2008-10-09-Various Components Within

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Topic: Various Components Within

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Thought Adjuster, Monjoronson, LIGHT

TR: Mark Rogers



Prayer: Divine Parents, you give us all things that we have need of, your grace knows no end. One of the things we are grateful for is this meeting here tonight and this counsel to which we invite you to participate with us. We come together to raise our awareness and grow our understanding and we ask that you join us and participate with us in this process and help us to grasp that which you would bring to the equation. We are certain that you hear and know of our needs and petitions and so we proceed forward in gratitude that our prayers have been heard and most certainly will be answered as we proceed ahead in this process.


The Voice: Greetings, I accept what I understand to be an invitation to join you in this process of growth and awareness. I am this ones inner voice, a name he chooses to denote that aspect he has come to recognize as distinct from other aspects which he has come to recognize. There was some discussion about the various components and parts of your composition and you recognize that there is more than one avenue to truth and divine presence. You have your onboard partner and assistant ever willing to influence your perception and awareness when the offer is made by you to do so, that is, this partner is most definitely in the passenger seat and plays a secondary role in the maneuvering of your vehicle through the maze.

You, as the free will creatures are in the drivers seat and you determine the ultimate route that will be taken as you proceed forward. In your attempts to identify and perhaps distinguish these different components of yourself, you may find it useful to view your relationship with your indwelling guide as closely associated with your first response, also called your instinctual response. The very first response that you have is often times your glimpse of your most divine and ideal response and this response arises instantaneously with the briefest of consideration.

It is then taken into your data base, your mind, and all the other factors are brought into consideration along with this first response and most of the time this first response is conditioned away by virtue of the other matters under consideration. Sometimes this first response of truth or beauty or goodness may influence the other factors involved in your decision making process and elevate the overall tone of your direction. Those who are well accomplished in recognizing this initial response as your divine connection learn to let this initial response have a dominant influence over their other considerations in life which could have the effect of diluting and conditioning this first response into alternate directions.

In addition to all this that is going on within you, there is as well another presence that was discussed earlier, that of the Spirit of Truth which is rather on the other end of the spectrum for it is where you go to substantiate the impulses that you have had which have been conditioned by thought process and can be either substantiated or invalidated by taking them into consideration under the influence of the Spirit of Truth. So on both ends of your thought process there are divine influences, one in the very beginning, even before you have thought to register such thoughts and then it is up to you, the freewill creature to decide what of these inspirations, of these thoughts of truth, beauty and goodness and to make them real in your lives and the Spirit of Truth is there to confirm for you beyond a shadow of doubt that this is right for you, this is correct.

If you will learn to utilize these two influences, you will enjoy a more fruitful relationship with both of these influences and the goal of having you identify with these components of divinity will be accomplished in your ascension career. As was mentioned, that is the game that we play here and all the circumstances and issues in life are in support of this goal and this game that is played for truly all that you seek in your spiritual pursuit may be found within the scope of your own personal being.

But it is quite understandable and even necessary at these beginning stages of awareness that there is this stage of unknowing and contrast because there will come a time in your career when you will look back on these days of relative uncertainty and marvel that you did not fully know and could not fully know what you have come to know and grow to know over time. But this is the game as it is played. You must take some turns and go around the board a few times and gain as much experience and wisdom in the process and eventually all who play the game succeed and win.

It is simply a method for you to traverse time and space and have the crowning victory. You may attempt to hit the jackpot by coming to an awareness of your relationship, your partnership with your indwelling guide, the one who is always there ready to offer His influence when asked but most certainly await your glance in their direction.

I am grateful for this opportunity to be asked to come forward and interface with you about such important aspects of your career and I look forward to our efforts yielding fruits over time as we are not only in the process of feeding the intellect, but as well we're in the process of nourishing the soul. I hope there has been some nourishment provided this evening, thank you and farewell.

Monjoronson: Greetings, I am Monjoronson here as well to access this portal that you provide for this purpose. I thank you for this opportunity and the efforts you all make to provide this format to be used. As you know I am in great support of all this effort to bring to more public awareness the importance of developing an internal relationship or relationships as you might consider your indwelling guide, your Spirit of Truth, your personality and self; there are literally relationships that can happen within your own being.

