2009-02-08-Macro Events & Developments

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Topic: Macro Events & Developments

Group: N. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson, Rayson

TR: Daniel Raphael



MONJORONSON: Good afternoon, this is Monjoronson. (Welcome from the group.) It is a very definite pleasure to be here with you this afternoon. As you recall, our friend and your teacher Rayson, will be here to talk to you as well. I will be speaking to you about the macro level of events and developments, and he will be teaching you and talking to you about the personal and family level of events.


I wish to revisit once again the increase of vibration of Urantia. This planet has for a long time maintained a steady pace of increase, since the appearance of Christ Michael as Jesus upon this planet. I wish to use a metaphor, which some of you will be very familiar with, and some you will find to be quite unfamiliar to you. This one has ridden a motorcycle for many, many years, and it has to do with inertia and changing course. On a motorcycle, speeding down the highway, if you want to turn left, you push on the left handlebar. That may seem incorrect, but because of centrifugal force you will begin a left-hand turn.

The spiritual management of Urantia has applied a steady force on this planet to change the course of your world, through a steady increase of pressure—vibrational pressure—upon your world. This vibrational energy emanates from the energy controllers of this planet and your system. It was deliberately raised to bring about the rise and development of the spiritual heart energy of your world. You have been affected by that. Now your world is increasingly changing, right before your eyes, and the rapidity of change has increased. The effect has been exponential; it has not been arithmetic. Now, every little increase brings about a much larger change as time passes.

As this is a co-creative program to bring your world into alignment with the other inhabited worlds of the universe, this effort has been declared by Christ Michael to be co-creative in nature. The course of your world will not change, solely alone by our efforts, but requires your participation. While the vibrational increase is linear, and almost mindal in nature, the change that you will bring about is from the heart center within each of you. This is the energy that is needed to qualify the quantifiable changes that you see in your world.

Your capacity to hold positive thoughts and to project them into your world, in the face of fear and destruction is essential to the amendment of your world to its remediation, so that it has the capacity to become fully sustainable and enter into the era of light and life. Already, there has been a significant increase in the heart energy in your world, from the millions of citizens on your world who project “good” to the world, whether it is to the earth itself and to all of its elements—to its animals, oceans, and to the weather—through their active co-creative participation and consciousness with Christ Michael and all of the spiritual elements of your world. You are bringing about a very definite change. It is essential that you continue this course, even in the face of fear, which will certainly become more and more personal as the days, weeks and months pass into years, and you approach the acme of these changes.

While there is a force that you exert in consciousness with others and with us upon your world, there is also a return to you—it is not all one way. By aligning your thoughts and consciousness and heart energy, with that of the designs of the world of Urantia in the future, you are bringing to you, a return to your life, because when you project harmony out into the world, you truly are a part of that harmony; and, your world and the energy structures of this world will give back to you order in your life. You see this by coincidence and serendipity, by wonderful openings that are not wholly accountable to your efforts only so that you are being drawn into places and into relationships, which are so beneficial to you.

You see there is complete equivalence between your projection and what returns to you. Some of you call this “meta-physics” of a spiritual nature, and so it may be called that. It is likewise something that is in tune with the universe, so that what you project returns to you. As you think, so you see in the outer; the outer reflects the inner thoughts of yourself, when they are in alignment with the flow of the universe. By projecting harmony and divine order and good for all, without condition, you also have this return to you. You are drawn into that wonderful divine, holy relationship with the spiritual energies and elements of the Consciousness of God itself, on your world, by doing so.

Your participation in reforming your world is essential. You are prime elements, just as we are. Without your help, your world will not become whole, complete, and self-sustaining in itself. Is this clear to you? Are there any doubts or confusion about the concepts I present to you? (Group gives multiple positive responses.) I will continue with these larger pictures of your world. This is essentially my message today, though I have a progress report or a disclosure of events to share with you.

