2008-11-11-Truth About Decimation

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Topic: Truth About Decimation, Murder Suicide Psychology

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Henry Z.



Prayer: Thank you Father for this evening, the gift of life we share, the gift of opportunity to give expression to the spiritual side of reality. We come together this evening in hopes to connect with the presence within and the circuitry it creates between us, the living presence in mind. As your sons we share this tremendous opportunity to contact this quality of mind in Your presence. As we connect with our Divine Parents, Michael and Divine Mother, we complete the spiritual presence, the circuitry which has allowed to connect with our minds, to complete us as one with the greater spiritual presence in this reality. We are ready to begin and I open the stage for Monjoronson.

Monjoronson: Greetings this evening, this is Monjoronson. If we are ready this evening, and there is a full evening, we shall begin promptly, thank you.


Questions 1 & 2 - Can Decimation Be Avoided & Planetary Destiny Be Changed?

Mary: Greetings Monjoronson, thank you for being with us tonight and indulging us with our questions. There are a couple of questions this evening involving previous transmissions that were attributed to yourself involving what has become know as the decimation.

Question#1/2: Regarding the announcement you made about the decimation of 1/3 to 2/3 of the worlds population: Is this for believing or for not believing? And then another question is, on this subject: Are there some other alternatives to the decimation events that you have spoken of? If humanity would change its attitudes, and we were more positive, do you think it would change our future in terms of disaster waiting to happen? Thank you very much in advance for your reply.

Monjoronson: Thank you for your questions this evening. In answering the first question, it is not important for an individual to be concerned whether one believes or not believes in a thing, rather one should become aware of the times in which one lives and the conditions and situations as they arise and begin to read what is being shown you. In times of change the relationship between the consciousness of the planet, its individual activity and its ability to progress and move forward depends upon a greater spiritual awareness than the individual members of the group.

For when individual members can begin to amass a momentum as a group it is like stirring the water, moving it in a certain direction. It takes a force to turn the water, it takes a courageous will to act in faith. Mans destiny is not something that can be controlled with a switch, whether you believe or not believe. Mans destiny is determined by every individual, every moment in real time; individuals are making decisions, many people are acting collectively.

Will these services render change you ask, will this be enough? Mankind is given the ability to use wisdom to discern; when is enough, where is the line, where is the place everyone has to get to, to begin on the same page, where is the starting line? This must be reached personally and within, it is not something that can be dictated to a group as reading words out of a book. It needs to be experienced to the level where the individual brings his own mind to the consciousness of will, to realize that he has complete control over his destiny, he has ultimate co-creativity with spirit in designing a future, a life, a life which yields happiness through effort, a life based on faith.

Spirituality is not something that takes away from mankind. Spirituality adds a refined sense to mankind, a sense of presence, a sense of grace, a sense of goodness and rightness, a sense of quality, a sense of cooperation, a sense of harmony, a sense of negotiating conflict, a sense of being patient. The spiritual universe is not manipulating the earth plane like puppets. The spiritual presence and circuity on your planet is to strengthen the awareness and deepen the connection with the divine Presence which indwells all man.

As concerns the predictions of decimation and altering decimation, the polarized specificity of man’s behavior by continually disregarding man’s personal responsibility to move forward with a greater awareness from within, has not changed. It is, again, the quality of conscious responsibility which will engender genuine awareness and slowly move the tide of change. Thank you for this question.

Mary: This person recalls reading in the Urantia book how our guardian angels must be adjudicated after the death of their mortal subject to be released of blame if the mortal fails to survive.

3 - Why Do Angels Have To Be Adjudicated upon Our Death?

Question #3: Why would our beloved guardian angels be blamed for our bullheadedness, spiritual ignorance and refusal to be led by spirit? This does not seem fair to me as I know that it is I who is responsible for my spiritual development and I accept whatever blame that may be. My guardian angels are innocent. Thank you for your reply.

