2008-11-02-My Short Stay on the Planet

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Topic: My Short Stay on the Planet

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Michael

TR: George Barnard



Christ Michael: “This is Michael. In this life one may become a famous singer, without also being the composer of one’s songs. One can become a great carpenter without being the sawyer, or even being the owner of the wood. One can become a seasoned bricklayer without having the ability to fire the bricks, yes, without knowing what the firing of quality bricks entails. Your singer, carpenter, and bricklayer are specialists.

“In My early time-space existence, although I was the perfectly created Paradise Son, who later became a ‘Universe Creator Son Specialist,’ I was, however, without the knowledge of what it is like to be a Melchizedek. Therefore in My first of seven bestowals, I long ago took on the task of a Melchizedek. All who enter, and all who are indigenous to time-space, without exception, come here to learn, to serve, and thereby advance. One can truly be perfect, without being all knowing.

“Even though you are of My very own creation, and I know you all, to truly comprehend you, I needed to live the life of one of you – My seventh and last bestowal as one of My human creatures. To be of total use to all of My offspring, and to be able to reign over My still perfecting universe, and make decisions that are fair to all, it was necessary for Me to live these seven different lives; to be in the position of My very own subjects. It is generally considered that My lifetime spent on this earth was for Me to teach and preach about our Universal Father on Paradise, and His never-failing love for all.

“Indeed, that was My message to you. It was also necessary for Me to live the life of a man, to employ the mind of a man, to take care of responsibilities a man must take care of, to fully be in understanding of My myriad human subjects. Now to answer your question, My dear students:”

Note: The question only dealt with His short stay on the planet, not the setting in motion of the future adjudication of the Lucifer rebellion.

“Decisions had to be made by the man, Jesus of Nazareth, for those who were His students, His apostles, and future teachers. And here we must look at what the human, Jesus, needed to decide was going to be the right way. In our earlier discussion (not recorded) you comprehended that the wrath and fear of the priests would not likely be lessened. It would increase, build up, more and more, and whereas they chose a single victim, which would then satisfy them at that time, a longer stay for Me on earth, even in distant cities, would have more so endangered those I left behind to teach the people far and wide.

“As a human on your earth, I saw the difference between the status quo as it then existed, and the inevitable future potentials, as even a slightly extended lifetime for Me, also brought with it the near certainty that in the end many more of My followers would very soon perish.

“I thank you for your thoughtful consideration on My short stay on the planet. Carry on. Use My life, My energy, and My love to send with this message to many. This is your Father/Brother Michael. I say Adieu.”

All: “Thank you Michael.”