2009-02-17-Avonal Preparation

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Topic: Avonal Preparation

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Henry Z.



Prayer: Father, Brother Michael of Nebadon and the Spirit of Nebadon, connect us, in-circuit us; this time filled and never ending circuit of eternal love and eternal consciousness and eternal responsibility. Ground us in this circuit that we may become more responsible to the matters in our heart, the matters at hand. We ask to be fully in-circuited in Monjoronson; in that Paradise connection. We thank you for the fullness of clarity which facilitates this session of Monjoronson.com, thank you.

Mary: Monjoronson here are a series of questions from someone who is posting for the first time. They want to thank you for coming to our world and working with us.


Question #1: Are you in the physical?

Monjoronson: This is Monjoronson, thank you for this question and your concern. At the present time I am not in a physical form, [I am in] a purely spiritual form.

Question #2: You are an Avonal Son aren't you?

Monjoronson: The names given to Paradise Sons are associative with functions for we all originate in the Second Deity, the Eternal Son. Avonal Sons then come to the planets of time and space as both teachers and those on Magisterial Missions. In many respects the duties differ in whether the Son is called forth to adjudicate an age or whether a Paradise Son is called forth to release its' Spirit of Truth. Thank you for these questions.

Question #3: This questioner would also like to ask if you could tell us how close we are to ascension as of now, this date?

Monjoronson: In reference to this question, the concern must be for individual ascension. It is not possible to tell at this time whether anyone is ready for ascension or what would indicate ascension is also called fusion with an aspect of God. Most humans at present must await the passage to the portal of this world to the non-material world, the world of spirit. Though many people are beginning to prepare for this next world experience, the non-material, they are beginning to visualize and enact in their behavior, in their conceptual living. Thank you for this question.

Question #4: This person would also like to ask how the Magisterial Mission is proceeding?

Monjoronson: Thank you for this question. The Magisterial Mission is proceeding, thank you.

Question #5: One other question from this person, they would like to know if there is a connection with what they call "galactic command" and also are there "star seed" volunteers from outside the local universe?

Monjoronson: No

Mary: Thank you Monjoronson. We have a question about seeking, understanding the truth of some pieces of information, the main piece of which refers to the book of revelations in the Bible and in this reference they talk about Satan being released from the prison etc. The main point of the question is:

Question #6: How can we be sure that Satan and Lucifer will not be coming back?

Monjoronson: Thank you for this question. To insure that all negative influences do not have some connection or hold on the individual, it is important to stay grounded and focused in that light which has been given you in your soul. That way you will know for sure who you serve. Remember, fear is not easily encapsulated, it is not easily contained into some manner in which you are not affected by it. It is best to favor fear and use it, the better to focus on who you do serve and who you do model your life after.

There is no guarantee of anything [becoming real when dealing with] the realm of possibilities. All things are possible; some things are certain. In the realm of those things which are certain, [choices about who to follow] are of an extremely personal nature. Things of a general nature have a relative nature– a relative nature of certainty– even then, certainty does not lie within the words . . . which come from someone else. Certainty is something which is felt from within. Thank you for this question.

Question #7: Thank you Monjoronson, we have another question this evening from someone who was wondering if the Adam an Eve referenced in the Bible are perhaps the people referred to in the Urantia text as Andon and Fonta. They go on to explain why they are inspired as to why this may be the case.

Monjoronson: Thank you for this question. First off it must be clarified: why would the spiritual intelligences of the universe shift the names of personalities when presenting a revelation with the names of a supposed revelation which appear in the Bible? What purpose would that serve the people of this planet if Adam and Eve were really Andon and Fonta and the Material Son and Daughter were who then, Andon and Fonta? In an effort to clarify this, the answer would be no. Andon and Fonta were the first humans of the species of sapient beings which were at the past/present time posturing to produce the first two sapient beings on the planet of Urantia.