The financial meltdown progresses rapidly, does it not? (Yes.) In the last month since we have spoken, many hundreds of thousands of people in this very prosperous nation are now without employment. And many in foreign countries who were dependant upon the products that your citizens purchased are no longer employed as well, as they were dependant upon their exports to your nation. This continues throughout the world. It is with regret that I share with you as well that the financial remedies that your governments propose will be short-term, and that in the long-term they will exacerbate the underlying problems.

You are living in an era where there is no return to yesterday. You see, your financial world, has reached far into the future to grasp the prosperity that those weeks, months and years—even decades—would provide to you in a sustainable economy. They have brought those riches into the present day, for whatever reasons—for acquisition, greed, or power—it does not matter, but they have reached into the future and stolen from the future of a sustainable global economy. There is no making that up! Now, your world will live through months and perhaps years of meager living standards, to arrive in the future when you can once again become prosperous and have a lifestyle similar to what you had.

There is no “cheating” the future; there is no over-abundance, or over-expansion that does not affect the future. Your world has the potential to grow at a steady sustainable rate, but, when it grows past that, it is borrowing from the future. In simple terms, my friends, for you to return to the same prosperity that your nation and other nations have experienced in the last decade, you have to return to the same kind of inequities and unsustainable economies that brought it into existence. This is “crazy thinking” — doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results. This is unsustainable.

The last time I met with you, I told you that “sustainable growth is an oxymoron,” and so it is. Your world will live out financial crises over and over again if some of your nations do not begin to build a sustainable global economy. Though this situation is very difficult for everyone, it is amenable to the influence of thoughtful, caring, loving individuals as yourself, particularly when whole nations and hundreds of millions and billions of your fellow citizens join in like-thinking that it supports a beneficent, benevolent, loving, kind way of life for others as well as themselves. Rayson will address you with many of these issues on your individual level.

I want you to hold firmly in mind the Transition Era, which we spoke of months and months ago. Your world is now truly in the earliest era of the Transition Era that begins with global financial and the futile efforts to re-establish the passing era of prosperity. This sets the stage for great social upheavals around your world. Many millions of people around the world have come to experience prosperity that only approximates that of this wealthy nation. They will have an even harder time than you to return to the lifestyle that their parents and their grandparents knew. They will feel cheated that they do not have the goods, the services, the prosperity, the material riches that other nations have enjoyed over the decades and centuries. This will cause a great turmoil in the hearts and minds of those individuals in those nations. Social unrest will become something of a norm in months and years to come. There is actually no settling this problem, without a unified, sustainable global economy.

The fractured nature of nations economically vying for power, control and dominance is unsustainable; it is economic suicide. Your world has progressed far, far past the point of individual economies. Your world’s economy will only become sustainable through the cooperative actions of your economic neighbors, and your geographic neighbors all around the globe. This is the only viable solution to the world’s economic problems. We are not talking about a single, dominated, economic entity or organization to control this. No, we certainly are not! We also do not advise a one-world government, as that is also an anathema to growth. What is needed is the freeing of trade and commerce, the cooperative organization of global trade, commerce, industry and finance. It is necessary to have this operate. Yes, it is going to be difficult, as when you began to dissolve these barriers, the inequities will become known promptly, and this is the hurdle that must be jumped over for nations to come into balance among themselves.

Truly, each nation must look to itself to what it can provide to other nations, and openly offer that to them, and yes, they will be competing with nations who pay less per hour than they do, whose standard of living is less, and this is also part of the painful process that you will experience in the transition era, the equalization of pay for labor, of pay for services, and pay for material goods.

The equalization of labor is inevitable. There will always be a difference of pay between your citizens who are highly educated and skilled, compared to those who are less, but the enclaves of cheap labor around the world are disappearing. Less and less will you find that workers in third world countries who are willing to accept lesser pay for their labor. I am speaking of the long-term, minimally 10 to 15, 20, 30 years. In the short-term, in times of need, people will work for $8 and hour here in this nation, to drive vehicles up and down the mountain, whereas before it would be $18. There are now workers available, who are willing to settle for less, and doing so, they must live with less; their lifestyle, their standard of living becomes less. Therefore, the equalization of those who have more becomes less and those who have less, becomes more.

