2009-01-04-New Year Agenda

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Topic: New Year Agenda

Group: Rio Rancho TeaM


Teacher: Merium, Tomas

TR: Gerdean



[Silent Prayer]

MERIUM: This is Merium. I'm coming in. Wake up. I feel like my children are asleep and I should be quiet.

Thoroah: A few seconds.

MERIUM: A few seconds, yes. I appreciate your erstwhile conversations as to the configuration of this group and its formatting. I am such an asset to the Teaching Mission because of my ability to open the windows and let in the fresh air. We do have some heady teachers, not to say stodgy, but sometimes it does get rather cerebral or mindal and you need that exercise, and so I attempt to maintain a sense of humor and playfulness.

It is fully understood how humans operate, that you want it all, and there is nothing wrong with that. You also are all in a state of flux, based on the fact that you are alive and growing, and so what works today may not work tomorrow and nothing can be assumed. It is a wonderful group you are and a wonderful group for me to be assigned to, but you are a challenge. Like any group of students, you can be a handful.

The curriculum that is established by Machiventa, with Michael's approval, relates to your soul growth. And so we attempt to access your soul, not merely your instincts or your mind or your heart but your soul and as was said that indeed requires cultivation. Not only do we attempt to cultivate your soul reality, but you yourselves attempt to cultivate your own soul reality and so we do progress.


I will be brief today. I would like to spend a moment on the word "significance" and ask you what significance you feel this movement represents to you. And when I say "this movement" of course the first thought goes to the Teaching Mission movement, but that is only an appellation, a definition for a much bigger growing reality. It is not even the same as the Urantia movement. But whatever your connection is with this movement to advance the light of truth on your world reveals itself in you each as having some degree of significance.

The thing you need to do, then, is to ask yourself: How significant is it, in your current paradigm? What significance does it have to your life and what you want out of life? Does it provide anything toward your soul growth IF you care about your soul growth? If your concerns are elsewhere or otherwise, what significance does it have for you in terms of sociability or politics or several other reasons people get together?

We have some idea of its significance, and thus we persist and pursue this relationship with you. We have seen the effects of the many causes that have occurred since the inception of our arrival and our work within your minds. We have a more "morontial" perspective than yours which is, of course, only natural since you need to struggle/strive harder to grasp the morontia perspective, since you are still mortal, but your efforts are not unnoticed and do not go unappreciated.

The many ways that you are blessed and gifted in your life with health, happiness, friendship, prosperity, industry and so forth is an indication of your living within the divine will. To the extent that we represent an element of the divine will for your world and/or for you personally, is a significant question for you to ponder. And so in the style of Abraham I will give you this assignment, to ponder what significance your association is with other like-minded religionists toward what end?

Elena: What do you mean "like-minded religionists"?

MERIUM: People who believe and think and feel as you do. People with whom you have something in common religiously.

Elena: Well, I kind of figured that. I mean-- our group or …?

MERIUM: It is hard for me to draw the line to say where the significance ends and where it begins, and so I don't draw the line although you are entitled to.

Elena: Well, the only reason why I ask is because you were asking what is the significance of this movement, which I thought was the Teaching Mission, so I wanted to make sure what that was.

MERIUM: Yes. Yes, it is the Teaching Mission movement that I am talking about, the contact we enjoy, the value that represents, the potential inherent therein, whether or not the framework of the "Teaching Mission" is applied to it or not. Is this a viable reality or is it mere amusement? Is it a help to your soul growth or a distraction from your real work? You need to ascertain the significance of your association. And that may fluctuate.

It can be seen that the "Teaching Mission" overall is too vast for anyone to perceive accurately. It can be seen as it is generally regarded, a sub-culture of the Urantia movement. It can be seen as a group of people who gather at a friend's home periodically to consult with the celestials about your lives. And so it is a vast range of which we speak.

Are you suggesting by your question that what would be significant to you would be the local interest? The persons in the group, and not the overall audience to which these lessons are broadcast?

Elena: No, I was just curious because I'm a member of several groups of like-minded religionists, including the TeaM, so that was trying to figure out what group of like-minded individuals you were referring to.

MERIUM: I thought I indicated early on that it was not limited to the Teaching Mission or to the Urantia movement but to our perspective extends far beyond any of these mortal limitations to encompass the advancing light of truth upon your world.

Thoroah: I was thinking the same thing -- that it was open-ended -- because I can't tell you who is like-minded.

Elena: Right!

Thoroah: We all have those who are like-minded. That's why she couldn't be more specific.

