2008-08-13-Monjoronson Q & A Session 15

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Topic: Monjoronson Q & A Session 15

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Henry Z.



Prayer: Michael of Nebadon, master of the universe, help me to master my own self. Help me to master my connection with Father, the thought adjuster. Help me to master the connection with my brothers and sisters. Help me to master my heart and its love. Help me to master my will that I may truly dedicate it to The Father. Help me to master this moment in which we are in-circuited in spirit and presence, with love for the purpose to bring spirit a little closer within our human nature that we may begin to understand more of who we are, what we are doing and how to move forward. As a team we ask all celestial personalities to join us this evening, to join our enthusiasm and our search as we again attempt to draw upon spirit with our human concerns. I welcome Monjoronson this evening and his staff. We will take a few moments before we start to further center and focus our moment from the activities of today into the stillness and purpose of this moment.

Monjoronson: [Henry] Greetings, it is I Monjoronson. It is good to be here in this energy circuit of the Monjoronson.com team. As again this evening we welcome questions from participants on the website and we attempt to bring spiritual light into the desire of human concerns. We are ready to begin.


Q #1: [Mary] Hi Monjoronson, this person states that there are many groups of extra terrestrial contact out there and they would like to know if there is any relation or connection between the Magisterial Mission and the extra terrestrial contacts, do you know any of them?

Monjoronson: [Henry] Thank you for your question this evening. As to the presence of extra terrestrials or celestials in relation to Urantia and as to their relationship to my mission, there are quite a few groups of celestials which visit Urantia on a regular basis. There are groups of celestial visitors from the universe of Nebadon mostly, there are universe and super universe contact administrators who regularly visit Urantia to discern certain aspects of Michael's program for Urantia in conjunction with the council of 24 elders at the system capitol of Satania.

I have a personal staff of celestial personalities and there are many others of a non-celestial nature who also regularly visit your world. The majority of this activity concerns the fact of the somewhat unruly human nature on your world. Great care is taken to minimize the effects of the planetary activities and restrict them solely to this planet. I might add that all of the celestial personalities and non celestial personalities are of a benevolent nature, a compassion and caring nature, one of caution and concern for the human endeavor on your world. The technologies that have of recent been discovered, for example the nuclear activity.

But again in terms of the celestial presence and my presence and staff here is not so much of this nature as to the nature of the planetary dispensation and adjudication and to prepare this world in a spiritual sense for a greater participation of spirit on your world in which humankind begins to become aware of its true nature and purpose as universal citizens in an inhabited and well run universe. I thank you for your question.

Q #2: [Mary] I thank you for your reply. This question involves a statement in the Urantia book. The Urantia book quote is: "Biological deficiencies were largely made up on the first Mansion world. There defects in planetary experiences pertaining to sex life, family association and parental function were either corrected or were projected for future rectification among the Material Son families on Jerusem." The question is, can you please shed some light on this quote and does the statement "defect in planetary experiences pertaining to sex life" have anything to do with homosexuality?

Monjoronson: Thank you for your question and your concern as to a possible explanation to this Urantia book quote and to its application as concerns dysfunctional sexual activity on Urantia. On the first Mansion worlds the experience of the recently translated mortals deals mostly with making adjustments in the human psyche and the human spiritual and experiential nature. It is of importance for mankind to have a complete experience as humankind. There are tremendous discrepancies between what is available on the planet and what experiences the majority of the residents of the planets have in relationship to what is available.

In the family life of humans it is intended from a universe down to planetary outlook that man truly experience the full nature of the family life; the partnership of man and women, their love, their groundedness in this nature and the raising of healthy children to bring forth spiritual value in their life. Just this one aspect of human nature already gives one an indication that there must be tremendous need on the Mansion worlds to make adjustment in the human experience of family life. But it is the desire of the creators that all be given a chance to experience their hearts desire and it becomes a tremendous desire, when they continue on the Mansion worlds, for many reasons also, to continue to work with family life, with raising children and with working with these aspects.

It must be understood that from a universe spiritual standpoint there is no judgement as to the sexual activity on a sexual planet such as Urantia is. Many of the union attempts on your planet are not tremendously fruitful. It is therefore necessary to allow for the discrepancies which arise in which either humans did not experience a full and healthy sexual relationship and raise a family. Unfortunately on the mansion worlds the morontia bodies you are given are not equipped in such a way sexually as they are equipped on Urantia so whatever is missed in terms of sexual experimentation will be missed on the mansion worlds also.

