2008-05-18-Your Hope, Your Peace

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Topic: Your Hope, Your Peace, Your Comfort

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Michael

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



Divine Father: “Beloved children, I have given you Life that you may experience it to the fullest. This is your Father Michael. In Me you have room to express your Father-given personality, and to enjoy the fullness of being my child in the universe womb of your Mother. There is no other place where you need to be except in Me.

“This is not a geographic location like living on your world, but an attitude of your heart. The more you desire to live in Me, the more room you create in your internal being for Me to reside there with you. Open yourself and invite Me in more deeply into your being that I may share my life essence with you.

“My essence is pure Spirit—it is expansive, unifying, harmonizing, coordinating. Being in Me brings these dimensions into your being and shifts you in many ways. It opens your awareness to new thoughts and feelings: positive and uplifting, safe and comforting. Relax in Me now as you feel your heart’s desire for this to swell within. Desire this, My children, this is your peace and salvation during these times of change.

“Sit with Me every day, My beloveds, and become secure as little children. Sit with Me and know the realness of this experience as you allow Me to treasure you to My heart’s content!”