MERIUM: Even in a configuration of tight friends and associates such as this, there are variations in perceptions among you that would startle you to find out how opposite you are in effect, but that does not detract that -- overall -- you are compatible in terms of the fact that you perceive of Deity as a major influence in your life; you refer to this Deity often as "Our Father"; you understand a relationship within that paradigm and also acknowledge the energy inherent in personality manifestation of that sort; and so, yes, that could cover and often does cover the whole of humanity but -- basically -- those folks you get along with and can share your inner life with.

Sharing the inner life is godlike, and this is something we urge you to do -- not just to share your extraneous and superficial realities, but your inner life, your creativity, your thoughts, your pondering, your groping, your praises. For some, this kind of manifestation of your reality is private, personal and unnecessary, but there are some who yearn to know God and take delight in finding God within each other.

So the key word to day is significance. What does it signify, this experience we share? And there may be no hard and fast answer. It doesn't require a true or false or multiple choice answer, just a reflection on what's it's significance.


Elena: Well, I think that--

Thoroah: Should report back next time, or--?

Renault: We're supposed to think about it.

Elena: I think it's important that we talk about it now, because a month from now is a long time.

MERIUM: A month is a long time, but I don't want to answer everything now "off the top" and neglect to carry it over, so with the proviso that we take time to ponder throughout the course of the next month in our meditation time, I would be interested, of course, to hear your feedback this afternoon.

Elena: One of the things I initially felt intrigued by and pulled into in a very positive way in the Teaching Mission is that I got feedback from the celestials that helped me in a very direct way in my life, and I think that's on-going. I don't think that is going to stop. I think I am going to need that when I am old, as well, and so that's what I really get or want and need that I don't get from other spiritual groups that I participate in, so that's where this group is very important to me, for that direct and very personal communication.

MERIUM: I'm glad for that feedback. It lets me know you are considering this a viable reality and an important part of your life. This is one of the reasons we have these periodic assessments, so that we know who we are dealing with and what we are dealing with so that we know how to proceed and what to relinquish. Personal growth is the heart of our efforts.

Elena: And then your other question about what significance does soul growth have, that's one of the things I would most like to make more progress in. And yes, right now there are a lot of things I don't see yet. I don't know. And I feel like I do need specific guidance because I feel I need specific guidance and how to do that, because I would love to do that.

And then you also mentioned politics and social significance. I also feel that what we learn here should have a bearing and should have some guidance on-- I feel that each one of us really needs to play at least some part in improving this world as a whole because it is a real mess and it is an opportune time in the recreation stage, so this, even more than any other time in the past, we need your help, and we need your guidance, and say "Okay! How can we make a better difference?" I mean, this world is totally screwed up but at the same time it's broken so we can recreate it, and we need something specific. I have no idea how to do that, and this is such an important time and you guys are so important to us right now and I really crave and … I'm depending on you, actually.

Now, I know there is stuff that I need to do, and I am going to try this next year to do more of that stuff, too. I mean, you guys have been pretty much consistent with Okay, quiet time. Okay, Elena. I have not followed through with my part of that. I have really tried to follow through but that is not something that I have followed through with, and I am going to do that, and I am going to do that, but I've got to take something away in order to do that. So, I don't know.

MERIUM: When you prioritize such that Stillness is the first thing you do, and everything works out from there, you will find your life has turned inside out and you will have more than enough time to do that which you need to do because you will see it from a different perspective. When you think of Stillness as yet another thing to check off the list, it is not serving its purpose.

Renault: It's interesting because last year I did find myself with a lot more time and so I did make that commitment to spend time in the morning, every morning -- and I had that time and I still have that time … in the morning -- and contemplation, or whatever, is still the warm fuzzy kind with my kitty cat or whatever, but it's enough. And things have been going well and so now I find myself in a very stable position, ready to hop on a pad here (lily pad), go through my life here, because things have evened out, stabilized, routine-ized and are going well so that I can --

I still work with my procrastination, but there again, Elena, sometimes I think, "You know, maybe it doesn't need my immediate attention, and maybe it's best left there for later, and see what happens. Maybe later on it will be okay just as it is; I don't have to mess with it. Whether it's the yard work or a broken cup or whatever it is. I've learned a lot of "Let it be" kinds of things. It'll work out.

Patience, obviously. Humility. But also a knowing there in the back of my mind, you know, there are things I need to do, things I am going to get done, finish this project or whatever, so … that's my two cents.

