2008-07-24-Seeming Death

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Topic: Seeming Death

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Tomas

TR: Gerdean



T/R Gerdean: Father God, Mother God, we come to You, Your children, seeking upliftment and enlightenment. We seek comfort and strength from You, our Source. We seek guidance in how we can go about living a more fulfilled life, knowing You, knowing Your ways, trying to emulate them into our consciousness and our lives. Just help us to be more aware of Your eternal presence with us, Your loving presence. Inspire us to go on in our adventures and misadventures so that we don't grow weary or lose hope.

Thank you for the Teachers. Thank you for the association of us humans who share our faith in the ministering spirits, who believe that they affect us and touch us, however it is that they may manifest through our limited consciousness. And whichever Teacher or Teachers that you would like to send our way this evening to give us a lesson or pep talk or counsel of some sort, we welcome that. We will listen to the message with open hearts and minds and use our discernment. In honor of the Spirit of Truth, which is the gift of Your son, our beloved Sovereign, Michael, in whose name we pray, amen.

TEACHER TOMAS: Well, I am here. This is Tomas. I want to greet you first and let you know there are many, many in attendance; perhaps we will hear from someone else, but for now I am happy to greet you, to make you feel welcome, to help you connect in this ongoing circuitry that we have established. By plugging in your consciousness to the greater consciousness, we enlarge our power to grasp truth, beauty and goodness.

I am amused that my T/R laments she has no clue as to what's coming. I am glad she has no clue because that means she is willing to be a student as well as a teacher. If she were too involved, it would be her curriculum, not ours; and while all of you are indeed a part of the process, it is the prerogative of the administrators to oversee your growth and lesson plan. [New arrival] Good evening. [Hello.] Make yourself comfortable; we are just settling in. [Thank you.]


I have here the image of a long tunnel, even one with a light at the end of the tunnel, but I have here a dark place where you trudge -- a dimension, if you will; the finite dimension, as it were. And while some of you fear what is in the shadows, many of you are comforted by the single light that lures you forward. I will be happy to tell you there are no boogiemen in the shadows. There are no evil creatures lurking. There is nothing to fear in this dimension, this finite dimension.

If you perceive of the spirit dimension as being in the light and you are working toward the light, let your focus be on your goal in full faith that when you arrive, the illumination will have come upon you rightly and gradually. You will have earned your way into the dimension of the light such that you will not be blinded. It will be a gradual accessing.

Many of you wish to simply awaken in the light, as if the light had come on and from the dark you now stand in the light; and while that may be an ideal or an idea that has appeal, and that lures you on, the truth is that enlightenment is more gradual. It is a growth process and the amazing thing is that no matter how high on the ladder of ascension you go, when you look back, you will always see a certain element of the darkness. That darkness that now looms behind you is not to frighten you from relapsing into your past as if it were something to fear, but is more like that which is no longer needed for you to carry forward. Let it remain a part of the density of the finite experience.

Even as I acknowledge the finite experience as having relative density, I am quick to add that the experience of living a life in conscious awareness of this other dimension, this dimension of spirit illumination, enables you to see light in your experience. Even though you may not see clearly enough to know exactly what it is you are going through, you at least have enough light, because of your living faith, to pursue your course in confidence -- if not in confidence of what you are experiencing, at least in confidence of divine overcontrol and ultimate resolution in the spirit.

I provide you these images because I am so well aware of how you all falter and flounder. Perhaps not as often as you once did, but until you are relieved of the human vessel, you are subjected to certain electrochemical and psychic disturbances that tend to shroud you in the comfort of the dark. And when that happens, some of you give in to your fears, your animal fears. This is only normal. But those of you who have glimmered the light, who have touched the spirit, who have felt it touch you, can increasingly grow in the assurance that even when you shroud yourself in darkness, you will be called forth, as Lazarus was called forth from the seeming death.

