2008-06-22-Co-Creative Design Team

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Topic: Co-Creative Design Team, #21

Group: N. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Rayson, Machiventa

TR: Daniel Raphael



This was a special gathering of the Evergreen/Conifer and Northern Colorado groups in Loveland, CO to honor Roxanne Andrews as our faithful, unwavering transcriptionist. Below, are a few short messages from Rayson and Machiventa. A potluck meal followed. There were 16 in attendance.]

This recorder was a “little rusty” and forgot to turn on the microphone, so most of Rayson’s message was not recorded and will be paraphrased: Rayson greeted the group warmly and recapped his days of working with the NOCO group. He expressed his appreciation that he was able to give a lengthy set of lessons through the Northern Colorado group on building intentional communities and other topics that were preparatory for the work that is being done now by the Evergreen/Conifer group to design sustainable communities.

Rayson reported that those reading the transcripts on the Internet number many thousands, if not a million or more. He mentioned how effective our use of the Merkabah was in sending love and healing energy to others in the world, and that there are many other groups that are being guided to use the work of the Co-Creative Design Team to develop teams of their own, in their own cultures.

He wished us well and encouraged all of us to continue with our valuable assistance to the Correcting time.


RAYSON: ……(microphone turned on)…… provided, offer you the social and moral ethics, and the moral and ethical principles of living in a world with other people. Now you are fine tuning that by designing a sustainable world, beginning with yourselves and with your families and your communities. These truly are exciting times. It is so much a blessing to be here with you. Please know that I have enjoyed my relationship with you, and you must know that it will not end, ever, and that we are “one,” we are friends always. Now I will step aside and let one higher than I come forward to speak with you. Thank you. (Thanks from the group.)


MACHIVENTA: Good afternoon, this is Machiventa Melchizedek. (Warm welcome from the group.) You know me from my past in the Old Testament times, as the Melchizedek. I am now the governing official of this planet, and it is a privilege to be here with you today. I see within each one of you the striking ignition of spirit. It is much like a flint hitting steel, producing a spark that brings about combustion and then a bonfire that warms people. So too, your own spiritual energies enlightened yourself, those around you, and have begun to enflame your world in light.

It is a deep and special pleasure to be the governing official of this planet, at this time. These, in your eyes, are the most difficult times of this civilized era of the world, yet for myself and others, in the governance of your world, these are exciting times because they will reveal to all the correcting of the grievances and grievous injustices cast upon your world by those of darkness. You are with us now, enlightening your world, bringing about light. Our teachers have spoken with you consistently about your consciousness being used to project light to your world, to others, into the darkness wherever it exists. You are more than messengers; you are actors in behalf of the Father presence that is within each of you. You have the wonderful leadership of Christ Michael, who is ever available with you, for you, and by you any moment, any minute of the hour, of any day. His presence here is powerful and immediate. Do not hesitate to call upon him.


I want to thank you for this reunion, this coming together for this afternoon’s festivities, here in Loveland, Colorado. You are dear to us, as many are dear to us around the world who have enlivened Christ Michael and Jesus’ messages around the world for those in various communities, wherever they live. We are deeply appreciative and thankful for your diligence, your stick-to-itiveness, your tenacious ability to see through tough times and work towards the light.

As your Planetary Manager, I salute you; I appreciate you. Know truly that we work in co-creative union always. Open yourself in meditation to my presence, to Christ Michael’s, to the presence of your God presence within you, to know that you are led, that we are here and that times may be tough, but they are endurable and you bring hope through your love, through your patience, through your faith. And so, I bid you well today. Know that we will be among you this afternoon. Good day. (Good day and thank you.)