the source to be revisited as new life one way or another.

P.C: Merium, I like what you said and it makes me look at it differently when you say death is part of the cycle and death is also a friend, and I think there is truth in that it’s a friend that we forget; it's part of the cycle. And so we see the passing and it doesn't matter whether it’s a mortal or a plant, it goes on and is still a part of the cycle and the friend of death came by and visited. [Inaudible]

MERIUM: I'm glad that these words have brought you some comfort.

Reneau: So even my granddaughter's little baby bunny lives on?

MERIUM: It's energy lives on. Life is life is life. It may not be a rabbit. It may become part of the soil to become part of a flower garden; it may become electrically charged ions in the atmosphere; it may become as water to evaporate and return as rain, but it is good and it is eternal. You are simply experiencing a configuration of energy that presents as a rabbit, or as an animal, or as a human.

That which has personality is set apart and you can know that personality again, but even that which is simply energy, simply life, is something that will provide you with stimulus and delight for as long as you are within that architectural sphere which is given to you to provide your passage through that phase of your existence.

After you pass from this planet, you will have the confidence of experiential wisdom that you gained from having survived the experience of death such that your faith will be greatly enhanced and your security will be embedded in you as a permanent reality. And yet even in your future life you will have those moments when your association or your level of learning comes to a close and you will come to a parting of the ways with those with whom you have worked and played and loved, and while there may be a lingering residue of what you know of as grieving or sadness, it will also become part of your consciousness that you will always see each other again, and you are all on a course of destiny that satisfies you and delights you and challenges you, each and all, such that you cannot grieve the experience.

Thoroah: I was watching a movie last night and one of the characters sat down on the porch swing with his father and he said a few words to his father and his father didn't respond and he said some more and his father didn't respond and it dawned on him that his father had died. And the first thing he said when he realized that was, "I'm going to miss you, Dad." And I thought that really captures the human experience of that and all we have to do is say, "I'm going to miss you, until we meet again."

MERIUM: Well said. And how lovely that Dad was able to make his transition sitting on the front porch swing.

Reneau: Much better than in a hospital ER or ICU with people pounding on your chest or shooting you with chemicals trying to force you back into consciousness.

Thoroah: The pain of that, of course, is the pain of it! But the idea of the death is, I think, just that we will miss those who die and that's the tragedy, if you will, of it -- we're going to miss them!.

Reneau: Because we don't have their physical presence.

Thoroah: And that's going to be natural, whether somebody leaves on a long trip or whatever. You're going to miss them.

MERIUM: Furthermore, as you yourself approach death's door, you will come to realize that you will need to revisit your life and say good-bye as part of the passage. If you can do this, your chances of falling asleep on the front porch are greatly multiplied because you have given yourself permission to leave. You have said your good-byes to your mortal live. You have already grieved your passing, in advance, and you need not be taken violently in order for you to next on to the next plane.

And when you can value the fact that it's a part of the process, part of the ascension plan, then you can work within that framework in faith of a happy ending and a new beginning, in confidence of your future, even as you close out the light on this plane. Another thing along this line is that grieving is not something you apparently run right out and want to do.

Reneau: Well said!

MERIUM: Grieving is not one of those emotions that induces rejoicing. Loss is loss and the best thing to do is acknowledge the loss and grieve the loss; accept the loss and get over it. It cannot be done any quicker than it takes. And so be good to yourself, be gentle with yourself, if and as you need to experience grief. Like any wound, there is a healing involved and like any wound, certainly a bruise, it is tender, and so be tender with yourself as you heal from the transition of having known life as it was to embracing life as it is. And have faith.

Reneau: Thank you for those words, Merium. I think they will help a lot. We're really kind of stuck in one perspective here, a short-term kind of perspective.

MERIUM: It is my pleasure. I am aware that it is a finite existence, and I know that you have much more to contemplate than death and dying, but it is one of those things that is often pushed aside and not discussed and not thought through because of that fear factor. But it is not really as frightful as you might think. It's like anything. When you take the fear and put it out in the light of the sun and look at it, it loses its monstrous effect. It becomes manageable, even endearing.

And I know that when you each approach death's door, as you walk up to that portal, you will want your friends and family to be happy for you in your passage. It will make your transition much more pleasant than if they are all wailing and clamoring for you to stay. And so begin now to prepare yourself and your family for your ultimate transition. [Group banter about it not coming for 40 years. Or 40 minutes.] One never knows.

P.C.: It's just a friend visiting.

Reneau: That you go off with.

P.C.: It happens so frequently! I mean, it happens … always happens. We in society, when we find a woman is with child, we rejoice and we're bubbly, but with death we kind of are all surprised when there is no surprise. And so it always makes me wonder, how should we … It's not just our own death, but even somebody we don't know, critters we don't know. How should we feel … acknowledge their spirit as being grateful that they were here and we had the honor of possibly knowing them, loving them, or just the contribution that they gave to our family that we didn't even know. Just that kind of step. And it just feels like I keep hearing of it frequently, recently, and it's not even close people, but just people I knew, critters that I knew, and I don't want to be sad about it. I want to honor their spirit somehow.

MERIUM: You might approach this by incorporating within yourself a sense of reverence for life, and this would include all life, including Mother Nature, the animal kingdom, and the human family. Whatever befalls them, you may be assured they are in the care of divine providence.

P.C.: Yes. Part of the cycle.

Reneau: It's good to note.


MERIUM: Discernment is important. Some people cannot heal themselves; they have reached the point of no return, and so they need their pillows fluffed, whereas there are those who have it within them to turn the tide.

P.C.: Well, thank you, Merium. That was very helpful.

MERIUM: In anticipation of a joyous future for us all, regardless of the transition … bye bye!