2009-02-19-When Darkness Is subjected To Light

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Topic: When Darkness Is Subjected to Light

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: LIGHT, Machiventa, Nebadonia

TR: Mark Rogers



Prayer: Divine Parents, I'd like to give voice to the collective intention to invite you into our energy field at this time. Help us to be in greater awareness that this is so. We ask for more capacity to receive that which you would bring and we invite you to share with us the joy that we find in this process and in association with you. We eagerly assemble here again to join with you in this process of reaching. We are and will remain in complete conviction that you are with us in this association as has been our experience before and as our faith would guide us in this process.

Light: I greet you all this evening, I am Light and I am honored to have been requested to be in your presence and in such open association. It is as exciting for me to be invited to join as it is for you in this process. We are literally both experiencing the creation of new territory of expanded potential. So it is that we are able to bridge this gap because it is our intention to do so and it is within our capabilities to manifest this intention. As I am prone to do, I would speak for a moment on some of the attributes of light.


I'll call to your attention how easily and effortlessly darkness is dispelled once subjected to light. There is no struggle in this process, there is a simple wash of light and the darkness is dispelled. This is how the changes you seek in this life may be envisioned and manifested without struggle, without great effort on your part. Your greatest effort is to simply be the light and as such your radiance and your rays will effortlessly dissipate the darkness. It is a common human thought pattern to consider that to overcome evil or darkness will require great struggles and effort but you are learning in your process of discovering that if you are simply manifesting the light, darkness cannot exist, at least is cannot exist in the proximity to the source of light.

So your immediate environment around you may be kept pure by virtue of the fact that it is awash in your light. I urge you to let go of this engrained concept that there must be a struggle for your work ahead is not about efforts and struggle, it is about focus and intention and directing the light, anchoring the light, emanating the light, generating the light. I hope these words find lodging within you and bring you some encouragement to be all that you are in potential. I am grateful for your having provided me this opportunity to be with you and I honor this service. I step back to allow its use by others.

Machiventa: Greetings my dear students, I am Machiventa Melchizedek. I accept the opportunity you present here to bring you my observations of your advancement through the curriculum which has been developed for you so far. I would also offer you my gratitude for your effort spent in embracing the lesson plans that have been designed for you. I as well will offer you my sincere respect for having risen to the challenge and offered yourselves so dedicatedly to this process.

We have learned a great deal from all of you, you have been our teachers in this process and valuable members on this team as we formulate these processes and create these programs before us. I wish it were possible for us to perform some sort of ceremonial observance, a banquet or feast perhaps at which we could all gather and toast to our partnership and to the success of our endeavors and the dedication to our mission. I would love to present you all with some form of recognition, some diploma or trophy or badge or pin in recognition of your service to this project but for now you must take my assurance that you are recognized, you are appreciated.

You are a valued member on this assembled team and literally we could not do what we do without you. We rise as one, we succeed as one and we share the sweetness of this success together. I look forward to working together with all of you as the opportunities for our partnership only increase. I bid you good evening and once again, I offer you my gratitude.

Mother: Good evening my dear little ones, I am your Mother. I am the one in whose womb you reside. I provide you with all you have need of, you are made of me and I am made in you. I will be glad to match your intention with mine and to meet you here at this location of your creation, this spot where we may commune because you will allow. I am wrapped around you and I am within you as your breath. I am so wrapped around you that you have never known of an existence without me.

We are as well, both creations of greater Creators and likewise you go on to be creators in your own right. We all come from Creators and we all are creators as well. And so it is that I am your Mother in this chain that we are in and as both you and I are created we are beings in our own right, we are both cared for and nurtured and supported and protected by even greater Creators. Because this is so, I am in complete faith and conviction as to my ultimate safety and I encourage you as well to adopt this same sense of security as a result of your inner assurance that you are cared for, protected, nurtured, loved and provided for your every need.

I am privileged to provide you with many of your needs and you as parents go on to likewise be privileged to provide for many of the needs of your creations. Throughout this gigantic chain let us all remember, we are all under the loving tender watch care of the greatest Creator and as such we are quite safe and our survival is quite assured. Therefore do I say, be not overly burdened and concerned for my ultimate survival for that is as we know, assured. In any passing moment there may arise individual concerns and issues but when seen from the light of the infinite certainty, these transient conditions may be seen in proper perspective.


So while you may be confronted with many issues that arise around the condition of your Mother and her ability to support you, realize that all will be made right, all will be alright in the end. Both you and I and all will be made right in the end, of this we must maintain our conviction. It is a joy to visit with you in this fashion. Know that I am always surrounding you, you are in my womb and I will nurture you always. Thank you for this opportunity, I love you, good night.