MERIUM: I am in the enviable position of being the Teacher. I can give advice and counsel, but be careful when counseling one another. You know what they say about "Don't give advice unless it is asked for." Such is the way with cross-talk. When you share your inner life, it is not always to anticipate that someone is going to have the answer for you, even the teachers, because truly the answers are within yourself, but when you share your inner life with others, you can hear yourself reflected back to yourself and this will help you grow more readily than any other method.

This is in fact why we engage you in discourse. When you open yourself and observe your own thoughts, you have something with which to work to develop your soul. This is one of the reasons personal one-on-one sessions are of value and are encouraged, not only with a Teacher but with your own personal teachers and guides. It is taking the time to focus on your reality and how you interact with your environment that gives you meaning and purpose.

I am hesitant now to open the floor for questions because I am mindful of the need to be more succinct. On the other hand, it having taken a month and sometimes more to get together, I hate to let you go because we have barely scratched the surface of what our potential is.

Renault: Well, maybe we could get back together in two weeks.

MERIUM: We could get back together in a couple of weeks or we could learn to make the best possible use of the time we do have together, and there are probably other options as well. I am confident of a resolution. I wanted to also allow Tomas to say a few words.

Group: Thank you, Merium. Happy New Year! Hi Tomas!

TOMAS: Hi dear, beautiful students of revelation. I am glad to be here with you and advise that I am going to be here permanently. That is to say my assignment was short-lived and I am free now to recommit to another stint with you and Merium. I don't know if that will help matters or not but we'll do it that way for awhile.

Group: Yay! Welcome back. We've missed you. But we have enjoyed Merium.

TOMAS: Merium and I are not going anywhere. She and I are next thing to a Material Son and Daughter. We seem to work well together. I will notify Andromadeus that today was not the best day to discuss the Reserve Corps of Destiny, but that this group is alive and well. Are there questions? About anything?

Renault: Welcome back, Tomas.

Esmeralda: I have one, and it doesn't pertain to anything on topic, but the strangest thing has been happening to me for the last three nights in a row. I have been dreaming and three different people-- one in each dream. The first instance was a woman who died several years ago; the second was a person I really didn't want to see; and the third, last night, was an old co-worker, former boss and friend. Is there any significance to that? It has kind of stayed on my mind and I don't remember the substance of any of them, just that they were there.

TOMAS: I'll get out my crystal ball. (Laughter)

Esmeralda: It's just that it was so strange. I don't usually do that … dream.

TOMAS: I could not begin to interpret your dreams, certainly not without more information as to who those people are and what your relationship was with them during the course of your association. There may be a thread that runs through each instance that represents a value lesson they each have to share, and it may be simply something you ate. (Laughter)

Esmeralda: I'm going to have to stop drinking that Boost! (Laughter) I may have to change my diet. It was just so strange to me, I couldn't get it off my mind and I can't remember the substance of the dreams at all.

TOMAS: How did you feel about encountering that person you didn't want to encounter?

Esmeralda: I woke up, almost as if it was a nightmare. I couldn't wait to get away.

TOMAS: Are they all deceased?

Esmeralda: No, just the first one. That I know of. The second one is very much alive and the third one I don't know. I haven't heard from him in years and so I don't know.

TOMAS: I cannot guess the significance.

Esmeralda: Well, that makes me feel better, that there may not be any significance.

Thoroah: Charles Dickens wrote about that! Ghost of Christmas present, future and past.

Elena: Oh, yeah.

Esmeralda: How about Freud? Did he write about it? But it was just so different.

TOMAS: Be observant and see if it persists. If it persists, you might assume there is something to ponder and bring it to your Adjuster in meditation. Your Adjuster will help you see to the core of the matter, whether that is with those people as individuals or an issue they represent or your dietary composition or whatever. You can always depend on clarity from divinity. Just have patience.

Esmeralda: Thank you, Tomas, and I'm sorry. That had no connection with today's lesson. It was just on my mind.

TOMAS: Well, you wanted to know the "significance" so I would say you are already doing your homework. I will bow out gracefully, then, with Merium on my arm. It is good to be underway with a new year. Hopefully we will be able to get down to some meaningful substantive stuff that will stimulate your mind and motivate your consciousness. Feel free to let us know what you want and we can see if it is something we can incorporate. Otherwise, we will plod on with our customary format until such time as it is made clear that the way is changed.


"Welcome to change" is the watchword for this movement, so we must never be surprised at what comes next. Be ready now for a good new year and embrace it with the gusto I know you each have within you, and bring good cheer on those you meet, the circumstances are ripe for a good groundswell of good cheer and driving ambition. Beware and be at peace. Amen and farewell.

Group: Farewell. Thank you!