2008-09-09-Monjoronson Q & A Session 19

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Topic: Monjoronson Q & A Session 19

Group: N. Idaho TeaM



TR: Henry Z.



Prayer: Greetings Michael, we come here this evening to encircuit with your energy field, the spiritual energy field of Nebadon, the connection to Monjoronson, to the celestial circuits. We ask for your love and support this evening as we quiet down and focus on the tasks that are at hand. It is good to be of service and help in this capacity. We respect the connection and the circuitry as it lifts us from the daily mundane ordinary life and brings us into the spiritually aware now. We ask for a few more moments to center and focus our thoughts and to call upon Monjoronson this evening and all other celestial presences both involved in the Monjoronson Mission and the planetary and human issues at large.

Monjoronson: Good evening and welcome again to this question and answer format for Monjoronson.com. It is good to be part of this circuit this evening and we are ready to begin, thank you.


Q#1: [Mary] Good evening Monjoronson. It appears that people have been spending time this week thinking about life and when it begins and what happens in the next life and personality issues and such. There is a little of a common thread to some of these and we will begin with a question which asks a hypothetical situation. They want to know if this planet Urantia never existed, would the beings that are born here have appeared anyway?

Monjoronson: Greetings, this is Monjoronson. Am I to answer a hypothetical question with a hypothetical answer or am I to answer a hypothetical question with a straight answer? From the answer of the hypothetical, if Urantia didn't exist, neither would life here exist and it would exist nowhere else since it was not given here. Just like the moment of now does not exist anywhere else but in your life at this moment. Only with the individual personality can life be expressed completely, thank you.

Q#2: [Mary] Thank you, another question was from someone who had read a transcript where you had stated that a large number of souls that arrive on the mansion worlds end up rejecting the eternal adventure and this questioner would like it if you could give us a clearer understanding why these souls would choose not to experience the eternal adventure, especially since they made it to the mansion worlds?

Monjoronson: Thank you for this question. It is not so important that the right hand knows what the left hand is doing. What is more important is that the right hand work in synchronicity with the left hand. It is important for individuals to be concerned with their own understanding of survival, especially when it is in synch with the reality of survival, the promise with the eternal sonship with the Father. The fact that there is not a tremendously strong brotherhood of kingdom believers on the planet of Urantia allows for many beliefs to coincide on this planet and beliefs are not transformed in any fashion or manner as a soul passes through the portal of death.

A large complete unification of the human intention and the brotherhood of man to exist on Urantia would insure that all men would have a greater chance of understanding the reality of surviving life, its tests and what greatness awaits mankind and the planet through a loving and synchronous relationship with the divine Adjuster in-dwelt in men. In the final analysis, man must accept the divine mind to move forward. When man attempts to move forward by rejecting the divine mind and demanding his own will on reality, then that person creates a situation whereby it is tremendously difficult to move forward.

Once that the decision has been made not to move forward and the separation from humankind begins, it is much easier for such an individual to give up, choose not to survive, believing it not at all to be a great reality at any cost to that individual because it does not account for that individuals' will to control reality. It is only through the yielding to the strength of the in-dwelt divine presence [that] the fruits of its spirit begin to show forth in the human endeavor of this life and the next. There is no space between this life and the morontia life, it's just that the place is different but the life is the same, albeit the qualities of life on the morontia side are tremendously more inspiring.

The necessity to serve mankind exists primarily on this side, so again I come full circle and tell you it is not important that the left hand knows what the right hand is doing, it is more important that the left hand work in synchronistic fashion with the right hand, that they work in harmony attuned to each other and a greater purpose. Thank you for the question.

Q#3: [Mary] Is it possible Monjoronson, for a human to continue living on in the flesh after they have fused with their thought Adjuster or is this impossible?

Monjoronson: It's not necessary to answer a redundant question. Inherent in the concept of fusion, the human flesh completely dissolves, goes forth in a burst of light. There is no more human body, therefore it is not necessarily possible to continue living in the present state. Only by retarding Adjuster fusion by the asking the Adjuster to allow more time in the flesh for a specific purpose would it be granted for a person to necessarily delay the fusion technique. It is not necessary to be confused with the life of the Creator Son as was lived on your world possessing a thought Adjuster and upon reaching the point of Adjuster fusion the Creator Son was able to reveal a greater personal dimension of the Father through the inherent capacity to fuse with His Father yet the Son and the Father are already one and what happened with the Adjuster of Michael is that the Adjuster personalized.

But this is not the avenue for humans, this was an exceptional facet of the revelation of the Creator Son, thank you for this question.

Q#4: [Mary] Thank you Monjoronson, we have some questions that are a follow up to an answer you gave in a recent transcript regarding what happens to children who die and the concept of mercy on the morontia level where children can be united with their parents at some point. The question is, when does life begin, life starts at birth right? The personality is formed after birth, right?

Monjoronson: Thank you for this important question. In considering the answer to this question one needs to consider the aspects of life in determining where one is in life. The life of the human tissue that creates the cellular body begins at conception inside the human embryo. Birth acknowledges the end of gestation and the beginning of the ability of a human being to live amongst members of its own kind. Yet from a universe standpoint, from a spiritual sense, the birth of an individual arrives with the thought Adjuster. This is when the person is established in the universe registry.