The economy of a sustainable world is difficult for you to understand, for you have lived and experienced the history of a world of sovereign nations who fought hard to close their borders to the armies and economies of other nations. This is historic and only short lived on the economically developing world. Those who enjoy economic dominance and control during those times of rapid expansion do not see or appreciate the difficulties of maintaining that level of growth, and fight to maintain their grasp and control, but that era is only short lived, a century or two at most, and then becomes unworkable, leading to economic retardation or collapse. And this is the position your global economic environment is in now. Yes, remedial steps will be taken, and some will be effective, but in the long term, even as soon as 3-5 years, they too will be inadequate to move your global economy ahead.

What you are seeing is the walls of sovereignty bump up against the necessity of dissolving in a safe and rational way, giving way to global processes that benefit everyone, and threaten very few. When this begins to develop, there will be great changes. You now see dictatorships and autocratically governed nations become even more withdrawn and resistant to inclusion in these developing global communities of trade, commerce, finance, and money. Those regimes are disasters waiting to implode. Even now, global circumstances have begun to cause social unrest to bubble in nations where those regimes exist.

Equitable, governmental regimes where the voice of individuals can participate meaningfully with those of others—even in nations of many millions of people—is essential for the governance of good, sustainable nations. We are not necessarily talking about a democracy, such as this nation, for the democracy of this nation is still quite immature, and it is not an example other nations can emulate easily. Your nation must aspire to higher values of the individual, for it to enter into a sustainable existence politically and economically. There is too much self-service, greed, dominance and acquisition for power, and ego demonstrations for a democratic nation to exist for many centuries. You have a long way to go in this country. We are not saying that other countries are better off, or worse off; it is simply “what works,” in a sustainable world, politically, socially, economically, financially, and commerce-wise in trade and in industry.

Your social institutions exist on a self-sustaining basis, where they assist the sustainability of other social institutions. Your healthcare system in this country is a disgrace, as it is dominated by those who acquire money and control and market share. It is much better than many nations, though there are also many nations that have better health care systems. The following series of questions will aid any system to become more effective: “What works?” is the primary question that must be answered. Followed by, “What makes it work?” Then, “What would be ideally right (workable)?” “What’s not quite right yet?” and lastly, “What resources can we find to make it right (workable)?” This model of examination was demonstrated in the book “Breaking the Rules,” by Kurt Wright, that this one diligently studied, and is eminently practical in its approach for designing models of sustainable social institutions. It seeks to engage workable solutions, to find what is better, what works better—not morally or ethically better—but works more functionally.

Only sustainable models can exist and work and function through decades and centuries, and each decade and century must see improvements in the model that you are now operating on. The histories your leaders of industry and commerce look back to are outdated, antiquarian, dominating and severe. They must change, and they surely will change, whether they try to keep control or not. Releasing control allows those individuals to participate in the dialog of needs and wishes, services and resources. These must be shared, the participation must be shared and encouraged; it must be invited. Wonderful solutions arise from the collective mind of humankind, and within that collective mind, you will also see the direct participation of the spirit mind in the governments and management of your world, participating actively in the formation of a new future for your world.

Do not be dismayed by the events around you, that they seem to be in chaos, and they seem to be out of control, for these are necessary processes to reform the present into a new future. It is necessary for you to break the logjam, so that the flow of sustainable ideas, institutions and processes begins to work. You will unfortunately live through a very difficult time, as you see the disintegration of whole societies in front of you on your news, and the re-forming of new societies—some as corrupt and as unworkable as in the past, but some that offer hope for the future. These are the models you should try to emulate and approve.

It is essential that you participate—not give up hope, not feel hopeless or helpless—for the world of a sustainable world is sustained only by the conscientious participation of each individual. Yes, there will be slackers; there always are slackers, and that is a personal choice. We urge you to be conscientious and conscious in your participation and project powerfully into your world the idea of divine order, divine timing, and divine development. These are not simple little aphorisms for living, but powerful affirmations for the formation of a new world. By doing this, you project your energy for a new future and invite the spiritual management of your world to participate more directly, and we mean “directly”; we mean that each individual, who actively participates in this, their life will be changed—it certainly will! Remember, that as you project your consciousness of order into the world, it projects back to you and invites you into this new paradigm that you are striving to imagine.

