2008-09-11-Be The Reference of Light for Others

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Topic: Be The Reference of Light for Others

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Thought Adjuster, Monjoronson, LIGHT

TR: Mark Rogers



Prayer: Divine Parents, we receive everything from you, we cherish all that we receive from you and we would return over and over again as long as we still have breath to do so to ask you for more, to petition you for more of that which we crave from you, your love, your guidance, your grace and your peace in our process. Particularly this evening we invite you to join us this evening for building this circuit together in search of truth, in search of beauty, seeking goodness for we know it is your desire to bring these things to us. It is simply up to us to embrace the posture whereby we can accept what you would bring to us and so we ask for your help in doing that now in coming to a place to receive your grace, your peace, your love and your truth.

You know all things and you know we come to you in a state of willingness and openness and so let this be the petition of our hearts to approach you at this time and to receive from you your gifts. We ask that we hear from your emissaries of light. We invite them in to join us as we all pass around this cup of beauty, of goodness and of truth. Be with us each one as we drink deeply of this cup and join us as well and drink deeply with us. Thank you for hearing our petitions, thank you for the answers to our prayers now and always. It is my desire in this moment to act as conduit for your grace and your peace and your love. Please help me to be this worthy conduit, and now let us make this so together, even now.


The Voice: I greet you all at this time, I am this ones inner voice. I perceive you all as a constellation of lights gathered together to bring your individual luminosity and combine with the others to create a great constellation in the darkness around you. As the constellation, you change the night sky, you alter the reality by simply your presence. Your being there impacts your environment more than you know for where there is a bright beacon shining out there is no more total darkness. Instead there is a reference point, there is a point of light, there is you, this point of light and now as a point of light being fixed in your environment you provide a reference point to others who struggle with the darkness and who would look to the constellation for reference and to get their bearings.

This is your role, to stay fixed in your environment to provide the necessary reference to those who seek the light and who are in need of reference points such as yourself. Your earthly navigators set their instruments according to the position of the stars because they are reliable, they are continuous, they can be counted on to be used as reference points and so each of you are in your lives reliable. You can be counted on to be that guiding light and although it may seem to you that you do little, you have great impact with merely your steady reliable presence.

You are so easily seen from my vantage point as these points in the constellation, but to the stars themselves, they do not have the same perspective on their relationship to the others. So it is with you, you are not aware of your relationship to the others and the significance of your maintaining your position but I assure you it is as the constellations in your night sky, you provide reference and security and you light the way with your very being and your very presence.

Know that this is so my dear ones and know that the service that you provide is enduring and is of great significance to those who would use you as a reference to find their way. So when you wonder if you have great significance or if you matter in the gigantic scheme of life, recall that I have witnessed the beauty of your position in the constellation. It is a cherished position, it is one that no other star can fill and so hold fast, be reliable, remain fixed as a point of light. This service is of supreme value. I pray that you know that this is so and that there is such great purpose in you being where you are at this time.

I also appreciate that you come gather and form a constellation such as this because in so doing, this combines the impact of your intention and forms layers of energy that you cannot yet truly perceive. But coming together for this purpose is indeed a significant contribution that you make because one star alone may be confused to be unassociated but a constellation remaining together provides reference for each other and becomes dependable to locate and to use as reference.

My dear ones, I know that as a star you may feel surrounded by darkness. Truly it is a great task before you to not feel overwhelmed by darkness but where you are, the star that you are, the light that you represent there, there is no darkness for your light dispels it. There may be darkness around you and about you but it does not have to be within your sphere of influence because you are so bright as the light that you are that within your immediate environment there is no darkness.

This represents your highest desire, that there be no darkness around you and one by one there are others in the darkness around you who will become ignited and who will be lit up as you are now and in no small part they will follow your example and look to you because they are drawn to the light. As they themselves become beams of light, your constellation grows and the apparent darkness around you fades with each light being until you find yourselves surrounded by light and you will no longer feel isolated by the darkness.

But even in having found each other, even in this moment you know you are not isolated. You know you are together and that together you are a powerful constellation. Hold fast to this awareness that this is so and that acting and being who you are brings light even into the darkest of places. I know to you it may seem as though the task of simply being a light anchor, a light being, a being of light is a small and simple task not requiring extraordinary measures on your part and so how can it be so significant but I tell you it comes as a direct result of your intentions and choice to do so, to be so, to act as a being of light that you are and these grand choices are supreme in this universe.

And so something apparently small sends great energy waves throughout your universe when it represents your most sincere intentions for that is in essence all you have to give and when you choose to give that, your gift is supreme and truly you are a star of brightness. I will contain my remarks there and suffice it to say that I am honored to have the opportunity to address such a constellation and such individual points of light as you all. It is truly a pleasure I cherish to be granted this opportunity that you all so graciously offer. I accept in all humbleness and humility, for again this is a gift that you provide which I accept as do your Divine Parents with deep gratitude, thank you.

Monjoronson: I am here in gratitude as well, I am Monjoronson. It is my pleasure and privilege as well to walk through the door that you opened for me in these times where you have created the arena and the door to open. I would have a few words this evening to offer in response to my associates concerns that there is a great deal of apparent distance between so many of the mortals of the realm and truth, at least as he perceives it.

This can be a discouraging reality to you and indeed there is a significant gulf between reality and the truth that people possess and universal truth and reality. You are all engaged in a time space experience, an adventure in which you must root out and seek truth and you find various truths in various places and then you attempt to embrace these truths all the while bringing your preconceptions and your awareness and your understanding into the equations as you attempt to make sense of truth.