As you well know, this process we utilize in this moment is highly fallible. This t/r process is certainly not a direct avenue of approach but rather utilizes several circuits and means to bridge the gap between the spiritual circuitry and the material thought patterns made into words and expressed out. There are many limitations to this process and so it is important that you use your tools of checking within to see for yourselves the relative accuracy of anything that happens through such a second, third and fourth hand as you are participating in right now.

Certainly the participants involved in this process are all genuine and sincere in their desire to facilitate this process but there are so many restrictions on words, languages, thought patterns and the transformation of spiritual thought patterns into material thought patterns. So it is that this is but a rather stop-gap method to achieve some crude result. It was never meant for masses of people to have to hear from spirit through one individual, rather in the rules of the game, as has been discussed, include the participants gaining in capacity to hear their own spirit presences, to feel their own connection and even to develop the relationship with their own divine presence's within.

In this way, every individual will hear the word of divinity and feel the connection to truth. It is a contrast that you are observing right now in your ascension career, this not being connected or not hearing directly. Again, one day you will look back at these times and recall how starkly the contrast is between these times and your future when you are connected and in tune with spiritual frequencies. Contrast is so vital in assembling your reservoir of experience. You need to see what something is in relation to something else and you are experiencing now in your first times around the board, the uncertainty of disconnection and as you go round and round in your experience and develop this connection, your entire experience changes and accommodates your new awarenesses and perceptions.

So it is that we keep going in this process, we keep returning to the board to play another round, to gain a little more experience, to deepen our awareness more and more, to practice that which we have learned and in this way we may enjoy more and more the game as we are able to bring more and more to it. But know that the goal has never been to disseminate this ability to t/r or this sense of experiencing spiritual presence by one individual to be spread around. The goal most certainly is that each one and every one develop their access to hear from the spirit presence which is already with them and available should this relationship be developed further.

You all here tonight have been actively engaged in seeking and searching for a greater connection to those aspects of yourselves that you recognize are greater than you and this is exactly the motivation that brings you to the game table; to try again, to gain more and more out of each try until you reach your milestones of success. I applaud your efforts to reach in this direction. It is a most worthy cause for you to spend your time and energy on and all efforts spent in this direction will bring certain rewards.

So, keep up the good work, try, try again and most certainly you will reap the rewards of your efforts. I thank you all for your attention and will take my leave, thank you.

Light: Greetings, I am Light, I would have a final few words to offer this evening for you. I encourage you to consider your internal environment and consider the state of peace, of beauty and of goodness that you maintain within. This is your inner citadel and you are solely in charge of this environment, you control all aspects and I encourage you to choose those aspects and bring them into this parlor which are helpful in supporting peace, love and goodness. Remember that nothing that happens outside of your inner environment, nothing that happens out there in the real world can impact this inner environment if you so choose.

It is your choice to determine what gets brought into your inner environment. You can actively choose to leave the reality and the news of the outer world out there and not bring it in to color and influence your inner environment. Nothing out there has the power to force itself within your inner environment, you must agree to let it in, you are the gatekeeper and I encourage you to be a mindful gatekeeper for your inner environment. Stand guard against pollution and negative influence of any kind. It is not necessary that you bring the troubles of a world at large to bear on this inner sanctum.

This you do for yourself, this you do for those around you, you maintain this inner sanctum of peace, of love, of beauty, of goodness regardless what storm may swirl in the outer environment. You are the gatekeeper and the chooser of what you will bring in to be a part of this inner world and so therein is your power. Choose not those negative things that you cannot support, choose only those positive things that you approve and would foster in your experience. Just as you would decorate your dwelling as please you to invoke feelings of peace and serenity, likewise decorate your interior space with those things worthy of a sanctuary and reject all those things that are in contrast to that.


If you will take this responsibility seriously you will indeed be a powerful being unable to be buffeted about by life's circumstance. These are the words I offer tonight and I am grateful for the opportunity to do so. I thank you all for hearing them and I bid you all a good evening, farewell.