This is not airy-fairy thinking. It is not the proclamations of someone who doesn’t care, or who is unseen, for certainly, though you do not see me, I am here energetically with you. Know that I love you; I care for you. Machiventa, Christ Michael, myself and our associated teams are here to assist you in every possible way. Open your minds and your hearts to our presence and we will fill you with the new visions of the future. Do not let your fears overcome you; do not let your fears stop you in your tracks, but keep moving ahead in faith, hope and knowing of God’s presence in your life, and good will prevail.

I am open for questions, if you wish.


Student: In the Urantia Book on page765, it says the world is “top-heavy” and we are over indulgent in luxuries and so forth. Is your dissertation tonight, examples of how the world is top-heavy?

MONJORONSON: Yes, very much so. Your reference to that book also provides other references that a materialistic society is unsustainable and cannot withstand the rigors of time, but only the spirit infused individual with a connection to God can survive those rigors. Nations must likewise be infused. We are not asking individuals to repudiate the material necessities of life, but the aggrandizement that these material goods provide are completely out of proportion; they are disproportionate. We are talking about people living in houses over 5,000 square feet; certainly enough space in a country of India or Mexico, to support 3 or 4 families, living in a communal, extended family basis. Cars that cost $300,000 could easily be replaced by a car that costs $30,000. The top-heavy nature of this materialism that is rampant on your world, will cease in the great disappointment of millions of people, who will be forced to live with less, due to loss, due to the inappropriateness of their flamboyant materialism.

Yes, dear one, your world is top-heavy in many, many ways. The current crises will create a leveling field and it will be most painful for those who have so much. Thank you for your question.

Student: Is it possible to have a sustainable society and have it be top-heavy, or does a sustainable society imply balance?

MONJORONSON: A top-heavy society is not sustainable, and it does not imply balance.

Student: So a sustainable society implies a balanced society?

MONJORONSON: Correct. It does not mean everybody lives within a modicum of income between let’s say, $50,000 to $100,000 worldwide, but it does mean that there are no great disproportions of wealth that are seen, though you will see this as a person is raised to positions of authority and they are granted use of material goods that are greatly out of proportion to the individual’s worth as an equal of others, but that these are given to them as a requisite of their power and position and influence in the world processes. Do you understand? (Yeah, that was pretty well explained.) Thank you.

Student: Can I ask another? (Most certainly—you ask for thousands of other people.) Is honesty and a sincere, conscientious work ethic, a thoughtful, loving heart, reflective, thoughtful mind and a person who asks sincere and relative questions, more apt to know relative degrees of perfection in a faster way? [Question edited for brevity.]

MONJORONSON: I think I know where you are going with this. Let me answer it this way: A person who is sincere and of this nature is far more open to spiritual influence and to absolute truth, than the person who is not; that they have a path of progress, which is open to greater swiftness, if you like, than one who is resistant. There truly are no shortcuts to Paradise, for every one mortal who is invested with a presence of God within them, their Thought Adjuster, Thought Controller, their Mystery Monitor, are on the way to Paradise and all must pass through the same passages, the same gates, the same levels of perfection before proceeding. Those who understand and accept these basic fundamental levels of honesty and sincerity, empower themselves more rapidly than those who are closed. You are much more open to influence from those higher values, those beings who express those higher values to your mind and to your Thought Adjuster as it leads you forward into your infinite future. So yes, you are right.

Student: If a person reaches out to another person and tries to encourage their good qualities and encourage their gifts, and of things that distresses other people about them, if we address those issues to God in prayer because there are things we don’t understand or don’t know what to do with and surrender that to God, so we can develop a more right perspective and have things in true proportion, and when we get overwhelmed, if we have the patience to just stop and rest in stillness and wait for things to gel and materialize for us by way of serendipity in our life, to give us reflection of what we are trying to pursue, do we quicken our ability to gain self-confidence and trust and faith and creation?

