2008-12-30-Approaching Father in Prayer-Second Revelatory Commission

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Topic: Approaching Father

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Henry Z.



Prayer: Divine Parents, we ask for your en-circuitment; that we may be a part of the flow of spiritual unity which identifies your circuit. We ask the Father for wisdom this evening in helping us determine a greater relationship, in asking to shed the light of wisdom on this moment. We ask for all of the love and support that this en-circuitment brings to us this evening. I call upon Monjoronson to join us in yet another question and answer session for Monjoronson.com. All circuits are connected and we are ready to begin.

Monjoronson: Greetings this evening, this is Monjoronson. On Urantia, these times in which you live on Urantia, focus on the person of Jesus. May this concept of the greater person enable all men to find themselves and to become that which you are truly capable of becoming. You are surrounded in love and there is a large part of the unseen world available to be of service to the peoples of Urantia.


As this God/man Jesus showed the people of Urantia, you are part of a greater community, an orderly community, a loving and a just community. Therefore it should behoove all men on Urantia to a greater responsibility, to become part of a greater and loving community here on earth. My peace be upon you, we are ready for the questions.


Philip: Good evening Monjoronson, we would all like to thank you for being here and all that you are doing for us. This questioner would ask for some clarification: We know that our Adjusters are Father Fragments that are in a circuit with one another and that it extends inward and that I will eventually fuse with my Adjuster.

Question #1: In the past when I would pray I would extend outward and direct it to the Father. Then after learning about my Adjuster I would have inner conversations seemingly one sided with my Adjuster and pray out to the Father. Is this the same thing? Should I just devote my energy to spending time with my Adjuster instead of both or am I unnecessarily putting the same energy in two different directions?

Monjoronson: Thank you for this question. It is necessary to clarify that on Urantia there is no wasted time when one is contacting the Father. Whether one contacts the aspect of the Father which is the indwelt adjuster or if one contacts the mind of God in the first person, both of these acts have the vital consequence, for the Father hears you whether you are speaking to His mind or you are speaking to His heart.

All aspects of the Father are everything. But I discern that your question concerns more the human element than the divine element. In this respect, my response is to qualify the human experience. In whichever way you feel comfortable addressing the Father, waste no time. The Adjuster aspect of the Father does have a collective nature. There are intimate communications going on between the Adjusters of indwelt humans. As humans become adept, the discerning on a greater and more subtle level, the music of the Adjusters, then man can begin to understand the intricate co-ordination that the Adjusters provide to mans dance of life.

The Adjusters truly are attempting to co-ordinate human efforts, human desires and human tasks. The Father truly cares for the beings which the Adjusters inhabit. The Universal Father by His very nature is a non-personal God. The Thought Adjusters by their very nature are personal God; so if it is important to the individual as to what aspect of God they are addressing, that individual may choose to address either the personal or the impersonal aspect of God. Either way both aspects of God are at one with the individual person and his prayer.

It is not so important to differentiate the different aspects of Deity for in time these aspects of Deity will present a greater meaning and awareness to you as individuals. As you live your life on Urantia, for the most part all aspects of God act as one. This is hard wired into the relationship between man and God. In this aspect it can never be argued that man was not able to reach God because he happened to dial the wrong number.

This personal aspect of the Adjuster indwelling man, echoes, even to the height of Paradise, the most superficial of human desires and needs. Hesitate not to contact the Father in whichever form you choose to identify Him. I thank you for this question.

Philip: Thank you Monjoronson for that insightful reply. We have another questioner here who asks a three part question concerning the Second Revelatory Commission. They state that since the arrival of messages in 2005, 2005 and 2008 indicating the creation of a Second Revelatory Commission involving co-creative efforts between celestials and mortals, speculative inquiry continues. Wanting to be responsive to the will of the Father and yet not be premature in our request for further revelation that would extend those found in the Urantia book, this individual submits the following questions for clarification.

Question #2: [part 1] Can you address the validity and or presence of a Second Revelatory Commission among celestials to create a second text that will enhance and extend the Urantia book?

