2008-06-25-Monjoronson Q & A Session 8

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Topic: Monjoronson Q & A Session 8

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Mark Rogers, Jonathan, Henry Z.



Mark: I'd like to give collective petition to once again join this wonderful circuit that we enjoy our coming together with Monjoronson in this fashion. Truly we are partners in this process and I give voice to our desire that we embrace this partnership in this hour and work together as the team that we are, to facilitate this common goal and purpose of bringing Monjoronson into this realm with our participation and with his. Thank you for all the devotion that we receive from this encounter that we share with you every time. It truly is meaningful and touches each one of us in our own way. Thank you so much for participating with us as we participate with you. Thank you Monjoronson.


Question #1: [Mary] Good evening. What is the universe significance of a beings name? This questioner notes that the Urantia Book describes Gabriel instructing Mary and Elizabeth as to how they should name their children and then Jesus changes Simon's name to Peter. This does indicate that there is something unique and significant about a name. Could you please illuminate what is the universe significance about a beings name?

Monjoronson: [Henry] Greetings, this is Monjoronson. Thank you for the question and concern which it addresses; the question of identity, the question of personality and the question of names. Throughout the universe all personalities communicate with each other. In this communication it is proper to address one as to what they would be called. In terms of the personality of the descending sons in the universe, these beings are given names, titles, a way in which to address another being, another person just as the mortals living on Urantia have names to address their personalities.

In the active realm of the thought adjuster working with individuals, sometimes these thought adjusters reveal a truer identity to the person of indwelling than the name the person has, has given theperson.There is no tremendously critical significance to a name yet a name carries with it authority, rank and somewhat the identity of character, the personality carrying the name. What is peculiar and interesting is the translation of names from one language in one generation to another language in another generation. This is as similar as translating Joshua Ben Joseph into Jesus The Christ as it is translating the name of a celestial being into your language.

There are many considerations to names, titles, ways in which a person is called. A person exhibits some peculiarity of behavior and this sticks. We call this nicknames, yet there have been cultures on your planets which use aspects of nature and the environment as a social etiquette to name people. So in the consideration of a special meaning, the name only carries a special significance as to the specialness of the personality and no name short of the First Source and Center, the Eternal Deity is as important as the name of All One, The Great Father, the God within, God the biblical terms of God.

So I hope that you consider my answer to your concern of names. Their universe significance, that once the person has finalized this personality with adjuster fusion, the significance of the name becomes permanent as the creation of a new order of beings. As a finaliter you will get a name that is synonymous with yourself, your personality and The Father within. I thank you for this question.

Question #2: [Mary] Interestingly enough Monjoronson, there is another question from another person this week regarding names. This is a person from Spain who wants to know if your name has some meaning and if you could explain to her why your name sounds so strong and she sends you an embrace?

Monjoronson: [Henry] Greetings, this is Monjoronson. Again thank you for your concern and question of my particular name and its somewhat significance and vocal significance. As to the part why my name sounds so strong, it is tremendously difficult for me to answer something which another person perceives. For all practical purposes, my name in your language at this time and this mission that I conduct, my name is Monjoronson and again there is no special significance to my name. In Paradise I am known by another name familiar with my order in Paradise.

In the universe I am also known by another name in another time and on your world, my title translates well into Monjoronson. As I have no other explanation for your question I thank you again for your concern and if it helps at all to say my name more softly then please do so if the severity of a strong pronunciation seems to not sit quite well. I also send you an embrace, thank you and good evening.

Question #3: [Mary] Thank you Monjoronson. I've gotten kind of used to your name. It was unusual when I first heard it but it seems pretty friendly now. Here's another question, it refers to paper 91 in the Urantia Book, section 6. This section leads off with the statement: "Prayer, unless in liaison with the will and actions of the personal spiritual forces and material supervisors of a realm, can have no direct effect upon one's physical environment. While there is a very definite limit to the problems of the petitions of prayer, such limits do not equally apply to the faith of those who pray".

