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Topic: Service, IC 08

Group: S. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Eregon, Michael

TR: Jo Ann



EREGON: This is Eregon. Thank you for coming today. We are with you here; we are with you other places. You are never alone, as you know and as we constantly remind you. Your conference this past week was attended by celestial hosts, as well as physical beings, as you probably well imagined. We enjoyed your fellowship, your workshops, your friendships, and your reunion very much. We delight to see you loving one another in these ways and working hard for the welfare of others. We enjoyed attending the Teaching Mission meeting there and wish that more of you had known about it. We suspect that there is greater interest in attending such things, than many among the Teaching Mission might believe. Nevertheless, it was good to have a forum there.

The Garden Project is dear to our hearts and we commend this effort and ask that any of you who are drawn to it, make certain to avail yourselves of this opportunity for service to your world. We cannot give you a timeline, but this is a necessary foundation, and one in which we delight to assist, to help you come together as a group in planning and creating this space, which will be necessary not only for this mission, but for the furtherance of progress towards light and life on your world. We thank those who brought their ideas and created a meeting space, spontaneously from the program at this conference.

We honor your efforts; we delight too and look forward to cooperating with all of you, who have become engaged, both in this project and the ideas about this project. We do not wish to bore you with continued review, but do intend to acknowledge that we were there as well, and we also had a wonderful time, and enjoyed very much the delightful service our mortal friends offered to one another in the creation of this entire project, the conference and all the volunteers who worked on it in every way. It is a joy to see this and to witness your coming together for these events. We had a wonderful time!


Our lesson today is about service. Service to God, service to the world in general, and service to the brotherhood of believers, especially in this case, to the believers in this Revelation. We observe that so many of you find a great joy in providing service to the others among you, who hold your beliefs in common. Somehow this seems to produce even greater joy, than the service to the world at large, for some of you. We are asking now, that you step forward with this attitude of pure joy, in communion with the brotherhood of believers and create in your lives, some areas where you can interact in the larger, less spiritually fragrant parts of your communities, bringing the same attitude of loving service, letting it overflow beyond the wall of believers.

As in your friend Phil’s talk at the Plenary, taking this attitude to the most mundane of civic duties transformed him and created opportunities to enrich the lives and the very beingness of others. We feel joyful when these events of overflowing, transformative energy, create a glow in the larger community. Your light was not given you to keep in secret. We are not saying to go out and ask everyone you meet to read the Urantia Book; we are asking that in some areas of non-spiritual contact, you overflow with the love the Father gives to you all the time, so much so that it begins to be felt, even by those who are insulated from feeling it in their own lives and on their own, for they are only insulated from it until they meet it head-on, where they cannot ignore it, cannot deny it. And it is not about sharing a belief system with others. It is truly about overflowing with the love of the Father that saturates your soul, until someone else feels that love and knows—or at least on some level, intuitively understands—that it is not about you, the person standing in front of them, but about the greater good, the greater glory and the greater love of the Father in heaven, who actually dwells within them.

When people begin to understand and realize that they have within themselves the capacity to experience this love, their lives can be transformed. True, not all are hungry for this, at least on a conscious level, but every spirit within craves to commune with the body and the personality in which it is in constant contact. Every personality craves to become eternal and to be loved, by that spirit of the Father within. This is the most basic of human needs. When you are moving in and through this love of the Father, you cannot help but be more beneficial to your fellow beings, than those who never operate in this way. Again, we are not asking that you be this everywhere you go, with everyone you meet, every hour of every day. Most of you cannot jump that far in a single leap, but we are asking that you increase the quality of your affection, beyond your circle of dearly beloveds. This is not a difficult task, if you take it to heart, for love is freely given you, and you have been asked to freely give as well. It is the freely giving of this love that enables you to experience even more of it for yourself. This is not a difficult concept to grasp, once you begin to experience it, you will be absolutely certain that it is true, what we say.