MONJORONSON: Well, dear one, you have said a mouthful. I am not altogether sure of what question to answer, as you have posed many situations here. First of all, when reaching out to others, it is always best to do so through God, as you do not know God’s plan for that person and their life, but pray earnestly to God for their enlightenment, and in so doing, simultaneously pray for your own enlightenment, for your own life. It is very important for you to assist others—not by telling them what they are doing wrong, or by telling them what to do right—but living as a model for them as they see you. Should they ask, then reveal to them how you believe and this will be a gentle way to proceed. I will stop with that and you are welcome to rephrase any part that I have not addressed.

Student: With the current high numbers of people without jobs, not just in our country, but world wide, plus about a 100,000 new people every day, coming of age to start their working careers and needing jobs, coupled with everyone tightening their purses and learning to live on just the essentials, I don’t see how we are ever going to close the gap between the number of people that want jobs, and the jobs that we can provide with less industry. Do you have a comment?

MONJORONSON: Your question is very perceptive, and the answer is that there never will be. Your world is vastly overpopulated. The primary crux of future Urantia is that there are far more people in the world than can be sustained through the development of jobs. This has not been addressed in any of the rhetoric for your nation or the nations of other countries. There is a “head in the sand” type of attitude for this problem, and this will be one of the major causes of social disruption in the future, that people—whether they are of the lowest class/caste for the individuals in India, whether they are multi-millionaire a year magnates on Wall Street, captains of industry, or presidents of nations—each individual needs to feel and perceive that they have a purpose in life. It does not matter how humble that purpose is, but it is essential that each individual feel that they have a purpose. When individuals become educated and cultured enough to understand that the purpose that they have is demeaning to them and is unimportant, then they lose meaning in their life.

Life without purpose is a life without meaning; a life without meaning is a life that is wasted. This attacks the very core of each individual as they go through this struggle, and though an individual may have no education, does not read or write, or one who is profoundly intelligent, well cultured and educated in the world, it is essential that they know that they have a meaningful life. It does not matter what level they come from, a life without meaning is a wasted life. A life that is wasted can be thrown away, and this will be part of the huge social evolutions and revolutions that will take place in your world. These will be underlying the fundamental physical necessities of sufficient food to eat and water to use. The way of life of many, many people on your world will become threatened, and those of you in this nation and other educated, technologically developed nations will go through the same angst as those who are uneducated. Worried about your …(tape turned).. in the barrios in South America, all will feel this and all will tremble, and your world will be a place of dis-ease. You will have a difficult time.

We have prepared you for this for several apparent, evident reasons. One is that you may grieve now, rather than grieve and be incapacitated in the future; that you may become centered enough when all about you is in chaos; that you may move ahead constructively and through to your survival. Grief at the potential loss, coupled with fear, will incapacitate many, many millions of people in your world, even before events generate them. It is essential that you experience this feeling, understand it, go through it and move ahead in faith.

Student: Can I interpose a question?

MONJORONSON: I am finished answering this one, yes.

Student: How does fear… because you were talking about sending out love to the world and acting in love… and that effects the psychic spiritual connection, how does fear, if masses of people are engaged in fearful, aggressive, insecure mind states, how does that psychically affect the counter-balance of having a peaceful, psychic, consciousness? Does it form a battle?

MONJORONSON: No, there is no battle. You do not live in a dualistic world. The light proceeds and shines through the darkness always. We are not in a battle against the negative psyche. Fear begets fear, and it returns upon itself, just as hope and prayers project consciousness for order into the future and comes back to you as order. Those of you, who live in the light, see this as good serendipity and coincidence; so too does fear projected, return to you as fear’s product of chaos and disorder.

Student: Well, if they compound, how do you overcome it? How do you venture forth to a person, say that you’ve loved someone and good things come back to you, and you meet a person who is fear ridden and compounds that problem with themselves—I mean just because we have good serendipity doesn’t mean that occasionally and coincidence doesn’t mean that you won’t occasionally run into people and have to deal with people that are oriented in a fearful anguish, aggressive way.