What there is on the mansion worlds is an awareness of a greater respect for your brothers and sisters, a true acknowledging and respect for everyone. For those who have not had the experience of raising a child to a point at which the child can then venture on, on its own, and make its own decisions both spiritually and for its own life, these experiences become available for mortal ascendants. There are the mansion world nurseries where many of the children that translated to the mansion worlds before reaching an age of making a choice as to their spiritual proclivities are reassembled on the mansion worlds and given a chance to experience life and to have a thought adjuster and to become an ascendant citizen.

These Urantia orphans are up for adoption. Many who have lost children reconnect with their children on the mansion worlds but there are a tremendous overload of children which have no waking parents and they may be adopted and raised by men and women from Urantia. For those that this experience is not enough there are the nurseries of the Material Sons on the system capitol, Jerusem of Satania and there with the Adams and Eves, the violet race and their children, mortals can glean the correct way to raise progeny, to develop skills and character and to underly with a spiritual purpose and a spiritual counterpart the lives of the young children, the young Adam and Eves which they are raising.

The human family life from a spiritual point of view is the basis of its social counterpart. Strong and healthy families make strong and healthy communities. Strong and healthy communities make strong and healthy society, nations. There is much that is good and healthy on Urantia and continually much experimentation is going on in terms of education, of raising and rearing children to become better at functioning in society in the complex and conflicted nature of society. A large part of the angelic activity on your world deals with the human marriage institution and family life, from the very beginning of matching men and women together to inspiring these men and women to raise fruitful and purposeful children, members of society.

On the mansion worlds it is easy to see the stability of human family life and the ideal in what this engenders for not only the family unit but for the community at large. Many Urantians would benefit if they could visit the mansion world family units for one day and see how things are done there. So whatever the discrepancies of a human sexual nature, whether it is homosexuality, whether it is celibacy, whether it is multiple marriages; all of these aspects of human nature will meet their compensating counterparts in a psychological sense on the mansion worlds.

You will see yourselves as more complete than you are here on Urantia. I hope that this sheds some light on the Urantia book quote and to your personal concerns, I thank you.

Q #3: [Mary] Thanks Monjoronson. I have read that there will be one "major" influence on the decimation of the population. Will we be able to recognize that major influence as it happens or will we have to look back some time later and only them realize what happened?

This questioner in addition would also like to know if their proximity to a large city amplifies their danger during the decimation? Thank you for addressing this question Monjoronson.

Monjoronson: Thank you for your question. There is a saying on Urantia that hindsight is 20/20. There will be a tremendous need to evaluate, reintegrate and reorganize as earth changes present themselves on your world. A major influence can also be a series of influences. One of the largest influences is mans unconsciousness, unawareness of what is going on, mankind's seeming disregard for life and the resource of the planet and the resource of human nature. There will be lots of time to put things back together once they are laid asunder, once they have been rearranged and reorganized.

With spirit, mankind will be able to move forward in these times in faith and trust that they are being helped in a spiritual sense to move forward in the correct way to move forward. Man will become aware of many things at once, man will become aware of a greater spiritual presence, man will become self conscious, become aware of his interconnectedness to other men and women on the planet. There will be many aspects to what is going on which will have to be evaluated and integrated into human life on a personal and social level. It does not really make any difference where one lives on the planet.

Very little of the planet will be left untouched, all will be touched. The purposes within a dispensation and the seeming decimation or planetary reorganization compensates those that have to leave the planet as well as those who remain here. Those who remain here have a tremendous task ahead of them. Those that leave here will continue on in their mansion world experience and [in] these times that are upon you and your world, it is important to become aware with the sense of who one is and where one stands in relationship. To know that you are a son of God, a child of the universe is most significant to bring about the greatest change which will need to come about within the social reorganization of your world.

