2008-07-14-The Warrior Spirit

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Topic: The Warrior Spirit

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Thuroc, Rihte

TR: Mechelle



Midwayer Thuroc: “Warmest and most heartfelt ‘hellos’ to you, dear mortal! It is I, Thuroc, and I have eagerly come to you this evening not alone, as it is becoming more customary that my cosmic sister, Rihte, is by my side, joining us to assist and help accelerate your learning process. Your lesson this night shall consist of how to utilise your Soul-Source, or what we in our realm deem to be, the ‘Warrior Spirit.’

“You, personally, dearest mortal, have been on a constant path of deep and unyielding frustration, great disappointments, and hardship aplenty. You find yourself battle-worn, beaten, and also left to contemplate the messy state of affairs that your earth planet has unwittingly shrouded herself with. It has become the present day collective unconscious of all that reside upon her, bear her fruits, and ingest her harvests.

“What you don’t realise is that this colossal undertaking of free will thinking, is the very cause and the ultimate source of your planet’s own agony! As you have been trudging through the hardest times of your mortal life, your universal sisters and brothers, too, have been on a downward spiral, and so fervently await for their day of reckoning and awakening finally to arrive. You simply have to adjust your negative output of inner energy, and shift focus instead to your Warrior Spirit -- your soul’s source for everything your physical bodies need to prevail in any and all of the most troubling of times.”

Midwayer Rihte: “Brightest of ‘hellos’ and warmest greetings to you dear student! It is my honor to accompany my cosmic brother Thuroc this fine evening, and to talk with you again. As we proudly watch and see how you accomplish the tedious tasks and extreme confrontations each one of you has bravely tackled, we see the amazing and hard earned progress you all have achieved. We couldn’t be happier with how far you all have come, in this time of massive devastation and personal destitution you have had to prevail through.

“Just when you think you positively cannot move on, perhaps even struggle just to exhale, claim your Warrior Spirit. Close your eyes, reach deep within, state your intentions to your Higher Self, and slowly take a few deep breaths in and out, in and out, in and out. Hold your palms open and upward to the Heavens and lovingly accept the strength and energies of I Can, I Will and I Am. Envision yourself surrounded by glowing purple light. State your gratitude and loving thanks. You now have reignited your Warrior Spirit.

“As always precious one, it is our distinct pleasure to have served you this night with wisdom, and a fresh new perspective on earthlife. We have so much love for you that we really can’t state how much joy we receive in our realm when any one of you rejoices with happy hearts and satiated souls. I bid you now a loving goodbye.”

Midwayer Thuroc: “I am Thuroc The Entertainer.”

Midwayer Rihte: “And I am Rihte, saying farewell to you as well.”