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Topic: Forgiveness

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Samuel, Aaron

TR: George Barnard



Samuel: “Many are gathered here, surrounding you, and even a larger number are assembled at some distance, focusing on, listening to, and appreciating the vibrations, I shall call them, of this group. Enjoying the assistance (facilitating) of Midwayer Chief Bzutu and your dear friend, Mathew, this is Samuel of Panoptia.

“For our previous meeting we had undertaken to provide you with a lesson on forgiveness, however through circumstances (requests) you were given some more opportune details about the essential future retention of the ego as part of the personality. This evening we want to give you our short lesson on forgiveness, as for a number of years already, Teacher Aaron and I have been working together with a number of students all over the globe. Presently, I may be considered the group Teacher for the 11:11 Progress Group, but both of us have other students, most of whom we contact subliminally through the aid of our Midwayer helpers.

“To the point now. Forgiveness. Forgiveness of self is an important thing. It is difficult for any of you to forgive another if you are not totally capable of, first of all regretting, but also forgiving, yourself for those things that you may have done wrong in the past, and equally for those things you may have perceived to have done wrong in the past. Yet all of your lives are known beforehand, are foreseen on Paradise, and perhaps on many occasions it is indeed God’s will for you to learn by, but certainly from, your mistakes. Consider this.

“It is important for you to reflect upon those things you have done in the past and then contemplate that only the future is important in respect to what you have learned from your past experiences. So powerful is unforgiveness on this planet that it functions not only in individuals, but also in nations, as well as in the devotees of certain religions towards the religions of others. For your world to become peaceful, it is absolutely vital that you, individually, and first of all, learn to forgive and look towards others and other groups in a more congenial way.

“I thank you for your question about Urantia’s future. My answer to you is that we do not have a crystal ball. We are not generally informed about future worldly happenings. There may be peace. There may yet be another world war. But peace will come and reign for a prolonged space of time, and when that time is right a Paradise Citizen of great wisdom, of great love, and yes, of great courage and undertakings, will be with you.

“Both Aaron and I send you our best wishes. We want you to understand and know that you are greatly loved by us all. Until we speak again. This is Aaron and Samuel saying farewell for now.”

George: “This is George. Thank you all.”