2009-01-25-I AM Presence, Focusing Light

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Topic: I AM Presence, Focusing Light

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: St. Germain, LIGHT, Michael, Monjoronson

TR: John, Mark Rogers, Kathy, Jonathan



St. Germain (John TR): I am that I am that I am that I am. This is St. Germain. I am the governing presence commanding happiness, harmony, and the presence of God’s opulence in my mind, my home, and my world.


Dear ones, to reach Light and Life, the way is through the heart and not the human mind. You have had many human embodiments in all different races and all different levels of consciousness. The dreams that you talk about that your leaders had in the present and in the past reside within you, dear ones. You are the great ones that had the courage to go on Michael’s mission and to embody into the creature and lose all memory and lose all conscious connection with the I am presence which you call the Thought Adjuster. Now is the time to reconnect with the I am presence which is God in action, which is you inside, the human that you are in.

The mind wants to say, “What is the future? What is the past? What is all this?” And your job as a great one is to quiet the mind, the Thought Adjuster, the I am presence. It is done through inner sight, the divine insight to your heart, divine courage, divine love. This resides within all of you. Your job now is to remember. You know all this because you have God in action. Your job is to breathe in the I am presence and let it permeate every cell of your body. Let it teach you what is on the outside of your world and bring it into your heart, not the human mind, and in the moment.

All the dark energies that have accumulated over lifetime after lifetime after lifetime it is now time to throw it into the violet consuming flame. This is the time to release all those experiences so that you can reunite together into one being. This is how the world will become Light and Life. It will breathe into the violet consuming flame. You will breathe into all the inhabitants. Each one has their sacred journey, their sacred part in all this. It will not be done through processes, because you can only look at the law right now, law after law after process after process is made. Without the light you are just processes.

To breathe light into the whole planet, to breathe light into every human being is to activate them into a higher consciousness so that they may receive their own I am presence, so that they may wake up and achieve a greatness that this planet is. It is the jewel and the inhabitants of the jewels of Michael’s universe he desires his children back. He loves them very, very much, and this mission is critical. It is already victorious, and they are already celebrating us.

Live in the moment with the presence. We are all together; we are never alone. Never alone. Rejoin your ultimate companion, the I am presence, the God in action. Rejoin your birthright and wake up to all that is.

I thank you and I send you all my blessings and my appreciation for taking on this critical mission. I am always here for you, as you have a team that is constantly working with you. Thank you.

Light (Mark): Greetings, my friends, I am Light here once again to offer more discussion around the subject of light. I would use the imagery that perhaps most if not all of you are familiar with of some experience you have had of using a large flashlight, perhaps with an adjustable lens. As you know it is your experience that when you step outside and shine your light out into the darkness that if your lens is adjusted in one direction your available light will be cast abroad far and wide with no particular focus. All those light particles seem to disperse into infinity and give you a broad, gentle, mellow lighting effect.

But if it is your desire to focus on an object a little further out of your immediate field of range, you must twist the lens on the light and focus the available beams of light and harness them to shoot them in a particular direction. Through this process of focusing them the energy inherent is projected much further afar in much greater concentration, and you are able to shine a beam of light on an object you wish to illuminate.

Now imagine if you will the focus of this light to the extreme is what you refer to as your lasers, so extremely focused that they may penetrate for miles, focused in a perfectly straight line so intense they may burn upon contact with the intensity of the rays of light. You mentioned in your discussion about breathing life into any situation, into every situation. This is an example of how you may be used as the focal lens of your own device of illumination. You may open it broad and allow your light to have general illumination anywhere and everywhere. At times you may choose to focus this source of illumination, to dial in your lens and to direct this beam outward to a point of focus. This is breathing light into the situation. You may focus on any person, place, or thing and direct this light out. When you do this with concentration and with focus as in stillness, you are turning your beam into a laser, and this laser may shoot well out beyond your comprehension. This is an example of how you may consciously and actively choose to focus your radiance, to breathe light, into any situation that you so desire.

Thank you for the opportunity to offer a little more discussion on the principles of light and their application. I cherish this opportunity to be among you, my friends. I step back to allow for others. Thank you.

Michael (Jonathan): Michael here. I pray: My Father, our Father, these are my children. We three have a relationship that is divine. I look to You to care for each of my beloved children. But when I look to You I need not look away from them, for as I look at them I see You within. And I too dwell within each child, three as one, truly a family of love. Many times these young souls sense distance from us. Let us bring them peace in the full awareness of our togetherness.