MONJORONSON: You live on the front lines of a world in that situation. You must deal with it by being focused and centered in your being, in your thoughts, in your emotions. You must coordinate your energies for good. Yes, you will bump into individuals who are discordant, disharmonious, angry and very fearful. If they are accepting of the message you bring forth, then speak to them and share it. If they are rejecting, then turn away. Seek those who think as you think, believe as you believe, who project light and order into your world. Only you of light will survive. There will be people in fear who live on the margins of light who will survive, but ultimately those who live in the discord and chaos of darkness will not survive. It is all about generating light, dear one! You must be a bright beacon within yourself and project that forward. Our message is consistent, it is perennial, and it is an eternal light that lives; light persists; light survives.

Student: Monjoronson, some of us have been thinking recently, discussing how we can most effectively realize our intimate relationships with God. I was wondering, do you and other teachers and higher beings… have you perfected this intimate communion with God, as Christ Michael did in his human life?

MONJORONSON: Rephrase, please?

Student: I am assuming, I guess, that all you higher beings are in intimate communion with God the Father? (Yes.) And I wonder how you do that? [A little friendly laughter from the group.]

MONJORONSON: Oh, dear child! What a beautiful question. It is much like what I have just told you, by reaching out. In this way, you reach out to God. You sit in stillness, giving permission to God to reach to you, to connect with you. You have done this already! You have felt his presence with you. His presence is with you even now, in each one of you. God loves you; God yearns to have a personal and intimate relationship with you, and you likewise can fulfill that by your yearning for a personal and intimate relationship with God. You could do this in a pragmatic way and Rayson will share that in his brief lesson, but it begins by your intention of being in stillness: Opening yourself, being receptive to the touch of God, to the proximity of its nature in your life, and to strive to emulate that model of Jesus, his Son. You will do so and become a Son as well, and you will have discourse with God on Paradise in God’s presence, and you will know God, and God will know you. (Thank you.)

Student: I also wanted to say thank you for your last message when we were together. I very much appreciated both your advice and your support. (You are most welcome.)

MONJORONSON: Are there other questions before I give way to teacher Rayson?

Student: I have one if you have time? (Please.) Concerning the overpopulation problem, with more and more of our people becoming spiritually fragrant, due to the spiritual pressure of Christ Michael, I noticed that all of the churches are growing rapidly, but the Christian churches are all fighting against things that would help us control our population, like capital punishment, abortion, sterilization, birth control and so on. How do we overcome the pressure of the churches in order to get our population under control?

MONJORONSON: Through the new church! The kernel of truth lies within these churches, but it is barren and has not brought forth much new seed to the world. A new church, a new relationship with God is essential, and this church will value the quality of life more than the quantity of life. In the quality of life, quantity of life is monitored, so that it is maintained. Quality of life is heart centered; the new church is heart centered. It seeks to emulate the heart of Jesus, that intimate connection that is eternal with God. This church knows that the way forward to Paradise is through clear understanding of the relationship between the individual and God, and that more souls do not beget higher quality of souls, but that the intimate relationship between each individual and God is the essential mission of the new church, and in so doing it becomes a proponent for population minimization, a sustainable population.

The new church is pragmatic in its relationship between the individual and God, the development of the soul and its capacity to express that development in its society, and in its personal and intimate relationships. The new church sees itself as a mission for the quality of soul relationship and development. I could go on into greater depth, but you have received much information from me previously, which addresses this. Thank you for your question. The old churches will be found to be outworn as they strive to emulate the old paradigm of power and control, which is so far from the center of heart energy, and in the center of mind energy. There must be a rational balance between these.

Student: So is this “new church” the one that will form after you materialize?

MONJORONSON: No, its rudiments must begin far earlier than that. (Okay, thank you.)

Thank you for the opportunity to discuss with you these issues at length. I look forward to speaking with you next month as well. Now our friend, Rayson.