Monjoronson: Thank you this evening for this question. In terms of the quality and nature of work that the guardian seraphim on the planets, one needs to become aware of the position in which a guardian angel is assigned personally to an individual mortal. Many times, as man begins his progress of spiritual connectivity, the guardian seraphim care for large groups of men. As individuals begin to progress inwardly, they then begin to associate it with like minded individuals who again form a smaller and tighter knit group which the guardian seraphim are assigned.

The event which places for consideration that a human be personally guarded by a seraphim has to do with the individuals attainment, the ability to demonstrate the achievement of certain less certain spiritual skills. Many times a particular group guardian will have personally directed an individual to the place where that individual is assigned a personal guardian. If that person is assigned the group guardian as his personal guardian, another guardian comes to fill in the vacated position and the group guardian now becomes a personal guardian of the individual.

This is true in many cases where more than one individual begins to warrant a personal guardian out of the same group. Personal guardians are assigned to such tasks. Even then they are taken from the ranks of the guardian seraphim that are resident on a planet here such as Urantia. The ability to bring an individual to the position to receive a personal guardian merits a certain quality of work performed by the guardian seraphim.

The failure of the mortal to further progress always calls in the question the services which are performed by the guardian seraphim. In the spiritual universe, everything is completely understood. This is why it is brought up to a hearing and clarified so that no nuance is left. The ability of the spiritual universe to understand [the faultless performance of the angel] the instant of the moment is quite beyond human comprehension.

Nonetheless, the guardian seraphim is not blamed using the human concept in which you present the question. The guardian seraphim is cleared of any responsibility in not presenting an option to the human for choice, for the guardian seraphim are the hands, the eyes and the feet, they are the presence of the spiritual universe at work within the social groupings of mankind. Their main concern is to serve the will of the Father as it relates to the individuals.

All other orders are on a personal basis and this is the spiritual integument, the shell, the form in which the guardian seraphim work. Again, thank you this evening for this question and your concerns as to the frivolousness of the activities of the spiritual universe– that which may seem, from a human perspective, as either unjust, superficial or unnecessary– is also the human inability to discern a deeper spiritual understanding of the situation at hand, thank you.

4 - What Is The Psychology behind Murder/Suicide Incidences?

Question #4: [Mary] Thank you Monjoronson. This questioner states: Very recently we had another case in our community this past week of murder/suicide. I am struck how often this happens where the husband decides his family must die with him and then he kills the wife and the children. I am asking you Monjoronson if you could shed any light on what the male belief is that he unilaterally decides who will die. Is it because the husband really believes no one can live without him or is the psychology in so many that they take the innocent lives of others in their act of self abnegation? Thank you for addressing this Monjoronson.

Monjoronson: Thank you for the weight of this question this evening. The lack of spiritual self-esteem, self-esteem which grows from a fearless and faith driven mind insures that the quality of mind stays strong, self sufficient, positive and instills a sense of greatness within the care of those that are entrusted to the family. It is tremendously unfortunate to witness humans indwelt with an enviable divine Presence; I say enviable because there are those situations in the universe where those of us in a spiritual capacity would volunteer for the indwelling Adjuster were it to become available.

Humans share a unique position in the line of direct sonship with their Creator Father. Mankind are the recipients of the greatest gift. There is not one satisfactory explanation to the depth of despair, a mind which is not empowered with self esteem, rather a defeated low self esteem position which, this position which is easily fueled by the negative, ' I-can't-achieve-attitude', is that which replaces the necessary courageous self esteem which is potential for every human being.

Speculation within the minds of desperate human beings is not a tremendously fruitful area to delve into. There are multiple and tremendous dysfunctional psychological situations which the brain [may suffer]. These types of human catastrophes do exist during times in which mankind is so intricately connected to the physical presence, the structural reality of life and where man is [in his spiritual development]. The world has not provided the situation that all men share equally the ability to attain personal and individual group happiness, acknowledgment and acceptance.

