2008-07-09-Monjoronson Q & A Session 10

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Topic: Monjoronson Q & A Session 10

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Mark Rogers, Henry Z.



Prayer: [Henry] Father Michael and Mother Nebadonia, bring us into your grounded energy that we may begin to sense the connection, the circuitry which goes out to all spirit, the spirit line, the Spirit of Truth, Holy Spirit and the wonderful spirit connection to Father. Thank you for the opportunity to come together in this time, in this moment and in this energy field. Give us the adjutant strength in courage and wisdom to understand the parts of life we need to know better and help us feel connected in your loving embrace as we gather together and call on Monjoronson and any other celestials that are here tonight to join in and be a part of this discussion, this team effort to bring spirit consciousness into a mortal context. Again we honor this moment, this creative moment that we make this connection and we are ready to begin, thank you.


Question #1: [Mary] We'll begin this evening questions. I will just read this question as it was put on the website. Hi Monjoronson, it is with the utmost love and respect that I ask this question. I have been reading the Urantia Book since 1970 and it has been a real inspiration to me. Matthew Block has done research and found that Dr. Saddler paraphrased passages from other books and included them in the Urantia Book. Is this true and if so what do you and other celestials think of it?

Monjoronson: [Henry] This is Monjoronson, good evening. It is again good to be here in this energy field and again to bring some light to some of the concerns here tonight. I thank you for your question. In answering your question I will first tell a short story. The actuality of the story wasn't short but the conclusion was. This story is about a Creator Son who came to a planet, as a helpless child, being raised to a young adult to accept the responsibility to mature and sweeten into a continence and consciousness that would command attention, reverence and respect and love, friendliness.

It was the intention and desire of this Creator Son to uplift all the peoples that he came in contact with on the planet. In order to uplift the religious behavior of mankind into a more semblance of universal peace and prosperity with God as the Father and everyone on the planet, the children of God, as brothers and sisters in a respectful and acknowledging and peaceful life that was possible for them. Well, in the process of bringing this divine message into a human context, the human context took the message and did what the human could only do.

Some of them believed the message, some of them went to doubt the message, some of them actually began to live and practice the message; but others, whose souls were barren and minds were deceptive, the words fell on non-receiving ground. Yet the message that this Creator Son brought to a world thousands of years ago has reverberated and echoed and grown, even though the human element, to the message tremendously tampered with it. As a matter of fact, to escape responsibility it was easier to have a religion about the man, the martyr, than it was to have His religion about His life and the love of His Father and the love of brothers and sisters.

Yet mankind still grapples with this message, mankind is on the brink of discovery of the greatness that is possible. Once man begins to hold the greatness in his heart and in his soul, then it is much easier for this greatness to prosper in the hearts and minds of all men and women on the planet. As concerns the fifth epochal revelation, imagine how easy it was in 1925 for celestials to contact a human person and engender the responsibility and respect to follow through with a long term project of bringing a spiritual book into a material realm.

Imagine how easy it was, the problem, the human contact just hopped, skipped and jumped. Everyone was so accepting, so believing. Well, the fact is that the celestials had to deal with humans full of mystery, doubts, tremendous doubts, tremendous impatience yet the process of bringing spiritual information into the earth plane in human consciousness and into hard copy print is a tremendous task. Nothing was spared, part of the mandate of the revelators was to in most cases use the human words, the human thoughts, the human context, to paraphrase the human mind, to narrow the celestial consciousness into the human context of thoughts, word patterns.

In all actuality the publication of the final book, the Urantia Book, was a tremendous success. Through the faith and diligence of Dr. Saddler and those whom he chose to work with, a great relationship was born. The celestials were tremendously rewarded by the human counterpart. It is easy to research and study something and develop all kinds of theories based on information. Tremendous insight has been delved into by certain minds of a historical nature that has gone and researched the human quotes, the human fingerprints on the book and yes, it is human.