In the Biblical text, the story of Adam and Eve coincides with the Material Son and the Material Daughters Mission to Urantia. It is accurate to the point that they had to leave their once cherished garden of Eden for a compromised position in a fertile river valley. The story of human evolution and the origin of the human species of colored races and blending of different blood types on Urantia poses a quite industrious and fascinating story of which the Urantia Book offers adequate information on this subject, thank you.

Mary: Thank you Monjoronson, we appreciate your listening to our questions. This next question has to do with guardian angels and this person states that according to the Urantia Book, guardian angels don't directly interfere in our lives but that they can manipulate our environment in such a way as to create a desired outcome and this person looks around and sees that there are some fortuitous joining of men and women in relationships that become parents to outstanding human beings that serve the human race well.

Question #8: Do our guardian angels play cupid, bringing certain men and women together to create the ideal environment for the eventual birth of a soul that will be guided for a specific mission in uplifting the planet?

Monjoronson: Thank you for this question. I would encourage the one who asks this question to continue to seek within this vein of understanding for certainly therein lies a tremendous revelation and a great mystery. Thank you for this question.

Mary: Thanks Monjoronson, I think a lot of people are fascinated by the idea of guardian angels and what they may or may not be doing.

Monjoronson: May I add that your comment Mary, the activity of the guardian angels are directly responsive to one of the most functioning acts on Urantia. One of the basic activities on Urantia is producing offspring. It is a purely human desirable ideal to offspring a child, to support this child to puberty and on through maturity to become a foundation and building block of a much greater society. Therefore the guardian seraphim play a tremendous role in providing opportunities to grow in a greater culture of a greater community. Necessarily this would entail information which is available to the material helpers on Urantia concerning the genetic makeup of evolutionary mortals under their guise and protection. Thank you for this question.

Question #9: As mortals we have decided to place a material education before a spiritual education. We do the material education first and the spiritual education is next. With that in mind, they ask this question: Why in the human ascension plan is it determined that we receive our first spiritual form at the completion of our local universe education and then we graduate to the Minor Sector to learn the physical phenomena of the master universe? It seems to be in reverse to the way our mortal logic leads us to conduct our affairs. Could you speak to that please.

Monjoronson: Well it certainly is a good thing that the mortal intellect did not create the universes and that a much more intelligent design was taken into account. As man progresses even on Urantia, different references feel different and new ways of understanding. Certainly when one begins to experience reality of oneself so completely, then one can then begin to focus on something as the physical nature and structure of reality. It may take a local universe to traverse to prepare oneself for a different task of understanding. Again, thank you for this question.

Mary: Thank you for your reply. We have on last question this evening Monjoronson for your consideration. This is the first time this person has asked a question on our site and they express their gratitude to everyone who is providing the website. They understand that modern scientists say that approximately 96% of the universe is a mystery as opposed to the 4% of ordinary matter of which we are a part.

Question#10: How do the teachings of the Urantia Book fit with this piece of knowledge?

Monjoronson: Thank you for this question. Your concern touches upon one of the base concepts in the Urantia Book, the concept of ascension, the concept that the universe is one giant educational and functional facility. It is designed to be a mystery because man must traverse each new depth of space in order to claim such an understanding of that space and what lies within space. The universes were created with intelligent personalities to particularly guide the pilgrims of time to a well nigh complete and utter understanding of the greater universes and the potentials of Havona.

Science definitely is a perplexed science on Urantia. As one traverses the universe, science becomes part of the understandable mechanisms which is used to operate the universes of time and space inhabited by the . . . spiritual personalities of time and space. The well nigh infinite personalities of the Third Person of Deity, personalities of the Eternal Son, and the co-creational aspects of their children throughout the universe, insures that the children of time will have a thorough and complete experience, knowledge and working understanding of all aspects well nigh of the universes of time and space before one enters the shores of Paradise. This is the perspective which the Urantia Book offers a believer. An incredible journey awaits the pilgrim of time. Thank you for your concern.


Mary: So I guess in a way it is not a mystery at this early stage of our ascension that there would be a lot of mystery about. I appreciate your time here with us this evening Monjoronson and I appreciate the services of the T/R tonight. Thank you and good evening.