2008-12-01-Abraham, Mary, & Mother

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Topic: Focus on the Real

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham, Mary

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I truly enjoy the wisdom here in this group. You each have developed a loving philosophy. Your striving to do what you feel is right is inspirational. I know for a fact that each one of you always have Father in mind when making decisions. As you grow spiritually your decision-making abilities become more smooth and natural. I believe we have learned to communicate better, meaning myself and each of you. Your communication with one another is fine. I am saying that your desire to improve your spiritual skills has improved our communication. I am definitely pleased with your efforts.

I am MARY. It is truly an honor to be with you. I am learning your diverse personalities. I find that I love you each exactly how you are. I am growing in love as I get to know you better. I can see those good attributes in you that outweigh the bad habits. The mistakes you make do not stay long in my mind because I love you, I see the good. With that I give you our MOTHER.


Greetings, children. What a joy to look upon your faces. You each inspire me each day to carry on. I see how difficult the world is and how you are overcome at times with confusion. I am in gratitude, as is Michael, for your dedication to serving in the Correcting Time. You have not given up after all these years, even when times were slow and nothing appeared to be happening, moving or evolving, you stayed with us. I can appreciate how you have taken your hardships and extracted the value from them and put them to work for you in serving your fellows. Even though it is hard to see, you have helped us to make the great strides in moving the Correcting Time forward.

As Mary said, I see not the imperfections in my children. I see the strength each one of you have as you push through, as you carry on. I would also ask you that you dwell not on your imperfections and mistakes, but think about your strength and your link to me and how I see you. I see you not as erring children. I see not the world as evil. I see you as that budding soul who will experience what you have to, to move forward in your spiritual career and then someday, we shall be face to face and I will embrace you and I will tell you how much I love you and that you did do well.

Don’t worry about what your eyes can see. Know that with each passing day, hour or minute, everything, everything is getting better. Everything is getting better. You are doing better, advancing. The world is advancing. It is not going to hell. I ask that you live your daily lives as if you are advancing in every moment. Allow not those negative events to bring you down and close off your spiritual connection. Michael and I are overjoyed at the advances the planet has made. You are learning to communicate with one another, yes and doing fine. We are also impressed with your efforts made to communicate with us, to talk to us as if we were your closest ally, because I can definitely confirm that we are.

Take the confusing moments in your life and bring them to us. I long to help you, to strengthen you, to show you that there is no such thing as regression. In each moment we are definitely moving forward. Have not worry or fear. I am always at hand. I am always here for you. I do not judge you and I love you as you are. Carry on children.


I am MARY. We thank our Mother for her encouraging words. We are inspired to focus on the good and to dwell not on the negative. I thank Abraham, for he has been a wonderful teacher and a positive leader in our Correcting Time. Know that our spiritual army is stronger than ever. We are not in the shadows, but in every detail of Urantian life. As always, our love is growing for you. Go in peace. Until next time, shalom.