So you discover that no two individuals have exactly the same truths because no two individuals have seen a similar truth from the same perspective. You each, you all have your unique perspectives and experiences and awareness through which you look as you observe out to what you seek as truth and all of your previous experiences and accumulated awarenesses act as a filter through which you perceive your world and what you seek as truth.

And so the very same truth presented to any two individuals will be perceived through their individual filters and end up as different to each. That's why in your time space experience all truth must be seen as relative for all receivers of truth are different and therefore it cannot be received equally by any two who seek. There is no way around this, it is part of your ascension career experience at this point to navigate your way through these differences and perceptions even about similar truths and the whole equation is compounded and made more difficult when there is attempts to obscure truth or to conform truth to your individual belief systems.

It is not until you are able to see things from a truly spiritualized perspective that you can find some common ground in reference to truth. As mortals of the realm, I'm afraid to say that ultimate truth is simply unattainable because you are in a relative environment, you are relatively aware, you are relatively able, you are relatively exposed and therefore all of these come together to bring you what you have in any given moment of relative truth but none of you can claim to have the absolute truth for you simply cannot see it without witnessing it through your filter of preconceptions and awareness and even wisdom.

But do not be hard on yourselves for feeling that you do not have all the truth for you have an eternity to gather it. Do not be hard on others when you perceive that they clearly do not have the truth for they have an eternity to gather it as well. Your definition of truth may be true and real to you but foreign and unreal to another who is equally a child of God, a seeker and one whose desire it is to find the truth. They simply may find different bits and pieces of it than you which may lead them to different conclusions.

But nevertheless they are equally loved, cherished and provided for just as you are regardless of their command over truth, just as you are. You all may be familiar with the image of the many blind individuals surrounding the elephant and each one reaching out and feeling a different part of the whole and each one correctly observing what they feel and each one being led to a determination of what this whole must be based upon their limited awareness of it.

In fact they are all correct, every one of them around the elephant is correctly observing, interpreting and each one would consider the other ones observations to be inaccurate for that is not what they observed. But for each one it is their truth, is their relative awareness and such is the case with the brotherhood of man. You are all blind, all gathered around one gigantic whole and all feeling your way as to what it feels like to you and you are all correct that that is what it feels like to you but none of you are correct in your observation of what it truly is because your vantage point is too small, your point of observation is insufficient.

This does not mean that you cease your seeking for more and more pieces to your puzzle that provide you a greater and greater glimpse of the whole but never consider that you have it for the pieces to your puzzle may take an eternity to gather. It isn't until those last pieces are assembled that you can truly feel as though you've got it, the whole picture is now before you. So realizing that you are each one assembling your puzzle before you and that you are, each one in the beginning phases of assembling such a puzzle, be tolerant, be easy with each other for you may have a few more pieces associated together than some of your brethren but you most certainly have a few less pieces associated together than other of your brethren.

This does not make them more right than you or you more right than others, it means you are both engaged in this process of gathering your pieces and growing your awareness and both are to be commended, both are loved and nurtured by your Divine Parents. Be ever ready to help a sister or brother to assemble another piece into their puzzle or provide them with a little bit of the piece of the elephant that you touched but be forgiving because each one of your perceptions are entirely incomplete and so therefore none can be considered to be ultimately correct.

I hope this provides some perspective on the overall plan at large without diminishing the significance of the process of continuing to search and seek, to find, to gather and to grow in this process throughout for that is what you are here to do and that is what we are here to help you do. That is the divine plan of the First Source and Center for you and it really is as simple as that. So that is the plan and that is the simplicity of the plan and perhaps our best influence may be to bring joy into the plan and to embrace the plan as we go for truly that is an impact we can make, that is an effect we can have as we go through this process; to enlighten it with love and with joy, to bring the peace of this awareness that we have about the plan into it and in so doing all these things we truly do act as light beings, as beacons in the dark for we know of the plan, we know of the grace within the plan and having this knowledge, knowing this much about the puzzle we can relax and be at peace and even be at joy.

I thank you all tonight for gathering together. I encourage you to remember that your role as light anchors is ongoing. Wherever you find yourself, that is the environment that you may bring your light into and dispel the darkness around you. Let it be so and let it be with joy, I leave you with my peace now, farewell.

Light: I would greet you as well this evening, I am Light here at the invitation of my mortal liaison to offer one final image this evening for you to consider and that is you all are familiar with the expression that you can carry the torch for a cause, for a reason, for another individual and in so doing this act of perpetuating the light is brought forward and one may carry this torch to a distant land or a faraway place to another individual or to a race of individuals and this torch may be used to ignite the torches of the others.

If you see yourselves as carrying the torch, carrying the light then look to light the torches for others that they may be spread out and carry the torch as well. Truly in this way an entire village may be well lit with plenty who are willing to pick up a torch and have it lit and carry it proudly and boldly. But all these torches may be lit from a single inspiration, a single source, from you each and every one. You may enter into the environment that you are and actively light up the lamps of the others, to pass the light from your torch out and it does not diminish yours at all, it only lights theirs and they may be out and about, able to light the torches of others,


This is how an entire village may be lit up, this is how an entire civilization lights up. Passing the torch around, back and forth, to and fro is your privilege, is your pleasure. I encourage you to see it as such. Be there ready to light the torch of another at any time, to give it away freely as you have received it. There are the thoughts I would offer this evening, thank you for your observation. I now will draw this meeting to a close. Thank you all for participating and for bringing your light, I bid you all good evening, farewell.