RAYSON: Having lived on a world such as yours, my friends, I have some practical experience of the vicissitudes of material existence, the difficulties of living day-to-day and peacefully. My message to you is very, very practical…and brief: First, as Monjoronson advised, come to center. Bring your energies together and focus. Do not be frivolous with your energy and your attention and intentions. Live a life that is centered and focused with the light, and project that forward. Know that you are needed in this world; know that you have a place and a function in its future. Know that your contribution is now, in this moment, as you focus your consciousness into the future from this moment. Visualize and empower this moment in the future, as you wish to live—as you would wish to live now, in this moment. This is easy to do.

Second: Become still and know that the center of the universe lies within you, and that this center pulls you to Paradise, through its association with you, and that you are letting it come to you peacefully, openly, perceptively, helps you engage the future you will come to know, in this lifetime and in the future.

Third: I wish you to care for your relationships with others, your associations. Care for you as a parent would with a child, saying, “Stay away from those bullies! You need to be with these children over here who are gentle, and who want you to participate and who do not hurt you.” Many of you are in associations and relationships that are detrimental. You must set these aside to move forward. You must come to understand that you are worthy enough to have good, positive, constructive relationships that contribute to your life and to the growth of your soul, and to have individuals in your life who serve you, and that you can serve them.

You must begin now, to sort and sift your associations. It is important that you do this, and that when you come into the presence of another, you reach out to touch their heart with your mind, your consciousness, to feel their presence from within them, to know whether you are safe or not. This is a skill that many of you have—most of you have, but few of you actively and intentionally practice. It is necessary for you to learn this well, as your world becomes more dangerous. In doing so, you will find enclaves of friends, families, communities, who receive you, who welcome you, who need you, and where you can make a meaningful contribution. It may be two or three people; it may be two or three thousand people. You are needed and you have influence. You are the manager of your life; some of you feel you are pushed and tossed about by others around you, but this is not so—you have simply given them permission to do so. It is time to bring into your existence relationships that support you kindly and lovingly. Pray for associations that do that, if you do not have them now.

You who are parents, you are responsible for the form of the character of the little ones who have come into your life. You are the primary model that they will use to live their lives. They will emulate you, whether they despise you or love you, hold you endearingly, or hate you—they will emulate your life in the future, as they grow up. You must emulate the love of Christ. Christ was firm; Christ as Jesus was firm and proactive, and emulated a model at all times that was most desirable. If Christ Jesus is not your emulating model, find a model of great eminence to model to your children.

Your work is now in this moment; your frets are in the future, your regrets are in the past. You can only affect the future from this moment, now—live it well; live it carefully; be at peace in your life and in your mind. If you do not have the capacity yourself to still your anxious mind, ask for help, for assistance, beginning first within yourself, from your God Presence. Also ask Jesus, as the Spirit of Truth is ever so available now! Begin to speak to him daily, moment by moment, if you wish, in your times of need. He is here to assist you to grow into the new person you will become. He came here to assist you, to fulfill the path and the fulfillment of your soul, and that is a journey of infinite length, that one day will take you to Paradise. It only begins now, in this moment.

I will not keep you further, but would be able to engage a question or two on a practical nature, if you have them, and then I will close. (Pause.)

Student: In the Urantia Book, Jesus has a discourse, I think the last time he goes up to the mountain with a friend of his and talks about how at the age of 8, you are either more reliable or less reliable, even throughout your career, in that ideally, in the age of light and life, families would be such that they produce children by the age of 8 that are self…well they have good character and they are self-motivating (Rayson: This is correct.) … and they have a good, kind nature…would that be the ideal, a goal for light and life?

RAYSON: Yes, of course. What you see in a child of age 8 is in the majority of times, what you will see in the individual at the age of 30 and 40. Yes, individuals can change, but that is much more difficult if they did not have good parental or adult models. It is essential to begin early in the formation of new souls, even before they are born, and we have spoken to you numerous times about this in previous lessons. Children learn basic trust, which is the foundation of love, in the first two weeks of their life. They know whether they can rely upon you to care for their needs. It is not intellectual; it is not even emotional. It is a matter of their inner-self, feeling the trust or lack of trust, and this will affect how they love themselves and others in the future. Surely, by the age of five, you will know the future to come in this individual’s life, and by eight, you will see even more. The adult always looks back to the parent that was there, either unconsciously accepting that, or consciously repudiating that, and amending their life accordingly.