Loving service in action has the power to transform your world. You probably realize it is a world that could use some transforming, even transcending. We are here, it is our work, it is our duty, it is our avowed purpose to work with you, as many as we can, in bringing your world forward in values, in ideals, in spiritual accomplishments, in higher ideals on community and government levels, as well as in homes and hearts. We are here to help you. We are here to assist. We cannot do it for you. Every heart and soul which dedicates itself to the purpose of improving the quality of life on your planet—and we are not talking about the lives of physical bodies, but that is included as well—the quality of life comes from spiritual idealism, from being able to live comfortably in a more and more ideal environment, as time goes on. We have told you that a truly ideal situation, a truly ideal government has very few laws.

If you look at your legislature, in all the ways in which the citizens of your countries and states are bound by laws in volumes, rooms full of volumes, could you use this as a standard to say that perhaps your civilization is not at a very ideal state? When your law makers believe that their job is not to pass more laws, but to create more good, and to do away with old and unusable laws because they are no longer necessary, then you will be moving in a positive direction in your civilization and your government. We ask you to revisit the ideals of statehood in your textbook, and look around in your own community and see where you might—on a local level—begin to have an effect on one of the areas mentioned in this paper.

We have given many so-called assignments, ideas and inspirations, asked and encouraged you to participate in things in some way, and we have not asked for an accounting, nor are we likely to, but we are happy to receive your feedback, if you stretch yourselves to participate in some of these ideas, and come and give us feedback—not so much on the effect in the outer world of your actions, but on the effects in your own life and personal world or universe perceptions. You have understood that forgiveness is not perceived by you from the Father, until you have extended it to those in your life, against whom you harbor grudges, for it is true that by giving, you open yourself to receiving. Perhaps some of you have experienced this from time to time.

Perhaps you can remember and experience where when you forgave your neighbors, maybe even without connecting it at the time, you were relieved of some guilty load that you carried in your life, but no longer needed forgiveness from a human in your vicinity, but the absolution of which you did not feel from the universe, from God, from within, until you extended forgiveness to someone else in your life arena. It may not have been a noticeable jolt, but we assure you, this is a truth in action that you can experience; being of service with a loving heart in your communities, will function in a similar way. Perhaps by giving service to others, you will discover more of the service that the universe, that God, that all of us who work on this team, are offering to you. We are happy to be invited to be teammates, on any project that you should undertake at our instigation. We joyfully accept your invitations! We joyously and enthusiastically participate from our realm of influence, in whatever ways we can, to assist you all in growing, spiritually, as you step into these arenas of life function.

It is our purpose and our joy to assist you with these things. We repeat, please invite us! It is your invitation that makes it possible for us to participate in these ventures. We cannot step in uninvited; we can work in the background and beyond the situation, but when you invite us, we are empowered—in a limited way—but we are empowered to participate in a greater variety of actions. So, we remind you again: invite us to participate with you, for we are happy to do so—more than happy, we are fulfilling a trust and it brings us joy to work with all of you in these kinds of ways.

Your trust in us, to invite us in, unknowing of outcomes but trusting us to work toward higher and more noble outcomes, is much appreciated. We are trusting you too. We trust that you are sincere, that you are hopeful and that the effort we move in together cannot fail, for if we are assisting with them, they are part of the Father’s will. And if you participate in a project, that is sanctified by the creative energy of the First Source and Center, [or] that [of] your own Creator Son, what power or energy could withhold this thing from expression? We tell you there is nothing that can withhold it from expression, “unless you change your mind!” (Laughing.) If you shut down, if you decide not to participate, if you back away saying, “I’ll never do that again,” you have closed the door for us to work with it, until you change your mind again.

You see my friends it is your intention, your will and your mind that gives expression to the arena in which we can work with you. When you are aligned with Divine purpose and plan, and continue to function in that direction, no force can prevent the desired outcome that is the Father’s will. We know that you know this; we simply wish to emphasize by restating. We love you and you are loved, whether you choose to respond to this challenge, or whether you choose to respond to something else. We move in joy; we move in light; we move in love, and we are happy to move along side you, as you work to improve your world.

At this time we will open the discussion for questions.


Student: Would you explain the Garden Project?