It is in your language, it was worked through the human consciousness and the human mind. Dr. Saddler's fingerprints are all over the book, there was neither any judgement or any concern on the celestial part. There was enough information in the Urantia Book that when it was discovered that the Urantia Book was not perfect, there still is a perfect guide within each and every one of you to further the revelation, to take you when you are ready to personal revelation.

For the most part, this book has been tremendously successful in helping to bring many people to the realization of God consciousness, adjuster consciousness, consciousness of the Mother Spirit, of the Spirit of Truth, of Michael, of Paradise, the Master Architects of the universe, the grand scheme of ascension, the mystery and prospect of the eternal future, the eternal now. I would say to the person concerned with this question to continue to read the Urantia Book and to continue to grow in the many aspects which open up growth patterns in human consciousness and human behavior and not to be so worried about the fingerprints in the Urantia Book.

I also embrace you in love and respect for your question and concern and I thank you.

Question #2: [Mary] This person is wondering about the ramification of the loss of the survival instinct, one of the adjutants of the mortal mind which is no longer an influence after death. Is that a factor in the individuals choice to continue the Paradise adventure? They state that from their reading of the Urantia Book that there are relatively few that choose to survive and they wonder if the absence of the survival instinct could be a factor which may partially explain this and perhaps wondering if there is an equivalent to the survival instinct with the morontia mind.

Monjoronson: [Henry] This is Monjoronson, greetings. I thank you for this question, it is a very interesting question. First off I need to clarify a few things for you, first off, survival is not an adjutant mind connection. Survival is a genetic animal connection. The survival instinct is not that you survive, it is that your progeny survive. The thought adjuster is the survival mechanism in the morontia realm. This man has failed; to connect with his divine survival instinct. Here on the earth plane it will be just as difficult to connect on the next plane because quite simply man gains nothing by walking through the portal of death.

Man is not all of a sudden brilliantly illuminated by a divine adjuster. Mankind then needs to search out within his consciousness for the key to the survival in the next life. All men have the key that opens up their souls and gives them the connection, the understanding, the consciousness, the faith and trust needed to insure their survival. The survival issue is tremendously misunderstood on your planet. Men survive because they want to survive. Men who want to survive find a way to survive. They find the path to divine consciousness, to their inner heart, their soul.

It is a personal choice. The blood of anything can't save you, not even your own blood, not even the blood of a consecrated Son, Master Son can save you. Only your human will's desire to survive, to be a part of something greater than yourself survives. Figure out why you are on this planet, and learn that there are more activities than just using resources and leaving a mess. It is interesting that man would expect spirit to solve all his problems yet spirit is eager to assist and help men with their problems when men allow spirit to influence them.

Spirit loves to be acknowledged. So to return to the original thought of the question, the adjutant mind on the planet gives way to the adjuster mind, the soul on the morontia worlds. It would be useless to engender men to become more like an animal on the morontia worlds just to survive in spirit. It is kind of like making a square circle; it works in words but not in reality. So if one is concerned about ones need to survive and one is also concerned about others need to survive, then it becomes important for that person to insure to survival by the direct and purposeful and meaningful and functional contact with his divine adjuster and then begin to engender others to understand what you have learned, to help them bridge the gap from animal instinct into divine pattern, divine fragrance, divine compatibility with the human mind.

I thank you for this concern. Think about the answer that I gave you, I hope that this helps you to clarify some concepts that you may have assumed into a more [extensive] certainty as to the reality that is at play here. Thank you.

Question #3: [Mary] Thank you Monjoronson for the consideration of that question, firstly for answering this persons questions previously and following your answers about the import about recovering mortal remains for some individuals who need to do a cleansing of the past, I have more questions.

Should everyone endeavor during his journey on the planet to leave some mark, marks as in ideals, theory, statue, tombstone, symbol? If you were to leave a mark Monjoronson, what would be yours? Machiventa Melchizedek had introduced the true God, God of authority to humanity and then Jesus has helped us to perceive God as Father, God of love. I probably understand God as authoritative and lawful. God is love but God is Magisterial is still not clear in our human mind so it must be very interesting to figure out. What would you want us to understand in your mission? Thank you very much.