Monjoronson: Thank you for this question. At this time, in this moment, such aspects of a celestial revelatory nature has to do with the jurisdiction of Nebadon. As part of a greater universe actuality, I have been asked to come from Paradise to specifically work in the administration of Nebadon for the purpose of adjudicating a small yet unruly planet named Urantia. Such aspects of the universe of Nebadon as are revelatory commissions which may or may not be attempting to update the recently submitted celestial text, the Urantia book, have within their parameters, the ability to further fine tune and adjust material when the human subjects on Urantia deem worthy of such greater revelation.

In simple terms, Urantia has not yet followed suit with some of the prime directives set forth by the Master on a previous revelation 2,000 years ago. Through the graciousness of Michael, that revelation was expanded with the Urantia book to qualify in a greater depth of meaning, articulation and understanding, the greater truths to which man aspires. As of this moment there is no indication from the human standpoint that the celestials need to clarify a greater aspect of truth and reality.

It is necessary for mankind to show forth an earnest and necessary entitlement to such information. The spiritual universe is prepared to reveal much more to Urantia when Urantia warrants such revelation. Therefore as it becomes necessary for the celestials to begin to work in a much broader base with humans who are ready to clarify present spiritual functions and spiritual directions, we are not of the inclination to say that more is better for, to you, much has been given; more has been given than the results have shown forth.

Part 2 of Question #2: Do the current weekly questions and answer forum you are involved in as well additional questions and answers transmitted through the Teaching Mission or Teacher's Corps interface with this process?

Monjoronson: To a greater degree this is true. The information which is now being given to Urantia is given on a personal basis to those who ask for it. The greater text of the Urantia papers has been submitted to the planet. The information in this text is meant to prepare Urantia for the Correcting Time in order for this planet to synchronize its activities and its behavior with those of the greater universe community in which Urantia is a part.

Because of the nature of quarantine, Urantia was allowed to sidestep its rightful duty. Now in these Correcting Times Urantia must put the tool to the grinder, you must put greater truth and reality into a proper functioning mode. The Teaching Mission has been tremendous in helping groups of individuals attain a greater clarification of their connection to the greater universe at large. It is necessary for mankind to reach a saturation point in which the information in the Urantia book will have brought a greater portion of your societies of individuals to a greater awareness of friendship, brotherhood under the Fatherhood of God.

Once this is brought about, a much greater revelation of purpose and meaning will be able to be brought forth through the celestial community. The celestial community awaits the day they can bring down the morontia temple to Urantia, albeit at this time there are extremely very few Urantians translating their life on Urantia through Adjuster fusion. This is one of the indicators to the greater spiritual universe that you are truly growing in an awareness and an attempt to know God and become like Him.

So in answer to your question, greater revelation will be presented to Urantia in a timely fashion as Urantians begin to indicate a greater need for this revelation. Thank you for this question.

Philip: Thank you

Part 3 of Question #2: If it is indeed the desire of the Supreme to implement this project, is this something we as mortals should be organizing and directing our energy toward at this time? If so would you please offer us any additional ideas in how to implement this project.

Monjoronson: Thank you for this question. The most important aspect to implement a human project is the ability of the humans involved to allow for guidance and help. In these aspects of co-creation, mankind is able to create a much greater community of benefit, in allowing a greater part of the spiritual universe a helping hand to become partners with humans. Humans have not realized that they are partnered with spiritual reality, you are partnered with a divine aspect of the Father, Himself, you are en-circuited by your divine parents of Nebadon and the legions of angels and teachers which are available to you, creates astounding numbers.

Already in place is the potential for a human spiritual relationship in which humans can collectively create a greater functioning community, nation and world. Poised on the bringing into reality this greater community on Urantia is the desire of the spiritual universe to be of a much greater service to your peoples and to this planet at large. There truly is a divine outpouring flooding your world as we speak.

The ability of the individual to grow in its divine inheritance is the ability of the universe to then show forth a greater revelation to man. In this way mankind can grow in the understanding that all will be presented when necessary. Understand it is not the timeframe of the spiritual universe which warrants such activity, it is mans progress which keeps the pace of time for such things to come about. Thank you for this series of inquiry.

