2008-05-20-We As Energy Generators

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Topic: We As Energy Generators

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Mark Rogers, Henry Z.



Prayer: Divine Parents and ministering spirits, thank you so much for your presence in our lives. It's a transforming experience to make contact with you and be with you. We treasure it in this life journey beyond words or description. Thank you for being there for us, with us in these times. We welcome you in all that we would do in ministry and service. It is our desire to be pleasing in your sight in all that we do.


Question # 1: [Mary] This person is asking about energy and is asking you to spend some time describing how we individually work as energy generators and wonders if by changing the thoughts we think, can we refine the energy of our consciousness to vibrate in the same way that the energy of your consciousness vibrates and thereby establish a connection?

Answer # 1: [Mark] Monjoronson: Greetings my friend and thank you for your thoughtful question. Your question touches on some of the most very basic components to be recognized and appreciated in your entire existence. You mention energy and its many forms and this is well embraced as a powerful factor as all things are energy. You are a combination of different energy circuits, all matter is energy slowed, all things are energy of one form or another and this when embraced can illuminate for you the right perspective on energy and its various forms, its manipulation and how to work with its systems. This is done through the other component of your question, through the aspect of thought and yes, it is with this aspect of thought that you are able to bring these factors into perspective and eventually under your control.

Through the use of the tool of your mind, you can literally transform energy. You do it all the time on a regular basis, energy come(s) to you and you take it in, assimilate it, transform it, become part of it. Energy is moving through you, you are a creator of energy as well, you are a First Source and Center of your own energy field that you generate. This is done with your endowment of life force from on high and simply as a result of being you are as well a source of creation. When you begin to see yourself as part of the great energy system you may access these many energy circuits and utilize their characteristics to bend them with your will. It is of great value for you to pursue greater perspective on energy and your relationship to it, to become more associated with the many energies involved brings you great latitude to condition your environment and to have some control as a result of your use of your own will.

Question #2: [Mary] Here is another energy related question and it stems from part of the Urantia Book. It is in the Adjuster and the soul paper and the section called the human paradox and the questioner quotes a short paragraph from this section and asks if you could please explain this paragraph. I will go ahead and read it: "When man wishes to modify physical reality, be it himself or his environment he succeeds to the extent that he has discovered the ways and means of controlling matter and directing energy. Unaided mind in impotent to influence anything material save its own physical mechanism with which it is inescapably linked but through the intelligent use of the body mechanism, mind can create other mechanisms, even energy relationships and living relationships by the utilization of which this mind can increasingly control and even dominate its physical level in the universe." The questioner would like you to please explain this paragraph, thank you.

Monjoronson: [Henry Z.] Greetings, this is Monjoronson. Thank you very much for your question. Part of the explanation of this paragraph is based on the relationship of the human mind in full acknowledgment of the indwelling thought adjuster. Mind itself, the creative aspect of mind, the part of the mind that supplies idea, the part of the mind conscious on the planet is the mind circuitry of the universe Mother Spirit. One of the conditions on this paragraph contends with mans ability to perceive in thoughts, and eventually in action to access higher thought patterns and thereby higher and much more righteous outworking of the thought processes of ideas. Mankind has not reached a full capacity to access all that mind has to offer. Man, for the most part has not reached a level of awareness and communication with the indwelling adjuster to further understand a higher consciousness.

It takes a tremendous amount of will and faith and trust to transform ones present reality. There is no simple way in which to understand that mans energy, mans thoughts and mans actions are in complete harmony and synchronicity with the promptings of the indwelling adjuster. It is true in an ideal sense, the type of mind mankind on Urantia is loaned. It is designed to accommodate all that man is capable of perceiving, of creating in consciousness in his mind. Therefore this paragraph refers to the ideal in man, that man could master his own destiny, that man can master his own self, that man can master his own relationships with other humans. In this ideal it is possible for mankind as an individual as well to excel and to be able to bring a greater sense of divine awareness into consciousness. For the most part this is not tremendously practiced and sought after on your planet.

Question # 3: [Mary] Thank you for addressing that question Monjoronson. There are a couple of questions here which I will try to synthesize a little bit, take liberty to do that. People here have a lot of favorite books they like to read for example the Urantia Book, perhaps other books but sometimes we have a source of information that means a lot to us and that we respect and in the course of life we come across other information that seems to contradict yet still carry some truth somehow and I believe I could synthesize a couple of questions by just asking you to address some of the difficulties we humans have in exercising discernment with the information that comes across our path. Thank you.

Monjoronson: [Henry Z.] Greetings again, this is Monjoronson, thank you for this question. This is a very important question is it not, the question of human discernment. It seems there are many source texts on your world which have varying amounts of truth. One of the problems humans particularly face is being of the mind that is highly conditioned by what your mind will accept as truth or as information which needs further exercise....It is tremendously difficult for the human mind, without strong faith in knowing who you are and what parts make you up as concerns the thought adjuster and other spiritual influences such as Michael's Spirit of Truth. Therefore in a spiritual sense, discernment is an aspect of faith, in knowingness, in having a sense of reality based consciousness.

