2008-10-07-Monjoronson Q & A Session 23

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Topic: Monjoronson Q & A Session 23

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Henry Z.



Prayer: Thank you again Michael for the opportunity to come together, to be in-circuited in this circle of love and awareness. This evening we ask for the connections to be made and invite all celestial personalities to join and we are ready to begin.


Monjoronson: Greetings and good evening, again it good to be here and communicate with you in this capacity within this circle of energy. This evening before we begin I find it is necessary to clarify a couple of statistical elements. The first is since the Urantia book has come into reality on Urantia and since its publication there has been some issues pertaining to the planet which have changed in the respect that they were represented one way in the Urantia book and now in reality we enter another age.

Since the publication of the Urantia book there has been a reconnection to the universe circuits of Urantia which at one time was a quarantined planet. Secondly, there has been a tremendous effort put forward by both celestials and humans to further contact and information, primarily of the nature to be of greater service to oneself and to mankind in general. Since the quarantine has been lifted and circuitry is still being reestablished for Urantia, it should be noted that the Lucifer rebellion and those that took part in it have been completely adjudicated within the super universe appropriate circuits.

In this respect, information that may be transmitted during the sessions will always contain information in reference to the Lucifer adjudication and the lifting of the quarantine and the reestablishment of the correct spiritual circuits on Urantia. If necessary, reference will be made where it may conflict with information in the Urantia book. Now that we have clarified this matter we may begin this evening, thank you.


Mary: Q #1: Thank you Monjoronson. In our first question this evening, it says: The question I would like to know is why each one of us is so different from another even when we are children of the same parents, have received the same education, the same examples, we have the same genetic roots. Why are we so different, especially in our spiritual inclinations?

Monjoronson: Thank you for this question. The individuality of the human personality is hardwired within the human psyche. Each individual person is designed to be completely and uniquely different; therefore the greater the challenge to accept one another, to work together for the benefit for all involved. As to why people express themselves individually spiritually, I think what you meant to say is that people express different belief systems on Urantia. Spiritually everyone is the same on Urantia.

On Urantia most people are looking to be saved, their concern is about living a life that is free from oppression of any kind, even fear. Most people want to express and worship their own belief systems. People want to raise their families, educate their children and insure that they will be able to maintain with a certain amount of integrity, a job, a lively hood, and a where with all for their family and the future generations. This is the common goal of the groups of individuals known as men on Urantia.

As to why it is such, it is necessary in the expression of the Supreme Being that there be immense diversity amongst all participants in the ascension scheme of finite mortal will creatures fusing with eternal divine thought Adjusters and attempting to traverse the universe together in unison. This vast and complete experience of all mortal will creatures in every universe, it is designed that an augmenting function of God is achieving expression. This aspect known as the Supreme is already an ideal and not yet an actuality.

As the ideal, one can tap into this concept of divine expression. The Supreme is one of the evolutionary-organic aspects of the universal Father and His source of divine personality. To give expression to Himself after completely dissolving Himself into manifold Adjusters who indwell the manifold of the human element in this universe time and space age it is necessary to give complete expression to insure that complete expression is achieved. The two elements of the divine Adjuster bringing a unique personality to a unique genetic being somewhere in the universe or an evolutionary world such as you have here on Urantia, therefore is it necessary for this diversity of expression that the fundamental elements have aspects of individuality and diversity.

There are series of beings in the universe, who are created without the individual expressions. Many of the daughters of the Infinite Spirit that work in the local universes are created as such yet they do not possess thought Adjusters and they are not designed to go through the evolutionary training program along with the thought Adjusters. So in considering your question, the answer must also include considering that there is a greater reasoning involved in achieving an aspect of divinity which requires such individuation of personalities. Again, I thank you for this question.

Mary: Q #2: Well, speaking of thought Adjusters, this same questioner asks: How do we achieve a more smooth communication with our thought Adjuster? Jesus said it was very difficult but at no time said it is impossible.

Monjoronson: There is an old adage on Urantia which says, "Practice makes perfect". It is the conscious continual acknowledgement of the thought Adjuster and the awareness of the thought Adjuster's presence within ones life which augments the trusting relationship which develops between an Adjuster and an individual. When the Adjuster feels safe enough to entrust the human with a greater revelation of Himself, this will certainly transpire when the human has earned the right for this.

In this respect the Adjusters are not on a time table. They work individually with the particular human mind they indwell. The Adjusters truly are your friend as only a Father can be. They truly are eager to be acknowledged and to be of service also. For the thought Adjuster to gain trust in its human subject, the human subject must be willing to acknowledge in a very humble way that the Father is the one who is truly in charge. The Father certainly points the way, the Father certainly prepares the way and the Father contains a unique resource for its human constituent to access a greater sense of reality, a greater capacity for more love and a desire to become more like the Father.