Monjoronson: [Henry] This is Monjoronson, greetings. Thank you for your concerns this evening. No, it is not important that man leave a mark on the planet. Yes, it is important that man leave a mark on another mans soul besides his own. In the mind of this t/r there is an example of the first Australians surveying the land, remarking that even though aboriginal peoples had been here for thousands and thousands of years, other than footpaths and a few painted rocks, they left no mark on the planet.

In the human realm it is important in an ego sense for humans to leave a mark, in an animal sense it is very important for the males to leave his mark, his scent. But in the spiritual sense, which my mission is more of the spiritual sense, it is more important to leave a mark on your soul, to make a difference in consciousness to help bring a spiritual awareness to another soul. All human souls are worth saving. Man places too much sentiment on his own achievements. There is an imbalance between the mortal physical life achievements and the mortal divine and spiritual life achievements.

There is a discrepancy in balance which does not do well for an evolving race of humans such as are on the planet now. Mankind has within its grasp the power to alter in [short?] his destiny to become something greater than he was born into. It is tremendously difficult to see that there is more that can be done than man is doing. Man has a sense that more needs to be done but that sense does not equate to personal responsibility in most men. Again, my dear children, you are beautiful beyond description, your life, your cultures, your peoples.

There is a tremendous need to augment the human race with its spiritual counterpart. Therein, the marks you do make become the ones that are engraved in the soul, that are defined by your distinction, by your achievements with the contact of the divine. Again I am sorry that you do not discern a "Magisterial mark or a Magisterial God". I have not come to be the next icon of the spiritual bastion of, this planet. I was sent here at the request of the Master of the universe, my brother Michael to foresee the change which is about forthcoming on your planet and its change of human status into a mankind serving a thankless self into mankind serving an appreciative deity, a conscious deity, a God so full of love that the whole earth and all of mankind can be saturated in this divine love.

It is just a change in motivation, in concept. It is bringing the idea that there is a greater life potential on your world. This same concern has also your scientists puzzled. They cannot understand why even the most brilliant humans can only use a small percentage of their brains. Until the days when the glory of God and the brotherhood begin to operate on the planet, when the true genetic that is spawned is brought forth to function in divine light and human right, will mankind understand what the rest of his brain was made for.

It is high time to see the spiritual cup as half full rather than half empty. In terms of the human concerns about a spiritual mission, it is important for the human to begin to realize and become aware of the spiritual dimensions of what is happening on your world at this moment, to carry not and answer the call of spirit and begin to discover the connection which exists within ones heart, begin to experience the fruits of the spirit, begin to experience patience and compassion and love for yourself, your families, your friends, for those who you do not know, for those who you chance to meet, to those in other counties, of other colors, of other languages, even to those who you would presume are your enemies.

There is no Monjoronson signature as a revelatory call, all spirit act as one. Until mankind begins to act as one it is almost needless to consider any greater teaching, any truer or more accurate revelation. Mankind already possesses the insight, the knowledge, the consciousness to connect with spirit and through spirit and with co-operation with spirit to move from one moment to the next. Spirit yearns to be a part of your life. Even if you can only afford 15 minutes every several months, this is better than nothing.

But to really begin to understand spirit you need to think of spirit 15 minutes a day, then 15 minutes several times a day, then 15 minutes every hour. As you begin to connect with spirit, this connection takes you to the conscious realization that man can become partner with God and with the help of spirit, improve his life, improve his meager situation and help change the tide, the stagnant tide to spirit that needs to begin to move into mans heart and mans mind. It is not intentional to disappoint you that you will not find my mark on the planet.

I am like most of spirit, I work for no recognition, we all work for the recognition of The Father and it is high time that humans begin to understand they also need to work for the recognition of Father. I thank you for this question and hope that this information is understood in a way which brings more love into your lives, more peace between your fellows and a greater connection to spirit and mans ultimate purpose on the planet to bring spirit into the oneness of mans heart and mans soul. I thank you.