When you are searching for reality based consciousness in reading text, there are indications within the mind, adjuster indications which prompt you to pay attention to certain passages, certain thoughts. If the mind is unaffected by its filtering mechanism of previous references and cherished thought patterns, it may be very difficult for a human to correctly discern what to pay attention to, what not to pay attention to. If the information is important in a persons plan which The Father has for this persons life, this person will particularly be prompted when accessing this information in whatever text. This is why, even in the Urantia Book, it is important to pay attention to what you are drawn to, what speaks to you the loudest.

These are usually the things that one has to pay particular attention to. One has to come to understand and incorporate some of the concepts into a human life, into human consciousness especially working with the thought adjuster, the indwelling fragment from the First Source and Center. In all efforts of discernment one must not be ruled by fear. By fear of certain ideas, fear of confronting ones limitations, fear in realizing that one has to become responsible for ones own life, for ones own actions, for ones own thoughts; fear of the responsibility which comes from understanding greater awareness. These fears block and alter discernment directly. Again an open mind is necessary for true discernment. Strong faith, acknowledgment, trust, spiritual presence, spiritual guidance, spiritual influence profoundly helps the individual and if further clarification is needed one has only to ask for guidance and help in understanding and discerning on any level as to how to access particular information.

This is particularly important at this time when there is access to so much information, so many seemingly contradicting opinions, ideas and directions; it is helpful to have a larger picture of reality, one in which the framework of the truth you want to discern can be placed ..... and referenced. Thank you for your question.

Question # 4: [Mary] We thank you so much for taking your time to be with us and listening to our questions. There is a question asked which stated that the Lucifer rebellion was adjudicated in 1985 and that in the case of Gabriel vs Lucifer that Lucifer was annihilated. The questioner would like to know if other of the characters that we've come to know who were players in the Lucifer Rebellion were also annihilated; Satan, Caligastia, Daligastia, that's the question, thank you.

Monjoronson: [Henry Z.] Greetings again, this is Monjoronson. Thank you for your question concerning the rebel administrators of the Lucifer Rebellion in the system of Satania. Indeed the adjudication process.....the annihilation that you speak of has not taken place. Lucifer and subordinate associates have certainly been given ample time for consideration of their next phase. What I am limited to share with you is the adjudication involves areas of rehabilitation, areas of service......and in some cases new lives as different beings have taken place for some of the adjudicated. While it is not tremendously important, the destiny of the perpetrators of the rebellion as concerns Urantia mortals, more importantly are the lingering vibrations which having been set in motion have rendered your planet in the condition which exists today.

Though the perpetrators have long since been removed from interfering in human affairs, humans have been tremendously slow in responding to a greater sense of priority such as the brotherhood and sisterhood of all mankind and the Fatherhood of the First Source and Center. Do not be apprehensive or shocked that the universe sovereign Michael has tremendous compassion, mercy and love for all of His sons though it is a tremendous loss when beings of light flicker and fall, it is also a tragedy when humans extinguish the only light they have. Be aware that justice on a universe level may not hold the same attitude as does justice on a mere mortal level as you experience on your world; therefore again in using discernment, it is necessary to accept these statements in faith, trust and understanding that the universe methods are replete. Thank you for your question,

Question # 5; [Mary] Thank you again Monjoronson. I feel that time is growing long here this evening and I will go ahead and pose one more question. It's somewhat personal from a person on the website and I'm not sure it's a question you would like to address but I'm going to ask it because it was asked. This person wants to know what their eventual mission for the correcting time is and they wonder if they co-operate with God's will they will end up in Missouri and they also are wondering if they were perhaps interviewed by a member of your staff Monjoronson. If you would like to address this question as the final one this evening we would appreciate it, we also understand if it's getting long.

Monjoronson: Greetings again, this is Monjoronson. As it grows late we will answer this one more question, again I thank you for the question. In the correcting time it is important to come to an understanding of ones choices in the grand scheme of reality, those choices being to acknowledge and co-ordinate consciousness with the indwelling adjuster. There are myriads of celestial help available helping to teach people, students to access greater purpose and sense of who they are and who they could be. To prepare oneself to know who one is and where one stands, where ones allegiance [may] lie. This is the correcting time and once individuals begin working with the inner guidance, basic things as attitudes, behavior, habits start to shift as the human mind is brought into a more alignment of divine consciousness for that individual.

As concerns the part of the question as to where you will be led, trust that all consideration are given to what you truly desire. To believe in what you truly desire is in accordance with the divine mandates be ye perfect as I AM perfect. God The Father desires all His children recognize and live in accordance with their understanding of Him and as concerns the third part of the question, yes many are being contacted as now I speak, still everyone has a chance to be a part of this correcting time, this Magisterial Mission. No efforts will go unnoticed and all who are willing will not be turned away. Thank you for your question and good evening.


Mark: Good evening to you Monjoronson and once again we very much appreciate your coming and joining with us in this process together. We will gather more questions and meet with you next week, thank you. [Thank you.]