2008-05-07-Overcoming Fear

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Topic: Overcoming Fear

Group: S. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Eregon

TR: Jo Ann



EREGON: Good evening, dear ones. This is your teacher, Eregon, happy to be with you again today. Thank you for taking your time today to come and hold this space, so that we can once again commune with you, bring you information, give you lessons, hope and encouragement. Today’s lesson is on the overcoming of fear. We have worked and will be working with this topic as an intermittent theme.


So many of you are unwittingly or unwillingly, seemingly coincidentally exposed to opportunities for fear, many times during every day. It takes a great mind and a strong determination, a continual reassessment and rededication of the will to reject the messages that seem to permeate your very environment. You can choose not to watch the news; you can choose not to listen to radio reports, especially all news stations; you can choose not to read your newspapers. Even so, many times you will come in contact with those whose energies are already depleted from their contact with these many sources of negative imagery, fearful phrasing, heart rending themes. We cannot stop you from making the choices to indulge in this form of energetic temptation. These are truly occasions of meeting with opportunities for evil, evil being away from the presence of God and the presence of the Spirit within. Which do you choose, my friends? Do you choose to be well informed of every detail and topic that might cause you more distress? Or do you choose to trust your soul and your mind’s occupation to the indwelling Spirit, whose guidance does not lead you into panic, anxiety, tension and fear?

We can counsel you on this topic. Even when you make the choice to give yourself a break from all of this fear mongering, there are places and times, where you will walk into a store or some other establishment, or someone’s home, and still be exposed to these things. Even if you choose to inform yourself of local news and issues by reading the newspaper, rather than being exposed to more bombarding information sources, there are still the images; there are still the headlines. You can choose where you wish to focus, but you are still exposing yourself daily to a great number of negative imageries and influences.

If you wish to keep your mind staid on the positive, on the joyful, on the hopeful, on the optimistic, it is simply easier to do without the constant wearing away at the edges, the fraying that comes from exposing yourself to all these other influences. But then again, if you look at this choice in this way, you can see it as a type of exercise. If you choose to be well informed on all these topics then you can choose to clear your mind, clear your energetic space, clear your memory banks of all these things, daily and as we have said, more frequently.

The main mission of this topic is partly to make you aware of how often you bring yourself in contact with influences that draw you away from the healthy contact with spirit; draw your focus; draw your attention; lower your energy level. If you wish to indulge in contact with all these things and still stay healthy in mind and spirit, you can see it as an exercise, a challenge like jumping or weight lifting, where you are exercising your spiritual muscles in order to remain strong and to build strength. However, we tell you it is indeed, a challenge to the spiritual way and spiritual consistency. When you see it as such and use it as such, you are probably making the most positive use of it that there is.

An additional way to deal with all these things, staying in your spiritual framework and reference area, would be to constantly pray and send energy to every emotionally challenging situation that you hear about or see. This would indeed be a great exercise. You might find it time consuming to: 1) focus on what is grabbing your attention, and 2) change your focus to bring in positive energy, which you then flow toward that with a prayer intention. This would be making something useful of what you call the news.

Even when you choose to become informed on-line, through the Internet, if you choose one topic which sounds positive, you may be exposed to six more, along with their images that are not, simply by clicking. And so, we do realize, you do not have complete control over all that comes into your frame of reference, your visual repertoire every day. Thus we would encourage you to entertain the idea of when you are exposed to the things that shake your foundations and rock you, and send your energy into earthquakes, and as you become aware of what has happened, draw in the positive energy and send it forth. This is really a simple thing to do and it has a positive effect for you and for the victims of many kinds of tragedies. This truly is the most positive use we can recommend, of exposing yourselves to a great deal of media.

So there you have a synopsis of one arena of fear, that is a deep and well established part of your culture. Yes we know there are many other ways to fall into fear—the health of loved ones; finances in your own home; looming uncontrollable expenses—all these can shake you if you allow it. When you are exposed to more direct influences that threaten your mental, spiritual and energetic well being, then in your own environment, you can—figuratively speaking if necessary, but literally speaking if possible—sit down and refocus yourself. Know that as you stay in awareness of God’s love, of the Spirit within, of angelic guidance and guardianship, you bring yourself into a higher vibration, a higher frequency then that of fear. It is truly of low energy and one that does not benefit you in body, mind or spirit, and often leads to other negative energies as well, and mood states and emotions.

Anxiety is not the state in which God designed you to go through your lives. You have the beauty of nature, the regularity of the seasons, the blooming of plants, sunshine and rain, the beauty of the mountains where you are. You have the love of your family and friends, so even when you cannot focus directly into spirit, as you begin to remind yourselves of the positive things in your lives, the fact that you have homes, cars that run, money for groceries—even these simple things can bring you back into positive and healthy vibrations, positive and healthy framework. You are not designed to go through the days of your lives, quaking with fear. Simply do not allow this to by your experience.