And so, every time you emerge from that dark cave of experiential floundering, you are right to rejoice in the miracle of your own rebirth. You are right to refresh yourself in the fact of resurrection. Resurrection is the coming of the light. And this will be with you virtually for eternity, for it is a plan that allows you to keep going forward and ultimately you stand before the pure white light of ultimate perfection, and by the time you have attained this pinnacle of existence, you will know what hides in all the dark shadows and you will fear not for you have delivered yourself from them all. I say, "you will have delivered yourself" because from that point on you are adequately divine as to claim such power.

Hearing you talk about the rain, about the dark clouds, about being under the weather, under the influence of the season, I am reminded of the finite condition and so it was easy for me to find these images to expound upon, but I am more eager to hear what dark clouds and bright lights are going on in your consciousness that you might like to share with all of us on this side and which your fellows may benefit from hearing about. Are there questions?


Marty: I have a question, Teacher Tomas.

TOMAS: Yes, brother

Marty: I just became aware that there has been a discussion at the Urantia conference to put together a location for the Garden of Eden, or something like that.

TOMAS: The Garden Project.

Marty: The Garden Project, yes. That's what it was. And I was wondering what you might like to say about that.

TOMAS: Interesting you should ask. I see each of you as a gardener and each of you living in your own Eden, and as you each begin to create a place of beauty, truth and goodness, where you live naturally, organically, in harmony with the earth and in respect for the spirit, you create an Eden, you create a Garden. Recall that agriculture is the foundation of all your lives here, and that as each of you give yourself to the nurturance of your planet, your plot of land, your parcel of Edenic potential, you are contributing to The Garden Project.

Ultimately, it is like the brotherhood of man, that as you live the principles of fellowship, as you live the fruits of the spirit, emulating the Master in ways and means conducive to harmony, you reach out then to your neighbor who is doing the same, and he reaches out to his neighbor who is doing the same, and eventually you are all reaching out and touching, holding on and supporting those others of you who are each and all representing the brotherhood of man until eventually the entire planet is connected by your gridwork, and the same is true for the Garden Project.

Eventually your garden will inspire your neighbors such that they too will grow their own paradise, and ultimately, as these gardens spring up around the world they will inspire others and so, ultimately, the entire planet becomes a garden spot. This is a Garden Project that you can put your hands on.

There is great comfort with the earth, great satisfaction in tilling the soil and bringing forth the fruits of your labors. It keeps you out of trouble and it nurtures all goodness. It allows you to vent your frustration in energetic pursuits, such as perhaps chopping wood or digging holes, and it allows you to cultivate your sensitivity by a keen examination of aphids and ladybugs, butterflies and worms. It teaches you discernment as you ascertain which plants should be pulled out for which other plants to have an opportunity to be fruitful.

The lessons you learn in the garden will serve you through Edentia. And of course, having these things to discuss among yourselves keeps you from wrangling about religion or belief systems that interfere with the smooth working of creation. The miracles of working with creation are multiple. It is a simple life, but not an easy one, and so you grow rugged character as you cultivate beauty, goodness and truth … and often food! … and good will. I know you see no conflict with that, Marty

Marty: Well, I just really am astounded by the beautiful response that you gave. While Gerdean was praying this evening, I said to myself, we could also add just to come and visit with us, not just to have a special curriculum" and I feel that is what you did. You gave your beautiful vision of living with the land. Now, when I asked the question I was really thinking about the association of mortals and super mortals in the progress that we are trying to bring about and that a place was being put together where there would be a place for super mortal special administration, although I feel the response you gave was far more important and beautiful. I would like to say that when I work the land, I always think of the entire of creation, not just of this world, and I am relating myself to all of the other beings who live in other beautiful places and do such things as that.

And this morning when I was pulling some weeds, I was thinking about the teaching from Jesus about weeding the garden and the tremendous meeting from the material life to the spiritual values that we are learning, and that gardening does that too

TOMAS: Indeed it does and you have just told me that Jesus was with you this morning in your garden and so you have in fact created an environment for him to come and companion you.

Marty: Yes, Jesus really spends the day with me and I can't tell you how wonderful it is. And Mother is also here helping us with our animals

TOMAS: Yes, she would be.