The thought Adjuster is responsible for delivering the personality traits of the particular human the thought Adjuster will be indwelling. There is a difference between the physical life of a human body and the personality existence within a human soul. In terms of the human body, you have no choice, it is developed for you but in the development of the personality in the human soul, this is not developed for you, this is something that each individual is allowed to acquire on its own through the intellectual understanding of the greater source and presence of the Divine Monitor and the personality revelations of this Monitor through the series of human tests which render the personality sustainable within the human consciousness and the eternal evolving soul of that human relationship with its divine in-dwelt presence.

When a baby dies in its human life it is correct that the baby will be reconstituted to have the ability to grow with its real parents on the mansions worlds if it is the will of those parents. Depending on when the child dies, if it dies before the thought Adjuster arrives it will be necessary for the parents to be present to re-personalize that child and the thought Adjuster comes to indwell that human being. Yet if the child dies after the thought Adjuster comes it is not necessary for the parents to be there for the child to be re-personalized because it is in-dwelt by the Father and there will be many who will attend to the raising of the child on the mansion worlds.

It will be their profound duty to do so, yet in considering this second situation, know that all opportunity will be given for the parents to accept responsibility to rear this child once they get to the mansion worlds. If for some reason this is not done in a timely fashion, the child that has died with an in-dwelt Adjuster will be re-personalized and continue on its journey through the mansion world in terms of being raised to full and proper maturity there by caring and loving individuals. Was there another part to this question?

Q#5: [Mary] There was another question referring to the same transcript. It quotes the former transcript: "In the case of the unborn or the barely born who have not had adequate opportunity to develop and form a significant relationship, they will have the opportunity to try again." Several people wanted to know who is the "they" that you refer to in that statement because that implies that there is someone in existence before birth?

Monjoronson: Thank you for your concerns as to the detail of my explanation. "They", refers to the parents in this case, their ability to try again to raise and have their child on the mansion worlds and this refers to the first part of the question which I have already discussed, the difference between a child passing with or without a thought Adjuster indwelling that child. In the case of the non-in-dwelt child, the child between birth, actual human end of gestation birth and the time that it takes for the thought Adjuster to come, this intervening time, if the baby has passed from this life, again, the parents will be given another chance to reconnect and associate with this child to raise it properly to full maturity, and full maturity in a morontia sense is full spiritual maturity, when the child reaches the point at which it can survive spiritually.

In that sense the maturity rate is similar to the rate on Urantia which should be around 16 years of age. I thank you for your concerns to this question.

Q#6: [Mary] I appreciate your addressing these questions Monjoronson and it does seem that as human beings we of course have a lot of questions about life and in particular the concept of personality and if it exists before this life and that kind of thing and we appreciate it.

Again this is a follow up to a Q/A session we did earlier and I guess they didn't feel this question was addressed specifically enough so they are restating their question.

Should the Urantia book be advertised to the public sooner, even now rather than later?

Monjoronson: Thank you for your concerns and the answer is simply no. It is not important to mass market the Urantia book; it is important to begin to grasp a few concepts from the reading of the Urantia book to incorporate a greater understanding of the thought Adjusters work within the human mind conscious level of progressive functioning as a unit of a greater brotherhood. This is important. The needs and wants of an individual, the desires to solve the worlds problem by turning on the light of truth would be wonderful if it would only work that way on a planet such as Urantia.

[This?] does talk to the many people who have tried to disseminate the text to their friends only to find out that there are lots of Urantia books sitting on shelves, unused, souls unmotivated by the word of truth yet more graciously accepted by the action of truth. The Urantia book truly is a text created for a millennium of progressive human evolution. It is not intended that the Urantia book replace the Bible in terms of quantity, it is intended that the Urantia book support a certain quality within the human mind which reflects throughout the human endeavor to become greater in its response to life within a human society at large.

I would like to say that it would be great to mass market the Urantia book. You may even try to mass market the Urantia book only to find that in certain terms, only a small percentage of humans are attracted to this type of truth and I say type of truth because the Urantia book presents truth as a transformative .......It is meant to fertilize the mind, it is meant to help access a greater reality, it is not meant to build more fences and create more boundaries. In your type of society as America enjoys today, this is just what mass marketing would do; create more fences and boundaries between belief systems.

It would be like over-fertilizing a plant. Fertilizer is best when it is titrated, when it is given out in small doses, that the human becomes responsive to its effect and its nature and begins to yearn for a greater revelation within the pages of the Urantia book. But yes, it is important that those who do read the Urantia book begin to show forth the fruits of the spirit, that they begin to attract through a fragrant spiritual nature that others will be prompted to question and seek out the source of anothers success in spiritual living.

It truly was intended for the Urantia book to be disseminated by word of mouth, from one person to the next, from one group to the next until it reaches a threshold. Until it reaches threshold proportions within society it must evolve on its own and mankind must be led to discover its treasure one by one. Because some individuals ability to transform the quality of thought through reading the Urantia book, [it] does not necessarily equate to others ability to transform their lives as readily with the Urantia book.

It is true from a human perspective that the message of the Urantia book is for everyone at this time, the actual book is not. So begin to proclaim this message, this good news that there is a greater reality and meaning to this life. Begin to show forth the actuality, the fact of the divine Adjuster indwelling man. This is of greater importance in these times than the Urantia book, that man begin to display through a tremendously loving nature the possibility to live life peacefully within conflicting times as exists now on your world.

Begin to show forth this way of life as you endeavor to help your brothers and sisters one by one and if there is no more to this question I thank you for submitting it.


Mary: Thank you for answer Monjoronson, we appreciate you being here, we appreciate the services of our t/r's in this process each week and we've run into our time limit here this evening so we will be signing off, thank you once again.