Monjoronson: [Mark] Greetings, this is Monjoronson through another t/r. Since there are no more questions this evening I would take this opportunity to address some of these concerns of the last questioner from another angle and I would invite you to join me in a trip through your minds eye and imagine with me if you will for a moment. The experience of the tadpole, when first born as a very young tadpole of the the realm there is no consideration in any way of doing anything but simply experiencing, growing, living and being a tadpole.

When you are in an immature state like that, you do not think of any far reaching ramifications of your life or your existence beyond your next meal or experience immediately before you. But as the tadpole begins to mature they experience the desire to explore more of their dimension and they are no longer satisfied with the confines of their environment and they experience an inner urge to reach beyond their current environment and limitations. When they have matured to a certain point they begin to slowly but surely poke their head above water and realize that they can experience a whole other dimension that was previously unknown to them.

It is not that this other dimension did not exist before they experienced it, merely that they had not experienced it so it did not exist to them. You as mortals of the realm are born as tadpoles with the ability to transform your very existence from unconscious individuals merely reacting to your environment and circumstance, to individuals who will be capable of exploring other dimensions and venturing out into these new dimensions of that component of yourself that is developing much like the frogs legs develop without their particular awareness that this is so.

Similarly, in this fluid environment of the tadpole and the frog, you as mortals of the realm swim about and bump into each other and have your experiences and as you grow to maturity there may even arise the question of making a mark in your environment that would last perhaps beyond you so that your impact in this environment would be enduring beyond your temporal existence. But the environment that you are in is indeed transient and fluid and there is in fact no permanent marker that you could conceive of leaving to mark your presence here as all things are transformed.

Even your statues and tombstones eventually give way to nature and time and the effects of the material existence. But as the frog matures he finds there is a new environment that he may explore and have a greater impact on and when he is able to swim freely across the surface of his pond, this frog is able to generate a wake, and this wake, these ripples cover the entire surface of the pond and they impact every feature of this pond because of their very presence.

Though this impact is short lived it is nevertheless a direct impact to their entire environment because of their actions. Then they may choose to jump out on a lily pad and make a grand sound and the sound that they make, while short in relative time scale to the pond creates a profound difference in the soundscape that is around them. This is similar to what you may do as individuals of the realm, you may choose to make a bold wake that will be felt by all those around you. You may choose to make a proud sound that will then carry out well beyond your immediate environment and be heard some distance away.

These simple acts of becoming what you were born to be, of unfolding your true nature and destiny have ramifications that go out beyond your immediate perception and these ramifications are the marks that your soul seeks to make. They are the imprints upon others whose environment you have impacted by simply choosing to act by making a wake, by creating a sound, by choosing to simply manifest who you are, you send out energy like ripples on the surface of the pond.

I hope this imagery can serve to illustrate in another fashion, some of these principles that were discussed, where you are creators of many marks that you leave but like you, they are in a temporal environment and so the only marks that truly endure are marks of personal relationship and engagement with those who as well are attempting to leave marks, and upon each others souls you may imprint these marks which are in fact enduring, even unto eternity.

So while you may have an inner urge to chisel stone in an effort to have something that endures, I would encourage you, it would be better for you to manifest your real nature to another and this very simple and yet profound act chisels in the stone of anothers heart and soul an imprint that they may take with them forever. These are the marks that we should all seek to leave, not that they be personally signed and claimed by the author but that they be contributed to each individual from the desire to be of service and that this chiseling in the stone of anothers soul be done without any effort at recognition for the artist who does the carving.


I hope this alternate perspective proves to provide some additional insight into the responses given here tonight. It is my great pleasure and privilege to join in this weekly opportunity to share back and forth perspectives, concerns and questions. I thank all those who have contributed to this forum for the opportunity to manifest this pattern at this time. Thank you all for participating, farewell and good evening.

Mary: Thank you Monjoronson for being here, thank you to the t/r's for their services tonight and we'll be signing off.