Philip: Thank you Monjoronson. Our final question tonight has to do with the Urantia book quote referring to Adamson and Ratta who had a corps of marvelous helpers who labored with them throughout their long lives to assist in the propagation of advanced truth and in the spread of higher standards of spiritual, intellectual and physical living. The results of this effort at world betterment never did become fully eclipsed by subsequent retrogressions.

Question #3: I am not sure where to find any human documentation from this period. What can we take from Adamson and Ratta's example as mentioned as we attempt to help others understand and integrate the values of sustainability into current models?

Monjoronson: Thank you for this concern. The spiritual and physical functioning of Adamson and Ratta as the leaders of a violet race of beings embroiled on a default on Urantia did create the greater majority of secondary midwayers who are necessary as liaisons between the greater spiritual universe and the Urantian human counterpart. There appear to be no human text on Urantia which clarify the integrity with which these two beings confronted with the emergency of a default on one hand and the attempt of functioning as to the greater aspect of the Father's will for which they were sent to this planet.

Great were these beings in the times they lived in. Their tasks were already defined for them through the Father's will and through their parents default. The lesson for human society in this story is the quality of mans' response to the will of the Father is not diminished by the conditions which mankind has inherited. Challenging, yes, diminished, no. There is still intact a great race of human beings which comprise Urantia and their ability to perform to the Father's specifications is their ability to become aware of who they are and who they serve, the same as Adamson and Ratta.

There has been enough admixture of violet blood on Urantia to warrant a much greater human effort at bringing forth a greater and friendlier community of spiritual minded beings who were once glorified animals. Thank you for this question.

Part 2 of Question #3: Thank you Monjoronson, in the final part to this question the questioner states: I am truly inspired by their dedication to this world. I would specifically like to know how they presented information to individuals that made them great leaders and how they worked as partners? Jesus provided a wonderful example of life for the individual but He didn't have a partner in His human life on this world.

Adamson and Ratta chose to embark on their journey as a team but the Urantia book doesn't elaborate on what made their union successful that other teams can take forth. Thank you for your help.

Monjoronson: Creativity; all relationships are creatively endowed if not to the extent of the pure violet races on Urantia, at least in a partnered relationship on Urantia, these same creative propensities exist. The paradigm that man and woman can create progeny extends to the greater paradigm, can the same man and woman create a greater community? On one hand Adamson and Ratta were taught how by their parents as have many on Urantia been correctly taught by their parents; how to have a loving and sustainable relationship.

Too much emphasis has been placed upon the dysfunction of Urantia in modern times and not on its ability to sustain in an ongoing sense the wonderful relationship brought to your planet by Adam and Eve and their children. It is true that their default has denied a greater part of your worlds society of a truly greater family; nonetheless, all beings on Urantia are indwelt with a perfect guide that if they should falter, this guide is ever ready to adjust and correct mans thinking and mans behavior.

Inherent in the dynamic of man and woman, is the capacity for relationship to show forth the greater aspects of the greater community. Too much personal freedom has allowed Urantia to stray from the original plan and the original relationship. In time mankind will regain this footing; all is not lost. It will take many of years through hard work to set Urantia on the greater path to the greater community.

The ideals embodied in relationship are embodied in the love of the Father for His children. When you can truly begin to fathom the Father's love, you can begin to fathom how love can strengthen relationships, how love can help overcome obstacles, how love can show us a more correct way to have relationship to move forward as a society and to truly bring this morontia life into a reality on your world.

In all of the reasoning which your faculties of thinking present as reasons why things are not the way they should be, inherent in all this is the ability for all things to correct and right themselves through love. It is this ability which mankind still retains. To show forth greater love by curbing some of your personal freedoms will greatly accelerate the sustainability and correctness which you seek. It is not a momentum which has truly developed as of yet on your world but this momentum is beginning to gather its resource and once it does, truly great things will become possible on your world.

Again, one must begin to desire and search. Man needs to define in his reality what kind of world he wants to live in and what relationship he wants to have with it. Once this is defined, mankind will begin to notice a much greater response from the spiritual universe and mankind will begin to benefit from the results of making correct decisions in a timely manner; now, to change the future, tomorrow. Thank you for these questions and again good evening.


Philip: Good evening Monjoronson and thank you for your comprehensive and insightful responses. We would also like to thank the questioners and our t/r, good evening.