2008-11-17-A Perfect Memory

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Topic: A Perfect Memory

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Sharmon

TR: George Barnard



Sharmon: “Good evening my dear friends. This is Midwayer Sharmon. It is my task with the Celestial Progress contingent to deliver messages. In my day of work -- some 22 hours each day -- I deliver hundreds of message prompts, and in almost all instances these are thoughts that are subliminally induced into my human friends’ and students’ minds. These messages are verbal, however, or conscious mind-to-mind communication, when I communicate with my kin; the Midwayers who range far and wide in their specific tasks, as well as the many that arrived on this planet from the outlying worlds in the system. It is when I speak with my dear friends; those I have known for so many years, that I rest (stay) a little longer, that I enjoy the company, and that I make myself clear in the lessons I convey. It is good to be here. It is good to be among you once again.

“I will endeavor to answer your question (from a list subscriber). When the human mind is granted the ability to ‘pick up on’ mind-to-mind communication, the aspect of the Morontia mind that he or she is granted is only relatively reliable in its attachment to the mind endowments he or she naturally has. It is with the Midwayers and many others in our immediate realm that the Morontia mind is of a different, more reliable function. And so, I can adamantly state that for the 37,000 years of my existence -- Thank you, George, for referring to me as ‘the youngster,’ still. Charmed! -- I have the ability to remember every single message I have ever conveyed, and every single person I have ever conveyed a message to.

“With few exceptions, you 11:11 Progress helpers are those with whom I have been dealing for the longest duration in all of those 37,000 years (The exceptions Sharmon is referring to here are the long-lived Adamites, Nodites and Andites, but that information arrived in a flash – so fast, I could not even record it on tape). Again, to make it clear, the granting of the Morontia mind for humans is a tenuous attachment. For those of my kind it is a perfectly functioning, entirely electrical, totally reliable mind, allowing for a one-hundred-percent recall. In your lives to come, as your bodies will more closely resemble ours, the Morontia mind will be yours to function with. With it you will, first of all learn faster, and secondly, find there will be no need to re-learn things.

“Before I leave you, I want to express something that is close to my heart, also. I want to assure you that, indeed, next to you, next to you humans, your Midwayer brothers and sisters are also ‘keeping their fingers crossed’ about a better time to come for our planet, when brother will assist brother, when nations no longer fight each other in their wars, and when various races can see one another as great friends, immediate kin, and cooperate in their million-and-one essential projects that will assist all on this earth to live better, and less fearful lives.

“I thank you, my dear friends, for your oft-expressed love for me. It is wonderful to be able to spend time with you. I will now be on my way to carry on with my regular task. Adieu.”

George: “Thank you Sharmon.”

Note: Much as the Midwayers will treat us as if we were their children, they see us as infinitely older than their 37,000 years. To the Midwayers the Part of us that is vastly older is our God Fragment (Thought Adjuster or Spirit Self) as It dates from Eternity.