Was there one other question?

Student: If we encounter an individual who has been greatly wounded, didn’t have good parenting, wasn’t able to develop that sense of trust, is it really possible to rehabilitate such a person during this life, or does most of that have to happen in the next life?

RAYSON: I will put it this way that it is not impossible for you and we have seen many individuals who have come to their own positive changes. You can assist them, but it is most difficult. Support to them and provide a helpful awareness of what is possible, with an understanding conscious awareness of where they have been and what they can become. It is very possible to do this, but the decisions to do so must emanate from within themselves. They must be completely open to divine guidance, spiritual guidance, and those serendipitous occasions the angels bring to them. The existence of friends, with positive minds and hearts can lead the way for them, but the majority of individuals on a damaged world as this, will see help and remediation and the capacity to love in the afterlife. (Thank you.)

Student: This goes back to something I’ve been working on since Sondjah was with us. He mentioned that we need to create solutions, rather than solve problems. Can you address that, because I don’t understand the difference?

RAYSON: I would be most glad to. Your current state of affairs, economically in this nation and other nations, is a case in point. Your economies, your public leaders are striving to fix an old problem, which would bring about a re-occurrence of the old problem once again in the future. Creating solutions is simply that—seeing the problem and creating a solution to that problem, rather than fixing the problem, which leaves the old paradigm in place. Does this make sense? (So it’s going above, or is a completely new tactic?) It’s not completely new; it uses elements of the old, but reforms the processes in a way that leads to a sustainable solution. What you will be seeking in devising and designing creative solutions are ones that lend themselves to a sustainable economy or financial situation, or a banking system, rather than fixing problems in the old system. You must step out of the old box to build a new box, having essentially the same functions, but doing them in a different way that becomes sustainable.

Student: Can you give us a specific example?

(Pause.) [This is Daniel: I don’t see one on the horizon here. Let’s wait a minute.]

RAYSON: I will give you this one that you are very familiar with: The old paradigm says keep building the same cars and drill more wells to get more oil. And when you begin to run out of oil, you drill more holes in the ground, and you search more diligently. But the creative solution is to find a solution to your transportation problems—mass transit, light rails, more efficient cars, cars that use natural gas, cars that use electricity in one form or another—are solutions to this. They create solutions to an old problem. The old problem says, “Fix me,” and the “fix me” solutions are to drill more wells, it is to make cars more efficient, and to maintain the status quo. This is not a creative solution—it is a fix on an old problem, and you will bump into the same old problem once again. And if you adhere too long to the old paradigm, you will come to a situation where everything stops, and you are no longer able to proceed ahead with the old paradigm. Your nation as a whole is far behind the curve for creating a solution to your petroleum problem. Light rails are a wonderful solution in intensely populated areas, and they work well between close cities, such as occurs in this mountainous area of Denver. Do you see this now? (Yes, that is a big help. Thank you.) You are most welcome.

The way to the future is known, it is known to us. What we have given you are not predictions, but a known picture of the future. The future is totally amenable by the decisions of those who live in the moment. You can change the future. What we have told you today is what we see in the future, were the current mindset to continue. The world that you wish to live in truly does exist in the future. You must think, project your consciousness now, today, as though that were the future you live in. There are difficult times ahead for you, and this is the way to a workable future.


Old paradigms must be changed. They can either be amended peacefully and easily, or they can be broken apart. Those who grasp and look to the future will be disappointed, for the future will change their way of life. You today, make the difference; you with us will make the future. As the planetary managers of this world, we see the future that Christ Michael has envisioned through the Correcting Time. We are here to help you steer this world into the future that is stable and livable, peaceful and kind. It will be done co-creatively. Together, we can and will bring this into existence. This is a future of light—please all of you, turn your lights on and lead the way. Good day. (Group gives hearty thanks.)