2008-05-04-Population Adjuster Difficulties

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Topic: Population Adjuster Difficulties

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Henry Z.



Henry: Greetings Monjoronson; again it is good to feel your presence, feel your vibrational impulses of intent and will, love and compassion. This evening a question concerning the last transmission about Adjuster difficulties, actually how many humans on this earth do not have an Adjuster? The second question pertains to personality, what does the Adjuster bring and what is it? Thank you Monjoronson for this insight and guidance you always bring to these words.

Monjoronson: Greetings again my friend, we are one in the Father’s presence. Again it is good for those of you who do commune and worship with the Adjuster; continue to expand to those around you, who, in your influence gather around them your love, compassion and strong faith that they may begin to activate within themselves a sense of priority, a sense of real worth.


Acknowledge them as a friend, accept them, even in their utter humanness, their need to sabotage themselves into believing whatever fraction of truth they contain. For whatever percentage of truth you are, the Father is accepting and acknowledging you. This is the great truth, which houses the great error. The great error is the inability of most humans on this world to grasp the vibration of the unseen, to hear and obey the Thought Adjuster. This is understood from our viewpoint as a fear to trust and have faith. It takes a well-integrated person to become fearless, as the Master was fearless when he was upon you world in the flesh.

In order to answer your question first let me ready the ground. The fact that the number of you who do commune with the Adjuster is about equal to the number who do not have Adjusters, gives concern to the major portion of those who possess the Adjusters, yet as of this moment have not acknowledged their Adjuster. Out of this proportion a number would begin to acknowledge their Adjuster if they were aware of it. How many of you were not aware of the Adjuster until you read about it? The problem exists to be able to get this message to a greater number of people.

Because of the under developed species for this world (which was discussed last time) has never reached full development, it does make it more difficult for the Adjuster to work within the mind, yet it does not make it difficult for you to commune directly, in faith, to this Adjuster.

Acknowledge him and as you begin to detect his influence, be lead by this guidance with the assurance that your personal and best interest are the Adjusters trust and confidence. It becomes important to begin to be more accepting and tolerant of those who do not have a complete truth. No one of you does have the complete truth, since your truth is evolving and expanding, becoming knowledge and wisdom. To begin to accept others for whatever truth they may have, even if it if just that they are your brother or sister. Practice your faith, live it in confidence. This idea of social association, brotherhood, and one earth family needs to grow and become a reality. The teachers have been working on this concept with you for quite a few years now. The reality is you have to do this work, become inspired to bring a greater number of people to the table with Father, Michael, Nebadonia, the Melchizedeks.

Begin to bring the unseen culture into view, through your lives, associations and pursuits. This idea of the Adjuster begins to take hold and grow within the population, ever customizing a personal program for you, synchronizing your events and projects, bringing the planetary culture to reflect the epitome of what mankind at this level can achieve in peace, sustainability, and a greater community for the whole world.

The Adjusters’ work in the mind has to do with revealing your personality to you. The Adjuster brings to the human mind a chart, a spiritual life chart described as the personality. To accrue this personality, one begins to follow and obey the Adjusters’ lead. When your lessons begin to change, you have gained a part of your personality. This personality is acquired by the humans desire to become like the Adjuster. It is designed that you are to become one with your Adjuster, making it impossible to circumvent the Adjusters leading and plans for you. The fruits of the spirit which Michael gave this world are the best indicators for personality development. What becomes engendered, achieved with the Father becomes permanent. You demonstrate by the amount of trust you give; the amount of love you hold; the amount of faith you live by; and this is the measure to guide spirit grace and mercy. Sonship value in the universe is accrued by the human effort in realizing your Sonship with the Father and Michael. Once you begin to own yourself, others around you will begin to own themselves. You become aware and responsible for your self and what you effect in the world. A responsible universe citizen is an honorable human.

To sum up, this personality becomes a personal trait, by which you are known; only the Adjuster can reveal your personal traits of spiritualized value through the effort of faith and hard work on the mortal behalf. The components the Adjuster brings to work with on this most personal level with the mortal of his indwelling, are the individualized work that each human must perform, the lessons and the projects, the great faith and trust to begin to perceive the enduring revelation of the Adjuster’s effect in your life and consciousness. Therefore even in whatever human form the Adjuster must work, no matter the condition or compromise, with the human’s help, an Adjuster’s work is greatly advanced. NO matter what conditions you place upon the Adjuster, his work is to place you in conditions to grow and achieve light and happiness.


Thank you again for the patience and understanding in your transmitting my works, and may your fellows receive more grace and inspiration through my words. Begin to bring yourself into a greater influence within this life you live here. The good of mankind deserve it. I am Monjoronson, good evening.