Marty: Living with God and living with the entire family of God is just unspeakably tremendous.

TOMAS: Indeed. I smile upon you. I can do no less.

Remember, too, that the supernals have their own architectural sphere. It is just outside your vision. You know the midwayers are just outside your vision, but do you know too that the many, many student visitors, teachers, and other administrators and beings who assist you here have their own architectural sphere. It is not necessary that you build them a hotel or a temple. The temple you might build would be for you in their honor. They do not need to sleep at night or take in food as finite creatures do, and so it is not necessary to build a garden for them as the earlier pilgrims did for Adam and Eve.

I suppose I will get flack for that remark, but it is incumbent upon me to say such a thing anyway, and so I say to you, invite the spirit of your heavenly helpers into your environment and they will companion you and counsel you in the ways that have been established and you can do this as you go about your daily lives. And then at night, when you have said your prayers, you can rest in your architectural sphere, which is created for you, in peace and faith that all is well in God's universe, for your spirit friends will be available to you again on the morrow. They don't need to take up residence in your guestroom as long as they take up space in your consciousness.

Are there other questions or are there concerns? Perhaps in your own ministry?

Carlo: Hello. Tomas?


Carlo: This is Carlo.

TOMAS: Hello, Carlo.

Carlo: How are you doing today?

TOMAS: I am very well, thank you. How are you?

Carlo: Fine! Thank you very much. I appreciate your messages. This is the first time I've been talking with you in this arena, through this medium.

I got a little comment from something I read today. I am reading this book called "Adventures in God" by some guy named John Graham Lake, known as John G. Lake.

TOMAS: Okay.

Carlo: He is one of those folks that the Pentecostal Christian community in America regard as a "God's general." There are a group of Christians who once lived on earth in the 19th- 20th Century, who they regard as Generals in God's army because of some mighty works that were wrought through them.

TOMAS: All right.

Carlo: John G Lake was a missionary from Michigan State who went to South Africa to teach and preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. He was very, very involved in the healing ministry. Many kinds of miracles were wrought through him in his ministries. Time will not permit me to say all the things that touched me from the book. I will just talk about one thing that affected me today. He gave an occurrence, he was before an audience or a congregation, ministering, more or less teaching and preaching, and he said there was a minister in the front seat, in front of him more or less. And he was still in a seated position but he rose above the seat to a certain height and came back into his seat, and this happened like three times and I'm kind of "What is this levitation about?" What are the spiritual benefits? Or why would the spirit do something like that to someone? What is it about?

I also heard a story of a pastor in Nigeria. He was ministering before an audience or a congregation, and while he prayed, he levitated from. He defied gravity; he lifted up and came back. So this levitation, what is it all about? What is the spiritual benefit? That is my comment/question today

TOMAS: Thank you Carlo, for your recitation and your concern about this apparent aberration of God's law, that is to say at least the law of gravity. Levitation serves no purpose -- no spiritual purpose whatsoever. It is a demonstration of power - not of God's power, but of the power of the mind. The mortal mind is far more powerful than most mortals allow. They give credit to God for the mighty things it can do, but often God doesn’t want and doesn’t need that credit. It is in fact a discredit to him when mortals pervert divine law and give him credit for it.

It is also a fascinating aspect of the human being and a testimony to his incredible faith in the unseen. And so while I say it is a perversion of divine law, I also say, in defense of the humans who find themselves experiencing this kind of thing, they are in effect proving to themselves the existence of god - not on faith but by design. They are really saying they have faith in their own mind because it was their mind that allowed them to transcend density and gravity.

This aberration of energy is an illusion. It is often used as a trick, although not always. Most often those who engage in this are sincere in their belief that God is in fact lifting them up, but if you will look at those works in themselves: "God is lifting them up." It is not necessary that God lift them up out of their chair, it is rather that God would lift them up out of their fear and disbelief, and so it is understood why they would credit God, but it is still an aberration.