Should this statement be understood to mean that faith is capable of having a direct effect on ones material environment? Is this perhaps a confirmation of the law of attraction that we hear so much about today?

Monjoronson: [Jonathan] Greetings and I address you through this other t/r. It is the power of faith to extend itself beyond the power of action and so a child of God, even one of the status of an ascending mortal, one of the beginning stages as a faith son can offer prayer that is embracing of conditions and situations which are beyond the abilities and mechanisms of the realm in which that prayer has been offered. Sometimes that prayer requires a state of presence of attainment which is not yet capable of manifesting at the level at which the prayer is given.

However there are those celestial attendants which are quite capable of affecting an answer to prayer by way of the very fact that those beings are at that level of attainment and in their realms can bring conditions to bear which may provide the answers for the change of conditions. Your same text does [say] that your ideals always will outpace your ability to live up to them. So does faith on prayer which reaches to God even while the prayer giver and those in the immediate dimension of that giver are incapable of bringing such a result.

But The Father brings no deaf ear to such a petition and the host of celestial personalities are ever willing to intercede and translate a prayer of mighty intention into immediate appropriation. Be ever willing to offer prayer of any sort knowing full well that the family of God, the beloved siblings at whatever level of celestial attainment are willing to offer services to assist their younger brothers and sisters. Thank you for your inquiry.

Question #4: [Mary] Thank you for your reply Monjoronson. One of the challenges that our world currently faces is that of religious intolerance. There are people of all religions whose feelings of righteousness are deeply entrenched and in their own way they are being true and loyal to what they believe in the God of their faith. My question is: How will we be able to work together? What will change that will allow people of all faiths to become key players for one God as opposed to each faction fighting to gain controland then [stress] that their religion is the correct faith? How do we individually and collectively become bridge builders with people of different faith and religion who do not want to see a new sustainable society built unless it is completed based on their own faith foundation?

Thanks for considering these questions Monjoronson and I trust that any of the t/r's who want a repetition of aspects of this question would be free to ask me, thank you.

Monjoronson: [Mark] Greetings, I return to yet another t/r to embrace these questions. This line of questioning is at the very foundation of what my mission is here to grapple with in this age at this time. While it is very true that from your perspective there appears to be great differences, perhaps even to you, insurmountable distinctions between all of the various members of the brotherhood of man, I will remind you that they are all of one family, they all originate with one Creator, they all are endowed with a similar Spirit of Truth and they all also have as part of their being a fragment of the same Creator.

These all are elements which are far more binding than is ideology and transient thought patterns, in fact you have far more in common than you have dissimilarities. But I understand that from where you stand this might not be so apparent to you because you are faced with these distinctions and your current thought patterns have you drawing boundaries and in doing so you create distinctions which you feel are qualifying whereas from a spiritual perspective what is truly qualifying is the fact that you are of one family, come from one Creator, have a similar Spirit of Truth, even a shared mind circuitry and you all are in possession of a fragment of the First Source and Center who may be connected just as you are connected to your brothers and sisters.

All of these similarities will be coming together in force to awaken all the members of this family to these facts and no longer will it be the common thought patterns of the land to look for distinctions as it will be to embrace the similarities. It is really a simple matter of shift in awareness and this is what I have come to facilitate with my mission. Together with Michael's mandates this whole gigantic enterprise will be shifted and obstacles previously thought insurmountable will become insignificant in comparison with the shift in awareness that truly not only are you all brothers and sisters of the same Divine Parents, but ultimately we are all one.

You cannot do to another harm when you consider that they are one with you and to do them harm would be to do yourself harm. You cannot consider them falsely when it would be to consider yourself falsely. This basic shift in awareness is flooding this sphere as we speak and such a shift in consciousness and awareness will most certainly turn the tide of the thought patterns of insurmountable objects and flood this sphere with hope and love and peace. Where there is peace and where there is love there is no discord of differences and distinctions, rather there is unity of awareness and purpose.

