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Topic: Thanksgiving

Group: S. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Eregon

TR: Jo Ann



EREGON: We are with you, children of the light. We welcome you as you welcome us, into your homes, your lives, this beautiful sacred space that you have constructed today. We are attracted to these constructions. Even if we did not have an appointed time to meet with you, this beautiful construct would be a welcoming and bright invitation to our presence, and we thank you for creating it.


The peace and well being of your planet depends on souls such as you, who will continue to hold the light of higher consciousness, trust in the higher powers, love for one another, [and] a vision of peace and prosperity. This is Eregon. Our topic for today is “Thanksgiving.” Yes indeed, Thanksgiving!. In these times when so many are distracted by messages of doom and gloom and fear, financial woe and disaster, wars and rumors of wars, it is more important than ever to put your finger on the pulse of what is in your life that is true, beautiful and good.

The sun still rises every day; the stars shine at night; the clouds bring rain. Your car runs. Your children continue to grow—whether they are small or whether they are adults—they continue their spiritual journeys, as you continue yours. We encourage you; we nudge you to help you to find things in your life, to be truly grateful for this appreciation, as you practice it. It creates yes, a vibration and a frequency as other teachers have revealed, and it is exactly this vibration and frequency that is needed to counteract all those who are falling into canyons of fear and despair. It is more important than ever to be a torch bearer, to be a light worker, to have a happy heart, a joyful countenance and to go about doing good.

You have read about gurus, who even when taken down alleyways inhabited by the homeless, who are also many times handicapped and of disorderly mind, still these beautiful souls traveling there, see the joy and the beauty. It is truly a conscious aspect of mind, decision and choice. Making your choice to always see what is divinely being revealed in every moment will bring you many joyful times in your lives. You have also read, or known of, people so negative, that even when the most joyful things happen to them, things they might celebrate, they sit and worry and stew about what might go wrong. Again, this is an illustration to let you know that it is a choice how you see things. No matter what the mainstream view might be, no matter how many people might go about in a state of worry, does it help anything for you to join them? No, but we guarantee it helps the world, if you will keep your minds staid and your heart focused on what is really beautiful and good and trustworthy, and worthy of appreciation and thankfulness. Thankfulness is most likely the very quickest way to change your attitude from one of foreboding to one of positive, joyful, looking into the future and perceiving the present.

The old saying is: “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you respond.” It is true even in these times, children, even more so. For as it is easy to be carried along on a positive wave of joyful exhilaration and expectation, it is also easy to stay spiritually centered, psychologically anchored in that joyfulness and trustful expectation, even when others are not. This is what we are asking you today, if you are willing to be of assistance to us in any way, and if you are desirous of having a happy and healthy heart at all times! It is one of those things illustrated by another cliché: “Simple, but not easy.” It is a simple thing; it is not a complex structure or a complicated procedure, to focus on the light within, the Spirit that indwells you, the angels around you, and to look into your environment, your family, your relationships and find the things you are truly grateful for. Not everything changes in times of challenge; there are these spiritual anchor points that is a blessing for you to be in contact with. You might even build yourself reminders of these things, so that you can keep in touch with your joyful attitude, as you go about your day.

We have mentioned before that the attitude of gratitude, the path of appreciation, the trail to thankfulness, will lead you to that beautiful inner shrine that is completely protected, surrounded, enfolded, its spiritual watch-care and peaceful joy—there is such a place within each of you. Your minds and your souls know the way there. Remind yourselves as we remind you now, that this is your natural and rightful place to be, in your attitude toward the world, your life and your future.

We love you, our students and our friends. We do not leave you alone through any of your challenges, but we find it so much easier to reach through to you when you are conscious of putting yourself on a positive path. It is in the light of the Father that we work; it is in the joy of the universe that we work; it is in the goodness, which is real that we work. And when you choose to bury yourselves in unhappiness and worry and anxiety, you are less likely to see and hear us, and we are less likely to be able to contact you, for you have built yourself a barrier. And we believe—knowing your souls and your spirits—that this is not something the Divine part of you chooses to do. But in those times that you have done this, you have allowed another part—the egoic part, the subconscious part, the human emotions parts [that are] tied into body frequencies and hormones—and you have sunk into a mire. It is always available for you to remove yourself from this situation, and there are always those reaching out to give you a hand, but you must be looking for the hand before you can—in most cases—grasp it.

It is our task and our mission here today, to remind you that as you have been light workers and torchbearers, it is you and people like you, upon whom we depend for the regeneration of hope and for trust. You are more likely than many others to be holding strong to this “light raft” in these strong currents and seeming chaos and disorder. Trust that all is well; know that all is well. There is no challenge, no hardship, no deprivation that can separate you from the love of God. The Spirit that indwells you will never desert you; the angels of your watch-care and guidance and guarding are constant companions. Your soul is never in any danger.

People through generations, decades, eons, centuries—have weathered all kinds of challenges. And you can find numerous testimonies in your libraries, on TV programs, among religious testimonials in churches and in books, that sometimes the greatest challenges are really the wrappings for the most bountiful of gifts. Know that this is always a potential in everything you face. Building your courage and your trust is always a good benefit that comes from meeting challenges and solving difficulties. It is still true that you light workers are among a majority of non-light workers—not that they fight the light—but they have not the resources to come into clarity, focus and trust, as you have. When you settle yourself in these attitudes, and simply as we have said before, go about your daily routines, you are bringing a gift to everyone you come in contact with.