We bring this topic in now, because of the times, the moment in history where you are, where so much is being brought into your awareness that is truly very difficult to avoid. And so we say to you, what you cannot avoid you can use as a springboard, an exercise and a kind of opposite reminder. As you notice that these things are shaking you, you can use it as a reminder to refocus. You are truly supported and surrounded by so much good that when you focus on it, you are truly drawn into it. It expands your energy field, fills you with loving vibrations for yourself, your spiritual benefactors and the people around you.

We cannot say that this is the only right way to deal with things that shake you, but we can offer these suggestions, and perhaps in your minds now, there are questions, reminders of other things that you would like to learn how to deal with, and so at this time, we are open to questions. (Pause.)

Since it appears that there are no questions, we will continue a little further with the topic of “Fear Stimulus.” We have said that you can use your exposure and response to fear stimulus, by using it as a turning point. You can simply turn your attention and look the other way. Reach out for the good things, reach out for the beautiful things; notice the beauty of the world around you. Remember the love of a child. Draw on your vast resource of positive experiences in your life. Again, a very useful way to deal with all of it is to send love to where that is happening, to people that are victims. Prayers of thanksgiving, moments of appreciation move you immediately from the negative energies that you do not wish to indulge in—at least we assume that you do not, and we encourage that you do not. We invite you to turn these situations around.

You cannot go out and save every accident victim, or bring food and shelter to every tornado victim. You cannot in person, minister to every family who has lost someone in an unjust war. You can send them prayers, and those prayers will be added to all the others and increases the energy that those people have to deal with in the situations in their lives. This is always a good and a positive response to the things that you see and hear that bombard your imaginations, and shake you out of your positive frame of mind and soul. We ask you again, we encourage you again, do not let this be, this state of mind through which you work through your own life, preoccupied with the problems, challenges and crisises of other human beings. The best response again, if you choose to expose yourself or if you find yourself aware of things you did not wish to be aware of, send love, send prayers, send energy. This is the healthiest way that we can recommend, to move yourself out of these negative states and to improve the situation of those who have to deal with them.

Choose to use the good news! There are resources that are mostly—if not totally—positive places, where you can inform yourselves of what is good, true, and beautiful. If you must be informed of the most recent events, choose the spiritual events. Research, find and share with others, sources of much good news. This is a healthy project that we do encourage and we are encouraging. Whenever you find something is very beautiful, true, good, encouraging, uplifting, optimistic, positive—share it! It would be wonderful if you could share as aggressively as the media shares with you. This is not likely…. (End of side A on the tape.)

Again we offer the opportunity for questions. (Pause.) Then let us take this opportunity to explore a prospect, possibly someone else in this group is able to hear our entourage. We ask that you might share with the others, if you are doing so at this time. (Long pause.)


Pam (?): My angel would like to share some information on pyramids … (background noise)…. Deny the evidence of the physical senses; refute the messages that are coming in to you—they are not the truth. They may seem to be the truth because in our physical bodies, our senses are limited; they are not the truth. Go into the truth of your being and there is a wellspring of courage, a wellspring of good will, and a wellspring of dynamic possibilities, infinite assurance of grace, love, joy and peace. Those are the things that are real. Use the inner senses; deny the physical senses; utilize the inner senses at all times, and know the truth of who you are, and know the truth of who we are, and know the truth of who God is, and through this knowing, there is nothing in the physical that can threaten us. It is not real; it is not lasting.

Align daily—many times daily—align your consciousness with the consciousness of God, of Spirit, of we Masters, of Angels, of the Archangels. Align your consciousness with the consciousness of those beings that are real, those beings that will be with you a thousand years, ten-thousand years from now, those beings that have been with you forever, and it is a simple matter of alignment. Align your consciousness with these beings; simply do this with request; simply do this with intention. It is through this alignment that you come into a centered place of peace, groundedness, and connection with the Divine, and a knowingness of what is true, what is real. We believe in you. We believe in your capacity to move through this time in your history with grace. We believe in your capacity to return to the truth of who you are and the truth of your universe. We believe in you.

Lynn (?): The message I got from Jesus last week was that he has faith in us, as we have faith in him. It is not from today, but a few days ago.


EREGON, (Jo Ann): Thank you so much for listening and working with us today. This truly feels like a classroom. We are happy to teach and we are glad to have students. We hope that what we have given you will be helpful, as you apply it in your personal lives. We hope that you experience it as a gift, and certainly not as any kind of chastisement. We love you, we fellowship with you, we desire to help and guide you. We honor your journey, your process, your souls and your growth. Good day, dear friends, and thank you again. (Group gives thanks.)