EREGON: There are a group of people who are beginning to collect ideas to create a physical space on your planet, that would be similar to the Garden of Eden, with divisions of responsibility, aligned as they were with the Planetary Prince’s Staff, that would be a home for your Magisterial son when he should appear in physical form. This is a responsibility that was taken on in the past, prior to the first garden, by extraordinary beings that lived long beyond mortal lifetimes. This is a responsibility being taken on in your time by humanly extraordinary mortal beings, and we do so appreciate the effort. We will be working closely, as closely as we can, to cooperate with this project for a physical domicile, for a mission to your planet is something that is needed and appreciated. We are happy to see this development; we believe that it also means that there is an acceleration of possibilities from our side. When these things begin to take place, they are evidence that some among you have stepped up to the plate of being cosmically conscious citizens, even while in your mortal forms, your temporary bodies in your temporary homes on this world. Is this enough information for you?

Student: I am wondering where the Garden Project is being started.

EREGON: At this point, some funds have been pledged; there is no property that has been committed to. People are looking into different places where this might be appropriate.

Student: Haven’t other in the last 30 years done similar projects, and why did they not succeed?

EREGON: Similar projects have been begun? Perhaps inertia is the proper response to the second part of your question? But there comes a tide of willingness to participate. Perhaps this will not come to fruition, from the beginnings it has, and perhaps it will create a larger and larger wave, as it moves along, and create enough energy to come through to completion. From our perspective, this would be an occasion to celebrate. From your perspective, even the communal effort to begin this, is significant. Teamwork and cooperation are vital things that you learn in your mortal experience. And teamwork and cooperation in service to a higher goal, creates a kind of unity, that is well… Divine in nature. So we delight to see this project begun, even if this particular one or that particular one, does not result in the goal that is envisioned at this moment, for the tide of cooperation builds with each attempt, and therefore is valued, whether or not it is absolutely successful by your material standards. We cannot give you the land. We can give you cooperation to help toward your goals.

Student: At the conference, I was looking to see if there was a Teaching Mission meeting and …(inaudible)….

EREGON: Your TR only heard about it after it happened. There was not a central way to communicate a meeting of this type, at this event. That is the only explanation we can give you.

Can we be of assistance in any other way today?

Student: I found myself after the conference, being more aware of service, and since we were in a new place, we kept asking for directions and I noticed that it gave some people purpose to respond to us, and I thanked them and I sort of spontaneously would say, “Thank you for being of service,” and I felt like that spread the seeds in their consciousness, so it wasn’t me being of service, but I did become more conscious of it. I am becoming more aware in these little ways.

EREGON: This is a good effect of your experience, and it is precisely what we were referring to. As you begin to be of greater service, you experience something in your beingness, that is a type of growth, a coming to maturity, a coming to realization and you will begin to experience an awareness of the service that is offered to you, not only from humans, but also from Divine sources. We are happy that you have had this experience and hope that the joy of it inspires you to share this gratitude of service given in love more frequently, because recognizing it and applauding it creates within both parties a hunger for more of the same experience and a desire to give the same and receive the same. Thank you for sharing your example of growth that you experienced from this conference.

This is Eregon, signing off. Your Father/Brother Michael has a few words for you.


MICHAEL: My children, my children! How good it is to see you come together with this great love for one another. It is truly the love that I spoke of, by which the world will identify you as children of God, as my Followers. To witness you sharing this love for one another is a beautiful experience, even for me; believe it! What a service to your world, and even to your universe. If you could extend this loving attitude, beyond as Eregon said, the brotherhood of believers, how you would be a light of the world, the beginning of profound changes. It is so good to see the fruits of the spirit expressed so freely. It is so good to be among you as you share your discoveries, experiences and growth, in these intense book-ended but timeless experiences.

My children, it is truly by expressing this love that you will begin to change the world. There are individuals who carry this love around with them everywhere, and who are able to express it in such a way. We invite you to have this experience for yourself. By doing this, you will create a kind of richness in your life that cannot be compared to mere material abundance. It is truly the Father’s love and my love that you share with one another, and this love is not limited. It is in infinite supply. Of all the things that you do when you come together for these events, to me it is most gratifying that you love one another. It is the greatest evidence for me that our work on behalf of bringing your planet forward is succeeding. I love you; we love you. Please continue to love one another, to co-create with us, wonderful opportunities to be of loving service. Good day, my children. My blessings and my peace are always with you.