Many people of Urantia, especially in potentially civilized countries as in the United States, is where individuals isolate themselves. In isolation, individuals find the sophisticated complexities of the relationships of the mind in which mankind sees himself not having a choice, being left out, being abandoned and growing in a sense of despair. These situations [do not greatly exist] in a spiritualized planet where brotherly love does exist and when a planet is less-segmented and more diverse.

On Urantia it is unfortunate to watch the seeds of despair sprout their bitter fruit, especially in times that are upon you now where there is an interplay of tremendous hope and fear; between those that want to keep the old structure, the old framework and those that are willing to move forward to create a new form, a better and greater way for the majority of the planet.

This is the challenge which is upon you. It is not a time for isolation, it is a time for cooperation, willingness to grow. I thank you for this question.

5 - What Is Operating in Psychic Ability?

Question #5: [Mary] Thank you Monjoronson. This questioner states: There are a lot of psychics around the world and I am , and some people around me are drawn to them. They seem to know something about the future we so desperately want to know ourselves. I've read in the Urantia book, "It would be a mistake to know the future". Can you give me some insight in the abilities of psychics and what about taro cards and hand readings; superstition, chance or is there some truth to it? Thank you Monjoronson.

Monjoronson: Thank you for this question. The human tools you mentioned potentially open the mind for an awareness, an insight into yielding a different result, the humans ability to open, to be led in mind and spirit. Spirit is much in the moment. The human arena of psychic thought precludes that man is aware that there is a future, that man is aware there is a way to contact the future.

Unfortunately they do not help man to preclude that he can co-create the future. The future from the perspective of doing nothing to change it to make it better, is not as productive as the perspective from one that takes life by the horns and steers it. All genuine spiritual effort is rewarded with consciousness and awareness. I thank you for this question.

6 - Is There Truth About Rumors of Alien Agendas?

Question #6: [Mary] This questioner notes that they have seen much information on the web about an alien agenda on the planet and they are not speaking about angels and celestial beings that love us and are trying to help us, they are speaking about the alien agenda where reportedly aliens are abducting humans, maybe controlling the government at the highest levels and live in underground bases. Are there physical beings from other planets here on this planet with intent to harm us or is this just a disinformation campaign? I thank you sincerely for your response.

Monjoronson: Thank you for your concerns this evening. The ability of the human mind to seek to understand truth will begin to grasp at possibilities of truth. It is the possibilities of truth rather than the element of truth which will constantly present itself within the mind of an individual. . . . There needs to be in the human mind drama and planetary consciousness a certain un-qualifiable mystery, because the un-qualifiable mystery is a reflection of their inability to connect with the ever present true reality.

The important thing is not whether this is correct. Something does not have to be real for man to believe that it is real. The belief in the reality of something is greater than the actual reality of the thing. The ability of man to create fear around thought form makes it more difficult for mankind to build love around the thought form because fear protects, in a false sense, the security of the individual. It is an animal mechanism used for security just for that purpose. This is why it is hard wired in the human animal mind experiential capacity.

Mankind must learn to unshackle the animal elements of fear to allow for the presence of his spiritual wings to show forth man’s ability to grasp greater potential to exist. Man only imprisons himself. God does not imprison man. Neither does the spiritual universe put the spiritual progression of mankind in jeopardy. The ability of the human mind is a [tacit] reality based on an assumption. [The assumption based on partial truth] provides the clear evidence that man has lacked the mind ability to harness a greater co-creative potential which exists within his consciousness and within his ability to grow as a son of God in a greater collective.

Again, the evolution, the spiritual evolution of a planet such as Urantia, is tremendously slow, as slow as the human evolution yet to gain momentum through the ability of the leaders of men to may instill trust, hope, and a guarantee of just reward. Urantia stands upon the brink of tremendous social consciousness and evolution. The spiritual universe awaits your action.


Thank you for this question. I thank all of those who have posted their concerns here this evening in an ability to further understand the greater actuality which exists through the human cooperation with its indwelt divine Presence. Good evening.

Mary: Good evening Monjoronson, thank you.