The mind can do some incredible things, Carlo, and it does, in particular in those of you who have not had the benefit of a Planetary Prince and Material Son and Daughter to carry through with the basic foundations of reality for you. On your plane and as you advance in consciousness, you will see children lifting their spoon into the air, even bending it; this is the power of the mind, and it serves no divine purpose. It will not be used in the future to create things upon which a civilization can be built. It is a phenomenon of those of you who have to live in faith and whose faith in something is so great as to be able to move mountains -- if not mountains, at least spoons.

It can be very frightening to see this. It can seem as if surely the devil has been up to tricks, because it is in defiance of gods laws, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is of "the evil one" as it is an expression of desperate hope and such a consecrated will as to force things to happen that may not be what God has in mind, but it will not go so far as to be ultimately destructive since the human mind, although incredible, is finite and will not be able to carry on at length. It tires. And like any connection, if it gets too far from the Source there will be interference, there will be static, and this static will break the connection and that will keep these remarkable demonstrations from going too far.

Those of you who envy this kind of thing need not worry about your inability to levitate or pull gems out of the air. It is very much like pulling nickels out of the ear. It is illusion. It has little to do with destiny or lasting value, but it is certainly fascinating, as is anything that defies reality. Does this help? [Silence] Perhaps this is not what you wanted to hear. I will go so far as to address the matter of healing.

Healing is very much the same thing. The mind allows the healing to take place. Most of the miracles that are attributed to Jesus were really a product of the faith of those whom he healed. Granted, he did do a few miracles, but for the most part, it was the people themselves who healed themselves by embracing the light and allowing themselves to be lifted up from their own infirmity -- as you can do, as each of you can do. Allow God to lift you up and you can heal yourself of tremendous ills and woes. Indeed, we look to Father/Mother to comfort and to sustain us, to uphold us and to make all things new. And that which is in keeping with his will, will come to pass.

Yes, the mind is a remarkable thing. It is a gift from the mother, this mind that you are using, and I pray that it will bring you understanding as to these phenomenon that fascinate you and distract you from the simple Path.

George: Hello, Tomas.

TOMAS: Hello?

George: How you doing?

TOMAS: Doing good. How you doing?

George: Not bad. This is George. I'm just fascinated by your response to that question from Carlo.


George: And myself, lately I have been observing at my desk at work that things are moving, objects are moving of their own accord -- I am presuming -- and this phenomenon catches my attention and I am very fascinated what might be moving things around. A midwayer might bump something if they are in my vicinity and I am not frightened by it, but I am very intrigued as to what might be happening in my immediate vicinity at work and trying to understand what might be going on

TOMAS: There are a couple of things that you might consider. What kinds of things are being moved around?

George: Sometimes my headset will -- seems to move, or a pencil might roll or something like that.

TOMAS: Well, considering you are aware of the midwayers and are aware of spirit reality, there is not much point in [their] disturbing the peace to get you to pay attention to something you are already paying attention to. Generally the midwayers only resort to moving things around to get your attention initially; once they have your attention they needn't engage in such antics any longer.

You might want to look at atmospheric conditions and climatic conditions, or even co-workers who, like kids, would want to play tricks on you. Or you may want to play tricks on yourself.

George: No, I don't mean it moved in-- I'm seeing it moving. I'm not saying it moved when I was not looking; it moved right there before my eyes.

TOMAS: That’s why I suggested you look at atmospheric conditions. Perhaps the table is off balance. And again, it could be the midwayers, but it's not my understanding of their practice, for once they have your attention, they have succeeded, unless, of course, they have not got your attention to the extent or on the focus they would like it to be. And then again, perhaps you are simply finding this a way to bring your spirit consciousness onto the job.

Another thing is this matter of physics. You understand physics enough to know that there are no solid masses, that everything is simply a conglomeration of molecules and that there is space between the atoms that comprise density. If you are sitting quietly observing from a keen state of mind that borders on supernatural or morontial, you may be seeing the physics of the headphones, the headset, similar to a hallucination, because you know that it is not simply inert but that it has intelligence.