Once mankind becomes aware of the connectedness of all men in relationship to spirit, mankind will sense a change of heart, mankind will sense a purpose in which the greatest amount of good will be allowed to show forth in society by the way it sets itself up, by the way it is organized and run and allowed to exist. Society has to allow for diversity as well as unity. The fact that you are all brothers and sisters of one family is the unifying part, the fact that each is different is the diverse part. To be able to bring the mind out of the bonds of diversity to accept the bonds of unity.

Mankind needs to become aware that even though everyone is different, everyone is here for the same purpose, to bring a fullness and an awareness to life. The changes which will present themselves in a series of events on your world will be remembered only as a reference to time, before and after. Mankind will be too concerned with the immediate urgency which will present itself for society to pull together its resources to survive and in this way not too much time will be wasted wondering and making judgements about what just happened as opposed to working together to insure the survival of what is left, of all that is good, of all that is needed for mankind to survive, raise his families, to bring his children up in a world where men and women love one another, support and recognize and acknowledge everyone, so that the fullness of life may be experienced once again on your world.

As I say, this will engender a tremendous amount of work on the part of you humans who remain on the planet. Remaining on the planet is the beginning of the task, what you will do is of the utmost concern and should be. As human nature is a nature that is not tremendously preoccupied with righteousness, goodness and love for ones fellows, it would seem that your world is in for a grand major awakening. Again, the awareness of what to do will be felt by everyone. The endurance of time to bring this to fruition will require tremendous patience and forbearance for your brothers and sisters.

And in time as humankind stays focused and once mankind begins to experience the joy of living in peace once again, this will initially set up a situation in which the whole of mankind will begin to benefit. Thank you for your question.

Q#4: [Mary] Here is the final question this evening. This person refers to several works such as the Course in Miracles, the Journal, Walter Russell and the Urantia book as well. They want to know, how is it that so few people read these works? They state that their conclusion for their own life is that the best I can do is follow the advice from the Course in Miracles which says, "Change yourself and you change the world". This person says Indeed, changing themselves is a never ending path but is changing yourself enough in this very troubled time? Thank you.

Monjoronson: Thank you for your question. First off, I am not the person that you should be asking this question to. You should be asking your brothers and sisters why they are not searching for truth. I am one who comes from truth, I am truth. It is important, those of you who access truth and who have become aware of changing thoughts, behaviors, means of operations, to begin to make available for others to experience the same thing. There are quite a few self starters on Urantia but the vast majority are not self starters, they must be shown, you must hold their hand in a sense, you must be of service to them, especially in these times.

It is tremendously challenging to present a spiritual alternative to the conflict which arises within human nature. Yes, there is no excuse on Urantia, there is adequate information in whichever level man needs to begin to understand who he is, how to accept who he is and to begin to make adjustments for man to become who man truly is. This is revealed throughout life and it is unfortunate that many do not learn from life experiences. Again, this presents an opportunity to be of service, especially for those who are aware, who have done the work.

No, it is not enough to change yourself but to give of yourself freely that others may begin to know of the freedom and the [fearless] life which you enjoy, which they can enjoy and prosper in. Mankind needs to be pointed in the right direction. Mankind intuitively knows that they have to prepare for the future, they have to gather resources to do what it is they do. If mankind realize its spiritual counterpart, man would begin to gather spiritual resources and whatever it is that mankind need to insure the quality of a spiritual life here and now and when they leave the planet. In this way energy is conserved, it is not wasted doing everything else other than finding The Father within and becoming one with this immense and supreme presence.

There is an unprecedented opportunity on Urantia to be of service, to begin to acknowledge ones fellows, to begin to make yourself available with resource, with time, with kind words, with a smile, with gentleness, with laughter that others may begin to sense a greater awareness in you. In time mankind will become aware, in time peace will be attained on your world and in time, the presence of Michael will again make its' appearance on Urantia. That will be a great and glorious time, when man has finally won the race of time and achieved peace, prosperity, health, fullness and a love that brings humility to all on the planet.

It is interesting in the human nature to observe humans making a simple life tremendously complex for the purpose of returning to a simple life. In this complexity, mankind has lost himself, man has lost his sense of how to return to a simple, peaceful and prosperous time for all men on your world. I thank you for your question.


[Mary]: Thank you for your participation this evening Monjoronson, we can only hope that more and more people find their way to not only changing themselves but having the inspiration to share those changes with each other and bring about a more spiritually aware mankind. Thank you, good evening.