I must honestly admit that sometimes these children are fully convinced of what they are doing and yet have some lessons to learn. While they may sit in disappointment over the realizations that follow, never will we withdraw our love and our care for their well-being. May they grow in their trust in our commingled presence. May they learn that their expressions bring us delight. Every child is cherished by a loving parent.

I once prayed that You give us daily bread. The souls of all hunger for the spiritual nourishment You have to offer. May each one give up their sense of not being worthy to partake at the divine table. May they consciously realize the forgiveness of their faults, errors, and sins, thereby restoring the desire to consume in our fellowship of love.

While You are the ever constant, steady, and perfect presence within each, may these children also appreciate our love for their variability, their changeablility, their ability to grow and discover, and how they thrill over attainment, and how much we wish to comfort them when they cry the tears of disappointment. These are our ascending children who move, while you, my Father, our Father, are ever steady and still. I take their hand, I take Your hand, You take their hand, and together we sit in joy, in peace, and in love.

Jonathan: We discussed today the personal attainment of Light and Life. Might a teacher address what the conditions of that would be or state of mind or state of being? Not necessarily as compared to planetary Light and Life, just some ideas of what that might entail.

Monjoronson (Mark): I accept your invitation, I am Monjoronson and I would reference a few of the earlier statements today recognizing the significance of this goal of personal Light and Life. This of course is completely subject to what your ideas of what that ideal might be, but any attempts to control your internal environment for purposes of approaching your ideas of divinity or righteousness are worthy objectives.

We have discussed before this internal citadel of the soul where you are able to define what is allowed into your sanctuary and how important it is to maintain space in as an environment conducive for you to always return to and reorient yourselves. So it is that you set about creating for yourself the conditions within this inner sanctuary, and you offer yourself many supporting factors such as reading your individual text and being on the alert in life for all that may come as a factor into your being. Then there is the conscious awareness of intentional preparation in which you actively engage in sorting out those aspects that you have come in contact with as a result of your material lives and determining any given aspect is either supportive of your overall desire and goal to promote Godly directions or whether any given factor may impinge upon your ability to approach a goal. If you make a determination that something supports your ideal and promotes your goal then that may become incorporated into your inner sanctuary. If the determination is made that any aspect is not favorable to your internal environment, then it is good and proper to reject it as being inappropriate and to leave it behind.

This attempt to master your internal environment is the challenge of a lifetime. While many, many things that you have experienced are contained within your sanctuary and are not serving you in your desire to live a righteous life and as well many desirable characteristics and options may not be included as yet in your personal realm, so if you are able to master this reorganization of the self, then what would be left in your internal environment would be those aspects that match your ideas about what the conditions of an existence in a dimension you consider to be Light and Life. If this were so it would not have any significance what your external environment would be because your internal environment would be so arranged and settled as to be uncompromised and unflustered by any external event. This is possible even for a brief period even now when you take the time to allow yourselves the moments in stillness where you allow for this unencumbered state and retreat into your safe sanctuary. There is a peace within no matter what may transpire without. All of you have recognized this safe zone within. The condition of Light and Life would mean that each and every one would have a perfectly safe and purposeful interior space. So each one would be self contained with the attributes of Light and Life, and this would manifest collectively as the universal state of Light and Life. So I encourage you to pursue the individual dimension of the project, for it is critical to the more broad collective dimension to which you often refer. It is the first step in achieving the second, and it is the desire of your hearts to be settled and secure within. This is certainly available to you as you build this place.

Thank you for the question. It is always a pleasure to address your thoughts. Farewell.

Mary: The connection that I have responded to the question with the idea that a state of personal Light and Life would be characterized by serenity and pervaded by a sense of peace and that you would continue to conduct yourself through the motions of being a mortal on the planet but that your internal environment would carry to all of these actions a sense of serenity and peace, a lightness of being.


unidentified (Kathy): In the process of bringing our world to Light and Life we are in constant intention to increase the amount of light that reaches out to the mortals of Urantia. Always will there be an expansion of light and love when you focus with intention upon the growth of the planet. In your intention is a power that reaches far beyond your comprehension. It is never work that can be completed but an ongoing process that will spread the light where needed to overcome the darkness that is residual on this world. You have the ability to form your own field of light that can activate the ones around you. We encourage you to form a light anchor in your environment to uplift those around you.

Jonathan: There is sunlight, there is rain, there is snow. I plant my spinach and watch it grow. The night is clear, the frost it stings. I turn them under, spread manure, and walk away. The snow it comes, the thaw arrives. I turn the soil and plant my spinach.