Without having a better idea of what kind of motions, with what kind of objects, with what frequency, the conditions of the environment and your mind, its hard to say with specificity what it might be, but I can conjecture, and I have conjectured, that it might be that you simply need to put that aside and get back to work.

George: Thank you, Tomas. One last question. I-- on the phenomenon or the personality Urantia, Planetary Supreme, or Gaia -- I read an article recently from, I think, George Barnard.


George: I'm curious as to understand the personality or life pattern that has been assigned to Urantia, and was this assigned when the planet became a life planet or when this planet was put on the registry for potential life implantation? At what point did Gaia or the Supreme become a personality?

TOMAS: Again, I will be getting flack for this but Urantia is not a personality. Urantia is a planet. The Evolving Supreme is far greater and bigger than the orb itself. It is immense and eternal. It is a concept, this "Planetary Supreme," that has come into being as a way of enabling students of cosmology to better grasp the idea of the Evolving Supreme. It is perhaps impossible for you mortals to think in terms of the Supreme Being but it is not so impossible for you to think of the godhead of your own planet, and so the concept of the planetary supreme being has been devised, derived by your consciousness, by your conscious choice, in fact. And so it is not as if the celestial administrators registered it as a living being. It is not a living being, except as you have chosen to make it a living being.

So many ideas are afoot. And there are so many backgrounds and belief systems and imaginations and perspectives involved at this time in planetary history, in your consciousness as individuals and as a group, and again as a movement and again as a global phenomenon because there is a global phenomenon going on which involves the grasp of greater reality than, say, two or three generations ago. To draw upon my earlier imagery, you have been approaching the light at the end of the tunnel and you see a little better than you did two generations ago. But you are still not standing in the full light. And so a lot of the things that come out of the shadows come out of the shadows of your own perspectives, your own perceived memories, your own wish fulfillment and when they connect with others, it is as if you have had confirmation and it becomes a reality for you, it becomes cemented in your consciousness and indeed when several people, indeed many people grasp this same idea, or a modification of it, then it is assumed to be truth. This is a part of the evolutionary process but it is also, you should know, not the ultimate, only a passing comprehension, and so it is not stopped because it needs to work itself through, ride itself out, very similar to how all your other planet's experimental undertakings have been allowed to come into being and ride them selves out. Ultimately, it all contributes to the Evolving Supreme, but it is not limited to a planetary supreme.

Gaia is mother Earth, and she is honored by many cultures. So is Mother Nature and so is Nebadonia and so are many female figures through the ages honored in this elaborate hoax because the Mother needs acknowledgement and what better acknowledgment is there than to give her planetary life? It is well intended. It is an affection, rather like the Canaanites who created the golden calf to honor their god, the "planetary supreme" has been created to honor their Goddess. It is a reflection on the incompleteness of your path. It is an honorable reflection, if a bit sentimental.

Mother Gaia do as well to have a home in your Garden Project where they can work with you most intimately and serve most perfectly but still, from the perspective of where you are today, it is understandable that you would seek to exalt and give universal credence to your Mother in the concept of the "Planetary Supreme," particularly since it is understood to be the "SHE" of the Universe. It is referred to as "she" -- this Evolving Supreme.

What an adventure it is for you mortal creatures of sex origin and how colorful your depictions are of divine reality. Limited as it is, it is amazing and remarkable. And while there are some days when we teachers and supernals experience supreme sadness at how far we have yet to go, we also have days of supreme joy and delight in how much you have brought us by your yearning to know God and be a part of His universe. We are touched by your efforts and moved by your efforts. I don't tell you these things to make you feel better after bursting your bubble. I don't feel I burst any bubble, but added a dimension to your creation that enables you to reach one step further into the light.


I see by the clock on the wall that we have consumed our hour and would call our session to a close. Is there anyone who has a burning desire to add something to this session? [Silence} Then I will add my profound gratitude for your presence, and your curiosity and your supreme desire to know more and to fearlessly forge your way through the jungles of confusion and chaos to find the clarity of mind that brings you into the presence of the Father, where you will know peace and love -- infinitely. Amen and farewell.