It is as if many people are sitting at tables with only candles to light the room, and for some reason, whether it was a breeze that came through or a prankster, many of these candles have been blown out. The potential for the light is there; some of these people even have matches in their pockets, metaphorically, but in you come with a lighter and a candle that cannot go out. Do you think that they would be glad to welcome you? Yes they will; yes they will; yes they will. Bring your light with you everywhere, by staying in focus and in tune with Spirit, and you will be of immeasurable good to all those for whom fear has become a dominant attitude.

We would also address your elections process and proceedings for a moment: It is good indeed to see so many people interested and participating. As your TR has noticed, your last President was not elected by a majority of voters, for a majority of voters did not even vote. The more people who are willing to go out and vote, the more likely is it that the soul of a nation will truly be expressed in the choice of a leader. You have noticed the enthusiasm and excitement over this particular election, and we see this as a good thing for more people to be involved, to be caring. For the majority to rule, the majority must be involved in making the choices. Celebrate your right to make a choice. And whether your candidate of choice may win or lose, whether the issues that you have informed yourself on and made a choice about, win or lose, know that you are an important part of a democratic process, and this is an important part of the growth of the nation, of the planet, toward truly ideal representational government. As you participate and look at the results of your participation, choices can be made for better ways. There are improvements still to be envisioned and accomplished in many areas of governance. Although what you have here in your United States is quite serviceable, it has the potential to operate at a less than ideal level of its highest functioning. You cannot force ideal functioning; you cannot force the highest ideals to be practiced, but it is wise not to allow the rules of governance to somehow sink to their lower levels. Laws do not create morality. It is the morality of the people that demands the changes in laws. We are one with you in encouraging advancement in all levels of co-creation of the ideals of statehood, into the ideals of government, as you know it.

There are angelic forces active in your halls and chambers of government. Sometimes their influence goes long without recognition, and in other times a firestorm of enthusiasm sweeps through the halls, and yes, sweeping changes can come about quickly. We encourage you, as you choose the issues, the changes, the candidates, that you do indeed pray to choose the highest and best good for all, for there are many of us working from this side to make your choices ever upward a reality, from the standpoint of spiritual progress, enlightenment, advancement, and idealism. You might even pray that everyone who comes into the voting booth, after you that day, feels the energy of spirit as they make their choices. Bless your precinct station with prayer.

And whatever the outcome of the election and the issues that you have chosen to vote upon, and especially if your choices were not the ones chosen by the majority, pray for the spiritual ears and hearts of your leaders to be opened to higher guidance in the fulfillment of their trust. And with a thankful heart, be appreciative of the process.

Back to the personal level again: We encourage you to bring thankfulness into as many moments of your day as you can imagine. Be thankful that your shoes fit; thankful that you have clothing to keep you warm and that you like the way it looks on you; thankful that you have food in your home, [and] friends to share it with. Fuel may be expensive, but it is available, and so it is with so many things—you can look at one side of things, like the price of gas, and feel disgruntled, or you can turn around and look at, “Well, it’s less than it was last month. Hooray!” and yes, every gas station has some in it—“I have hundreds of choices of where to fuel my car. Hooray!” Find the little things to be joyful about: water comes out of your faucet, hot or cold at your choice; the electricity in your home works and you have light after dark and heat as well. It is very easy to live day-to-day without appreciating these things, but yet you are one of the first few generations—even here in this country—of privilege and progress, to enjoy electricity, central water, heat and central air conditioning. Even now there are many people—billions in the world—who do not have these things to be thankful for. Appreciate your lives and your life styles. Build a dome of positive vibration around your life, your travels through your towns, your meetings with other people—for whatever reason—and this is not just for you. The reason we ask you to do it so often, is that it is of such benefit to others.

You might have difficulty in perceiving it or noticing it, but we do not, we see it. We see the contagious light that touches people where you go, when you go about in a positive and joyful state of mind and soul. It is a beautiful thing; it is a beautiful process, and it is so important in these times that you are living in this moment, to be a light worker, to carry the light, the joy, the peace, the love. So drench yourselves in the luxury of it every day, before you leave your domicile. Take it with you everywhere you go. Pretend that you are carrying…. (Tape turned. Some dialog unrecorded.)

We love you, we encourage you, we trust you. We are your companions; we delight to see you happy and joyful, and we assure you that there is so much more to be thankful for than to be discouraged about. All it requires is your attentive focus, and once you have created this focus, you have also created a path to all your spiritual friends and helpers. Ask the Spirit within, which we call your Thought Adjuster, to adjust your thoughts when you are having trouble with this. You are never left alone; you are always in the presence of those who carry the attitude of gratitude, peace, joy, and trust. Reach out to us and catch it back from us when you lose it for yourself. Again dear ones, we love you.


Are there any questions or points for discussion? (Pause.) Are there others among you who are hearing today and feel spirit nudging them to share what they perceive? (Long pause.) Well, be certain that your spiritual companions are giving you their spiritual hugs. Thank you for attending today, for making time in your lives to create a sacred space and commune with us. We love to commune with you. Good day. Be at peace, and more than peace, be in joy.