You ask in this question how you may be helpful and if you may be bridge builders and I could not more emphatically support this thought pattern for if you are here in contact with these words then you are exactly that. You are the ones who are bringing this new awareness to your plane of existence. You have contacted this spiritual dimension and you are the ones who can bring it into your dimension and make it real. In this way you are each and every one a bridge, a passageway, a portal from one dimension into the next, from the ideal into the realistic.

This is your role to play, make no mistake, so I encourage you to be about the active participation of building these bridges by individually and personally becoming that which you have become aware of, being true to your highest ideals about these matters and in this way you act as an example, you act as a lightning rod for truth, beauty and goodness. Though you may not fully understand the significance of even such a small and personal contribution I assure you that every bridge, every portal, every avenue of approach will be utilized to flood your sphere with awareness and you are the connecting aspects of this plane.

Thank you for this question. I hope this will inspire you to be all that you can be in this regard and to simply trust and have faith that this is so, thank you.

MONJORONSON: [JONATHAN] May I also offer by way of this t/r a means whereby you may transcend the differences while yet celebrating the uniqueness of your various religious orientations. You have developed by necessity of the variability of weather on your planet various means of clothing. Some wear hats, shirt, pants and boots, others turbans, robes and sandals and yet others furs and leathers. No one would argue that there is a wrong attire, perhaps those engaged in fashion. When peoples unite they adopt similar attire and this is best illustrated by your sport teams which don uniforms.

The team then competes against another team. It is in a sense a legacy of tribalism and of warfare but it has been transformed into sport and play. Your religions have yet to transform themselves into playfulness with one another. They have and will come through evolution to a state of acknowledging the common rules of play and this I see developing upon your world even now. But let me expand further to this illustration. The rules of baseball are not the same as football and the uniforms are different as well.

But you have evolved in this institution a celebration you call the Olympics wherein this competitive play engages in numerous sports, not merely one type and you come together to celebrate the expressions of those trained to engage. Sadly there are few such events of a religious nature and I would encourage the development on Urantia of such Olympic like conclaves wherein you may celebrate the advancing thought, the deep meditative experiences and the healing social outreaches that all religions engage in.

Monjoronson: [Henry] I would speak through this t/r to another aspect of this question as to how can these divergent and self righteous belief systems be harmonized. I will take you back on your planet a few years to an incident you call 9/11 in which the people of this United States, this country you live in experienced a tremendously humbling and vulnerable situation. They felt at once for their lives, not as religionists but as humans together in this vast country. For almost a week there was no air flight, no intercity transportation.

Many were walking around dumbfounded trying to digest and integrate what had just happened in a country where nothing like this should ever happen. During that time, that week long period when people were desperately praying in their belief systems while outwardly they were smiling and acknowledging each other as human beings. I tell you, this is the time that is ripe for a true teaching to evolve in the hearts and minds of the people in your country to see each other as one and you were for that whole week, as one.

It wasn't about religion and it was less about nationalism, it was more about the brotherhood of men and women, sons and daughters, families. What America stands for as freedom to live and believe and act as one and respect as one. I say this because there will be times ahead where similar conditions will render your societies in a state of complete and utter perplexity. This is not to alarm you or place fear. This is to allow you a sense of a greater awareness working within human nature to bring mankind to a more meaningful social, working, religious, and national relationship. Thank you.

Question #5: [Mary] Thank you Monjoronson for all those various replies. I want to say I appreciate the questioner who brought this question to the table, this set of ideas is very critical on our planet that we can seek out ways to celebrate our common humanity and express our cultural religious identities that have evolved in a way that respects the variety of relationships with God that have flowered on Urantia. Thank you Monjoronson for coming here to guide us in this direction, bless us with insight and understanding on all continents of this beautiful blue planet.