Though the thought Adjuster is of a divine essence, the vast difference encompassing human and divine is traversed by the divine Adjusters ability and acknowledgement to indwell and work within the mind of a human therefore enabling man the opportunity to just recognize an aspect of reality that is taking place within his own mind. Man does not have to reach very far to discover the divine presence within. Mans greatest obstacle to discovering the divine presence is mans overwhelming preoccupation with himself.

Once you are able to get past the "me part," to realize that an actual presence indwells your mind and is a part of your equation, then it will become much less of a challenge to contact this superb yet sublime presence within. I thank you for this question.

Mary: Thank you for your reply Monjoronson. I find it interesting, the idea of the thought Adjuster having to come to trust the human subject. I'll have to think about that but I really like your admonition to practice, practice, practice and the more we repeat to ourselves the reality that we have a fragment of God within us who wants to partner with us and the more often we do that the better off we'll be communicating with them.

Q #3: This next question is from a different person and they appreciate a recent transcript in which you informed us that "very shortly" this planet will experience first direct contact with off world beings from other planets and they ask if you could offer more information about this great event. For example: How long is "very shortly," are we talking about ten years, sooner or much later? They would also ask if these volunteers from other planets require some training of some type preparing them for what they'll find when they arrive here? This person would like to actually go on record stating that they would be happy to be of service to brothers and sisters from other planets if they should need any help when they are here on Urantia as liaisons or hosts or anything of that sort. This person would be happy to volunteer.

Monjoronson: Thank you for this question. Before I answer this question I would like to make a response that I made in the previous answer as concerns the thought Adjuster trusting the human. I purposely worded it this way so that the human understands that when he begins as a human to interact with the thought Adjuster, it is proof that the human trusts and believes strongly in the Adjusters presence. Of course the Adjuster completely and always trusts the human. Only when the human begins the trust in the Father does a human recognize God's trust in him. Thank you for that clarification.

As to the concerns of when personalities may be re-personalized on Urantia, I have no more information in terms of a time table. The word shortly refers to a linear amount of time as opposed to the circle of eternity which will consume all time. Of course from a humans perspective, the celestial perspective of time seems shorter than the actual time that a human must endure waiting for something. It is not important that humans wait for anything to happen, it is already happening. The presence of the thought Adjusters in the human subjects is a tremendous event.

Become aware that the potential for everything lies within this delicate relationship of the thought Adjuster and its human subject. True believers who are already distinguishing fruits of the spirit have already entered the kingdom of heaven and enjoy the peace and happiness of mind which follows such achievement. No event is greater than the event of man contacting the divine presence and beginning to understand the tremendous tension and the great dynamic which exists in the human mind discovering the divine presence of the divine mind.

No being could ever materialize on Urantia that is more profound than the presence of the divine within the human mind. It is time for mankind to cease this relentless waiting for something else to bring peace, tranquility and happiness. It must be created by man himself. No "off world" being making contact has the potential to unify mankind as does the divine presence within the human mind. What may appear as an exciting acknowledgement for mankind as "first contact," does not equal the potentials that each of you truly has in discovering the great relationship of time.

If mankind would only truly discover his divine nature, would mankind realize that first contact is nothing more than the last resort of a spiritual universe in getting mans attention and even when mans attention is aroused, does this insure that mankind will listen and follow or is it just something else for mankind to deny or take exception to? As to the part of your question of being ready to serve, you can be of service even at this time. Even at this time do these personalities exist in your realm, just not in a physical sense.

The universe enjoys the few Urantians that contribute to the universe agondonter status. Urantia is one of the few worlds from which agondonters come from. The universe and its administration are not quick to dissolve such a resource. Great and mighty is the journey for an agondonter in the universe. Agondonters are assigned to special tasks yet the universe is not merciless. Truly is your planet and all of its inhabitants embraced in a measure of divine compassion and mercy, of tender and personal love of a celestial nature.

I understand by the question that you were expecting a different set of information. This information is not forthcoming at this time. I do thank you for this question.


Mary: Thank you for your reply Monjoronson. I would comment since we don't have any more questions, that it is good to be reminded that we always have the opportunity before us to do the most important work. There is always a way to do work that is important to our divine relationship to God no matter what our circumstances are. But I can also relate to the questioners very human sentiment oft heard on this planet that sometimes there is a longing for a major leap in advancement, a major change of course when sometimes we look around and feel like things seem pretty crazy on this planet as far as a lot of things.

I appreciate your reminder of the ultimate absolute value of pursuing our relationship with God whatever the planetary circumstances are. That is the end of our questions tonight Monjoronson, thank you.