There is one more question for Monjoronson tonight and it asks if Monjoronson could please provide some insight into crop circles. The questioner says that they realize that some say that crop circles are man made and considered to be hoaxes but that others are so beautiful and so intelligently designed to be considered beyond something the present occupants of Urantia could create. The question is perhaps these crop circles are a form of midwayer expression. Could you illuminate information about crop circles and are there any messages to be gleaned from the circles? Thank you.

Monjoronson: [Henry] I will speak through this t/r, this is Monjoronson. Thank you for the insightful question and to your own insight into the question. Actually the answer to your question is not tremendously difficult. Yes, the phenomenon on your would known as crop circles are midwayer activity. What the activity represent is in the early '1980s' as this phenomenon began, it was necessary to reconnect the system circuits on Urantia with the system of Satania which had been severed or not used because of an order of putting the planet in quarantine.

The reason why the planet was in quarantine was to stop the rebellion which was ensuing on the planet 250,000 years ago from being broadcast to the universe at large. But in answer to your question, in reestablishing circuitry of a spiritual nature it was necessary to incorporate a somewhat tremendous celestial assistance in laying these lines down on your world. As the lines were laid down, their significance was noted by the midwayers in a certain symbology representative of a form of language in these beings realms; therefore they are representations of harmony and beauty and their significance only records the fact that the circuit was completed.

As each line of the grids were laid out strategically and meticulously on the planet, their completion was heralded by somewhat of a humor faction of the midwayers in planting symbols in cornfields, in wheat fields, in grain fields and there is neither significance in the location of these crop circles, just the fact that they have been represented. I hope that this helps in clarifying some concerns you have about these things. I thank you for this question, good evening.

[Mary] Thank you for the reply Monjoronson, I've always thought that crop circles were a rather creative way to entice humanity into imagine that there is some greater energy, greater personalities at work beyond humans and that it was a beautiful and creative way to engage human beings in that possibility and to do it in a way that was friendly.

Monjoronson: [Henry] Yes, this certainly is so, the midwayer sense of humor therefore.

Question # 6: [Mary] Well thank you Monjoronson, thanks to our t/r's tonight. There is perhaps one more question here tonight.

Mark: Monjoronson, this is Mark and I would take advantage of this wonderful merkaba that we've enjoyed here this evening to advance a question of my own. Recently I had a personal awareness shift that provided me with the realization of the significance of our individual thoughts as creator or co-creators of the dimension in which we live. All at once I saw myself as not so much an observer or a reactor but as having been responsible and having helped create the very circumstances I thought I was simply observing.

I feel this to be a key element, certainly to my own personal growth and shift in awareness but I sense that there is deeper significance here in terms of a greater shift in awareness for all of us who are undergoing these growth spurts on this world right now. Could I ask you to speak to this if you could, thank you,

Monjoronson: [Jonathan] In your extreme youth you were, due to lack of experience, knowledge and training only responsive to what transpired about you and in the course of reacting to such events became familiar with the behavioral modes of the peoples into which you were born. Soon you began to exert your own self and learned to manipulate your environment and you have a cultural term called the terrible twos to illustrate such a change. In the larger universe scheme, a fledgling faith son of God also is undergoing this same unfoldment.

There comes a time when a child learns that there is more to the social environment than oneself and how to get ones way and it becomes an active co-participant in the activities of the social grouping and you are coming to understand this in the universal family, how you do value a role and are not merely a reactor to what God bestows upon you. It is my hope that more human beings on Urantia attain a level of responsibility, not the kind which obligates your higher behavior but one which sensitizes you to action when you see where truth may be spread, where love may be shared and where conditions on your world may be improved not by wishing that it would be done to you but by engaging in those very endeavors which bring about such hoped for conditions.


Keep up the good work, I salute you.

Mark: Thank you for your response.

Mary: I salute you Monjoronson, thank you for being here and once again, thank you to the t/r's for helping us out tonight.